1. A

    '83 W123 diesel: glow plug and flasher relays

    Anyone got these parts surplus, or breaking a car? They're for my 240td but I think a 5 cylinder 300d glow relay will also fit. I'll add the part numbers later. Cheers.
  2. E

    W124 series headlamp flasher

    For some unknown reason, my indicator stalk headlamp flasher seems to have stopped working. Normal dip and main beam work as they should though. I wonder if there is a relay that controls this, if so, which one, assuming its in the box behind the fuses. Car is a 1991 260e petrol Help...
  3. V

    Flasher dim

    Could anyone please tell me why one of my rear indicators is flashing dimly ? Its the right speed and the front is ok - same thing happens when the hazards are on. I wonder if its a faulty or loose bulb ? cheers - my car is a w210 estate (2001) thanks
  4. MangoMan

    W202 Flasher Relay....

    Hi there, as the title suggests I'm after a Flasher Relay for a 1994 W202 C200 Elegance as Mine is on the 'blink'..... Pun not intended.... :D Thanks in advance.
  5. bigsy

    Main beam flasher not working..

    Hi, hope this is in the right section. I bought my 1999 C200 W202 a week ago and have just relised the main beam flasher is not working, at night when I have the head lights on I can flick from dip to main by pushing the stalk forward but no main when pulling the stalk back, could this be...
  6. E

    Hazard flasher works but turn indicators don't?

    I had the voltage regulator die on my 1988 W124 260E the other day but before it did, the turn indicators stopped making their clicking noise but would flash. Shortly thereafter, the car died and only the solenoid would click when I tried to start it again. Battery drained dead, I knew it was...
  7. G

    Flasher malfunction

    I have a 1991 SL500 and a fault has just developed which is causing all the dashboard panel warning lights and instruments to go on and off in synch. with both the left and right indicators when they are in use? This does not happen when the hazard warning lights are switched on. I have tried...

    W210 Headlight Flasher not working

    Hi, does anyone know where the headlight flasher relay is on a 2001 cdi320 estate? my flasher doesn't work! (or any other reasons?) cheers Chris
  9. J

    W208 CLK full beam not working (but flasher does)

    My year 2000 CLK (W208) has a problem. When the lights are on and then you push forward on the stalk to try and select 'full beam' nothing happens. The full beam lights do work if you use the flasher by pulling back on the stalk. This has been an intermittent problem. I've managed to...
  10. L

    W202 1997 C240 Indicator Problem

    Hello Everyone. This is my first post and hope that you can help me solve a weird problem with my indicators. The indicators will not function with the engine running. They will function with the ignition on and the hazard warning operates the lights okay. I have checked the fuses under the...
  11. aziz

    Headlight flasher

    Hi everyone, I have been driving around the past week and I am trying to give way to other drivers and nobody makes their way on the road. I have now realised that my flasher is not working and checked all of the fuses. I do not know if it could be the arm under the steering wheel? Does...
  12. G

    R129 FLasher Relay 129 820 10 26 or 49 26

    Just as the title really... I'm after the relay box that controls the flashers and various other bits and bobs... I'm currently having to drive like a BMW owner, which is against my religion, as I have no indicators... I have the ticking noise, but no juice getting out of the relay... If...
  13. M

    Door Mirror (W211) Broken Flasher Lens

    I had an unlucky incident at the weekend with a bird striking the O/S door mirror on my E220 CDi Elegance which broken the lens covering the repeater flasher but left the rest of the mirror untouched. All the electrics work fine. Does anyone know if I can simply replace that long narrow lens...
  14. D

    Slk flasher unit

    When the roof is down,the wind noise masks the noise from the flasher unit, which can result in the indicator being left on (old and forgetful). Is there a merc unit that can replace this one that gives a loud signal tone similar to the ones sold as part of a towing set up.
  15. Jdukey

    Flasher Unit? 203

    The indicators on my grandad's C180 (w203) have gone crazy. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes they don't work, and other times the indicators come on and off randomly as do the hazard lights! I'm fairly sure the problem is the flasher unit, but my question is; where is it? Thanks James
  16. R

    Flasher unit on 1986 500 SL

    Can anyone tell me where the flasher unit is located on my 1986 500 SL? The indicators stay on (don't flash) but I can't find the flasher unit. Thanks in advance for any help.
  17. F

    Flasher not working!

    Hi all, I just discovered that the flasher doesn't work on my S320! The high beam works fine when you push the stalk away, but when you pull it towards you, it doesnt flash!! :( Any ideas??? Thanks!!
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