1. A

    W202 poor Radio reception - fixed & thanks

    I joined this forum purely to try and sort out the problem of the poor radio reception I was experiencing after fitting an aftermarket (Blaupunkt) radio. After searching this forum the consensus seemed to be the problem was either the aerial amplifier or, much more likely, the aerial plug...
  2. PaulE230

    Fixed my bulbs and fitted sat nav today!

    My heater controls now have light!!! Many thanks for all your help and I have fitted this sat nav as well
  3. R

    w203 fixed rear seat

    im trying to remove the rear seat from a w203 (02 reg) is there a picture guide anywhere .i need to do this to renew the aerial amplifier behind the c pillar. any help much appreciated
  4. S

    c280 wiper motor fixed for free

    Hi all , My previous depresion and doom and gloom from last week when I posted More wiper problems Help. has been solved. My w202 wiper motor was completley dead. i checked all the Fuses and solonoids and alll seemed Ok , you could even hear the click of the wiper soloniod when turning the...
  5. F

    duovalve problem - fixed

    have had a problem with the aircon / heating for a while - was sure - ( been advised by many here ) that it was the duovalve but not keen to spend £180 (stealers price ) or £120 ( europarts price ) and find out all you experts were wrong. Today took the plunge and attacked it - removed 5 torx...
  6. aka$h

    w124 Air conditioning fixed

    When I bought my 124 the air con wasnt working, as usual the seller said, it needs a re-gas. Went to VCC (vehicle climate control) through Georges reccomendation, and it turned out to be a hole in the condenser, and one of the fans was also faulty, £330 later, its blowing ice cold air...
  7. R

    MB returning to fixed service intervals

    I believe they did this in the US a couple of years ago, and now here? From Oct, most cars will be on 15000mile/1 year service intervals, but not for A & B Class, or AMG models. Thoughts?
  8. Satch

    Another S211 minor rattle fixed

    A very small triumph but one I should have spotted ages ago. Sometimes when going over a rutted or uneven section of road got one of those annoying buzz/rattles. Not that loud, did not go on for long and not that frequent, but it was still there. Eliminated one recently that was coming from...
  9. Sp!ke

    W124 Lumpy Tickover Fixed

    After scratching my head for a few weeks trying to get to the bottom of my problem, I stumbled accross the cause today almost by accident. Its funny how sometimes you just overlook the easy things. I was having a poke around the throttle linkage and noticed the absense of a spring. On...
  10. Doodle

    The SL's wipers - fixed at last

    :rock: With the wipers still not functioning on intermittent and slow wipe, and after fitting the new control box that the dealers had suggested mid-week, without success, I finally decided today that enough was enough with the damn thing, and set about looking at the whole wiper system top...
  11. janner

    Car's all fixed.

    An old lady drove into my parked car a few weeks ago and did this. Anyway, her insurance paid for it and now it's all fixed. I had the lower mouldings and bumpers colour coded at the same time. Gives it a nice look I think. As it used to be... As it is now....
  12. prprandall51

    One Comand problem fixed in recall

    I have noticed that since my 211 went in for the brake recall (during which they installed a navigation update), my Comand system now tells me which exit to use to leave a roundabout in a timely fashion (i.e. whilst I am still actually on the roundabout). Before this fix, the car would wait...
  13. P

    Got my visible vin fixed Today

    Yeah :) following the botch job last year (November), My new visible vin was replaced on my dashboard today :) they take months to order so if you have your windscreen changed examine it before you sign the paperwork because correcting it after is a b1tch :( Thanks to MB Bristol at...
  14. Madferrit

    BT to Launch Fixed Mobile Service

    Seems like the future of telephony is arriving sooner than anticipated... with BT trialing a service which allows you to use a mobile in the house, as a house phone (lower charges) and then the same phone as a mobile when outdoors. If successful, we could see it offered nationally from...
  15. Maff

    Fixed the CL55 Fuel Consumption....

    Now got over 50mpg..... By buying a Golf 2.0 GT TDI :D :bannana: I though it was probably not wise to keep driving the CL up to the shops and back, not giving it time to warm up etc, so after speaking with DorianT who has been raving about the VAG Diesel units, I just bought a new Golf GT...
  16. A

    Maf Problem Fixed.

    Hello All Just a few word of thanks for your time and the explanation of the symptoms shown by my car. (I posted Re curculation on gear box). Well you were 100% right it was the Air Flow Meter, This has now been replaced along with a new MB air filter, at a total cost of £402. 30...
  17. sportyreptile

    How are Number Plates fixed on, W124 saloon>?

    I'll be ordering a set of replacement plates in the next few days 'cos mine are faded. The front one makes the car look really grotty. I had a quick look earlier and I can't see any screws or bolts holding the plates on, are they held in place with sticky pads or something? They are on...
  18. Glenleven

    Fixed Price Servicing

    When I purchased my C180 new last Sept one of my questions to the salesman was the cost of servicing. He told me that they (MBZ Glasgow) now operate fixed price servicing and the A Service was about £190. I am unable to find this topic on this site anywhere (or even in the MBZ official web...
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