1. ioweddie

    Fun with Jets 'The Fighting Cocks'
  2. CLSMark

    Immature and stupid, but it was fun..

    Bloke in a 1980's VW Beetle, sorry I mean Porsche 911, pulled out in front of me at a roundabout, then decided to try and undertake me, needless to say the w219 and the 272 horses, didn't let me down. I could hear his engine screaming trying to get past. Didn't take much effort either. Love my...
  3. G

    Just for fun

    What an excellent way to spend a day.... woke up on Saturday with nothing to do (apart from the list my wife left for me) so decided just to go for a drive. Now be completely honest, if it wasn't for a shoulder injury I probably would have used the bike... Anyway, chucked the camera into the...
  4. T

    not so fun day

    Recently the coolant top up warning light has been coming during the cold mornings, it then goes away after. Decided to take car in the MB Aberdeen and they have advised they cannot see any leaks however upon checking the coolant it was significantly low. My car is due in for a service soon and...
  5. rom1

    snow foam fun

    Simple wash turned out very good results. Snow foam - valet pro 2 bucket wash - Meguiars gold class car shampoo dry with micro fibre cloths - finish with demon shine Windows - Autoglym fast glass.
  6. RyanMuller

    Post a video review of your car - A bit of fun

    Hello all, So I went for a drive in the C32 for the first time in a while after all the problems I had, and I decided to take my camera with me. I thought it would be a bit of a laugh to hear about people's reviews on their own cars, what problems you have had and what you enjoy about your...
  7. F

    Gumball Fun Includes G Wagon 4x4 a squared
  8. P

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, only covered 50k, LPG converted, great fun!

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, LPG,Only 50k Miles, Amazing Spec, lots of parts inc | eBay
  9. 7om

    77mm Pulley - Good fun and some thanks to...

    Hi, Just swapped out my 84mm pulley and fitted the 77mm pulley with a re-flash from Eurocharged. There is a noticeable difference, the torque kicks in much earlier giving progressive acceleration without too much effort. Sometimes it's nice to put the car in comfort mode for the low rev pull...
  10. M

    Bit of Tunnel Fun this Afternoon...

    This video is brought to you by AMG and FI exhausts
  11. dan-mb

    Modified C63 having fun with a bike (video)

    A quick C63 sleeper! :bannana:
  12. trapperjohn

    Slow but fun?

    Bit of a sleeper? 1995 Mercedes Hearse | eBay
  13. Giantvanman

    Quite a costly bit of fun.

    Firstly, let me declare openly and forthrightly that I do NOT read the Daily Wail; this report was pointed out to me. In addition to the crashed vehicles, he also owns an MB so he won't be lost for transport. City trader Elijah Oyefeso whose Lamborghini and Bentley were written off in one crash...
  14. jaymanek

    Some Fun at the Mercland GTG? Segways?

    I am looking into the possibility of having Segway Taster sessions at the GTG to add some fun to the day. There would be a track set up and everyone could have a go. Its quite expensive so wanted to check if people would be up for having a go? We would ask for a token donation of £5...
  15. DSM10000

    MG TF, Fun or run for the hills? :)

    A friend of ours wants (having tried our MX5) a "fun little car for summer" The main issue is a budget of no more than £1200. At the moment they are set on a maximum of two seats and a manual hood (no T bar types) but otherwise are flexible. The MG TF is a current favourite, it is a good...
  16. mbzclk

    Some fun with STAR (with Dev Mode)

    Hi guys, I've kindly had the use of STAR (with DEV mode) for a couple of weeks. It's been really good so far and have been able to do a number of things so far. Looking at posting up the how-to's (many are on the internet but can be hard to find) On my W209: I enabled Tank Content...
  17. T

    Something abit of fun / different for £1500ish

    Afternoon guys, Sold my c270 yesterday and got a 190d as a daily but after something abit different / fun for just a couple of months that I can sell for the same money once I'm done, rather than wasting the money on stuff I don't really need. Literally anything considered, won't be a...
  18. camerafodder

    Just for fun, although fun is perhaps not an appropriate sentiment for this thing!

    Can anybody guess what this bad boy is and what makes it special?
  19. B

    Fun last night

    Well not as much fun as it could have been, sitting watching TV with the french doors open (humid last night) when there was a very strange loud sort of humming/vibrating/plane whizzing by noise, followed by a very loud dull THUD. Oh poop I thought, light plane.......but no (it was a very odd...
  20. Giantvanman

    A little Monday night fun

    I was watching a documentary and nearly keeled over at the pronunciation of a word (in English) and it got me thinking. I have trouble with petrol…pe'rol. To start the ball rolling (and to see if it catches on) here are a couple which happen to be non-British but we are not exempt...
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