Swine Flu

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Apr 23, 2004
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I just called the NHS Swine Flu helpline.
All I got was crackling.
It's threads like this that stimulate the need for an extra tab button as an alternative to the 'thanks' button :rolleyes:
I think the mods might be a bit busy at the moment, though....

And what would the extra tab button do ?
Just won a holiday to Mexico can't go - I'm pig sick.......
I had a trip to Mexico booked, feel pig sick I can't go
The only cure is oinkment.

Did you come out in a rash (er ) ?
Latest reports indicate that the pig flu virus has mutated with avian flu to give us...........

Wait for it..................................................

Flying Pig flu :bannana:
I think you're telling Porkies and trying to Hog all the jokes..
Doesn't look much like a pig to me but maybe if you screw your eyes up tight------?:doh:
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Just got back from the doctors, thought i had swine flu, been feeling rough for a weeeeeeeek!
just need to edit the mask....


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I think I have Swine Flu...

I keep coming out in rashers.

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