1. Gucci

    A friend in financial pickle

    An old friend of ours (62) has spoken recently of his increasingly troublesome financial pressures. His wife (61) can't work anymore through ill health. They tried incapacity benefit for her but were told she couldn't claim as her husband worked over 20 hours a week. He's a carpenter in...
  2. JimboDS

    Friend looking at a CLS350 CDI. Advice please

    Hi guys, A good friend of mine is looking to buy a CLS. He's just pinged me this advert for a CSL350 CDI Grand Edition: Used Cars - 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class CLS350 CDI designo magno platinum I can give him a bit of information on the engine as I have a 350 CDI lump in my C, albeit...
  3. GSEH88

    New friend for my C63 PPP....

    The F430 had to go and this is its replacement which I collected today. Showed lots of promise on the drive from Stockport to London but unfortunately, the exact same creaky dash rattles are there as well :dk:
  4. jonnyMercUK

    Designed this website for a friend.

    Designed this website for a friend of mine. Just looking for some feedback and your thoughts. Thanks! Warmsworth Motor Company
  5. S

    Goodbye to an old friend

    Well i have sold my C43 AMG to omegav6i from this forum and would just like to say goodbye and ENJOY!!!!!
  6. Igurisu

    Ebay - car for sale, call or text my friend?

    I'm seeing more of these ads, maybe I'm just cynical but I can't help thinking this is a scam of some sort. If the deal goes sour or wrong, then the Ebayer doesn't get any bad feedback. I R suspicious person........ :)
  7. Palfrem

    Big Brother watching over you may be your friend

    BBC News - Joshua Kaufman's Mac recovered with 'Hidden' app clues I'm impressed with this. Any ideas why it's only for Macs?
  8. M

    Mercedes C63 Detail. Another lucky friend of the family!

    Hi guys Here is the C63 AMG I completed recently for a friend of the family. This had a full interior detail and an enhancement detail over two days. The car was a complete mess as it only has had a hose thrown over it since brand new. The guy had gone for the super guard protection when...
  9. Dand

    Helping a friend in the north west

    Hi all. A friend of mine is currently looking at converting from Audi to MB and has found this C180 classic which he is interested in. Although its fairly basic it looks clean and cheap. Before he goes to see it I was just wondering if any one has any info on it or experiences with manual C180's...
  10. Howard

    Rare 1978 W116 Mercedes Benz 280 SEL in black - not SE - Being sold by a friend.

    Many a happy afternoon has been spent driving about in this . It's just such a different experience to modern cars. :cool: Rare 1978 W116 Mercedes Benz 280 SEL in black - not SE on eBay (end time 27-Feb-11 18:38:25 GMT)
  11. J

    Ps3 friend list - need for speed hot pursuit

    Most of my friends have Xbox (honestly :) ) Need for speed hot pursuit is a great speed fix, anyone out there have it on ps3? my friend name is johny5_uk . Such a buzz playing cops and robbers!
  12. The Boss

    RE: evaluating option codes for a friend

    Hi. what are the following option codes on the current SL? 803 AEJ 06/1/M/X 810 SOUND SYSTEM - which sound system? 984 COC DOC., DELETION OF VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOC. - What is this?
  13. AANDYY

    Why can't my passenger (friend) by my witness in my accident?

    I had a small bump about 2 weeks ago, a bus went into the back of me at about 5 mph. I was stationary. A few £100's of damage. The other side is disputing the claim saying I rolled back into the bus, the bus driver admited liability to me in person, no other witnesses, apart from my passenger...
  14. kurtdaley

    Lost a good friend yesterday

    Pretty gutted today, one of my best friends at work passed away yesterday, Phil had a heart attack whilst on holiday and passed away in his sleep aged 41. Going to really miss him as when I started on the railway as a signaller he was my mentor and came to be a really good friend, on early turn...
  15. D

    wanted back seat for w129 for a friend

    if u have back seat for sl w129 prefered colour is blue but would consider other colours looking for something cheap
  16. cara.smith

    Hello friend (sound alarm)

    Hello friends I am new user for this forums with my website sound and alarm
  17. J

    PS3 Friend list - Little Big Planet

    not played the ps3 much this year and keep going back to Little Big Planet. Realised that there is loads to unlock on LBP if you go online with friends so wondered if anyone out there is interested in sharing their friend names for a blast over xmas :D mine is johny5_uk Happy Christmas All!
  18. Chas

    SL500 for friend ?

    Folks my friend is thinking of buying this car, anything to look out for and ask? What price should he pay ?:confused: MB dealer Glasgow thanks Make: Mercedes-Benz Model: SL500 Colour: Brilliant Silver Metallic Trim...
  19. R

    It's like rediscovering an old friend!! Goodtimes!
  20. E

    Recomend a friend

    There's a friend who's about to purchase a CLS, so i recomended this site so he can get load's of info and meet loads of talented people. I'm sure he'll be along soon.
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