1. Druk

    Proper Flu. Or what?

    So the story goes: Wed 25th afternoon past started feeling weak/sore all over. Come the evening this developed into occasional reflex jerks (like a caricature of Parkinson's). Very uncomfortable especially holding a bowlful of mandarins and custard. :eek: Turned in at 9pm and woke at...
  2. A

    Man Flu: The excuse.

    So next time your man flu is being exacerbated by earache from the o/h, tell her to read this: 'Man flu': the truth that women don't want to hear - Telegraph
  3. developer

    Bah-Man Flu

  4. BlackC55

    Swine Flu Jab for pregnant women

    As some of you may know Emma is expecting and we can't seem to make a decision wheather to have the jab or not. I keep hearing conflicting information. What to do?:wallbash:
  5. Geezer

    Treatment for Swine Flu

    Didn't take long.........
  6. Howard

    Swine Flu

    I just called the NHS Swine Flu helpline. . . . . . . . . . . . All I got was crackling.
  7. T

    Avian 'Flu.

    The subject of bird 'flu has been fairly quiet for a week or two, last time I read anything about it, the so-called experts were still maintaining that the virus had not, to their knowledge, mutated into something which can be passed from human to human. There were the odd isolated reports of...
  8. Ian B Walker

    Man Flu

    Clinically proven to be more uncomfortable that childbirth. Does anyone have a quick cure other than, bottle of Scotch, just gave me a headache, lemsip, just did nothing, vick, was just smelly.
  9. glojo

    Bird Flu arrives in UK

    Poor Orville was admitted into hospital this morning saying, "I can't fly!!" He has a high temperature and a severe dose of flu. We all wish him well, and a speedy recovery. John the bird man
  10. mobeyone

    bird flu..

    Looks as if 'chick' flu is getting more and more press... and closer. anyone worried yet?
  11. pammy

    Bird flu reaches Paris...

  12. Benzowner

    Avian Flu

    What is all the hype about. Worldwide there have been around 65 deaths not all of which can be directly linked to the so called flu pandemic. There are around that number of pigeon fanciers killed each year in the uk from "Pigeon Lung" Why is the media hyping this story up so much, or what is...
  13. Satch

    Bird Flu Pandemic

    Great. Just what I needed to hear with a trip to SE Asia loomimg "GPs to get drill for bird flu pandemic By Cathy Newman, Chief Political Correspondent Published: August 18 2005 22:07 | Last updated: August 18 2005 22:07 Every doctor's surgery in Britain will next month be sent...
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