1. Palfrem

    Harsh gearchange G300 petrol

    Just had the gearbox oil changed in my 1994 G 300 auto Gear change is now quite harsh and clunky, you can really feel the cogs engage. Up and down. The garage have checked the level and all is well. Any ideas please? Many thanks
  2. flat6buster

    E55K gearchange

    G'day Fast Boys (and girls) of the AMG lounge. I am slowly coming round to thinking an E55K might just be the perfect all-rounder and present the opportunity for me to substantially reduce my 'fleet'. I don't want to waste any garage's time though so I wonder if you could answer a nagging...
  3. J

    E200CDI Auto - gearchange at 30mph. Is this right?!!

    Hi everyone, hopefully someone can tell me that this is just a foible of this car/gearbox combination but I just need to make sure. I've recently bought a 3 year old E200CDI Bluefficiency with the 5 speed auto box. Overall I'm very happy with the car (apart from it being a little under...
  4. D

    Engine Fault causing poor gearchange

    My car (a w203 C320 cdi) has been into a gearbox specialist due to a bad change. He has said gearbox is fine, and the poor change is due to an engine fault that is reporting a false pressure/reading to the computer, hence the gearbox thinks the engine is at 50% power, when in reality it's at...
  5. R

    How imperceptible is your gearchange?

    I thought mine was pretty good, although since the ATF was changed by the dealer a couple of years ago it’s never seemed quite as good as I remembered, but I’ve put that down to thinking about it more than I used to. Was in the US on holiday last month and we had a couple of vehicles, one of...
  6. pfarre10

    Clunky gearchange (vito 639)

    Hi all Just did 1k miles in my 2012 vito. Since purchase I've had dodgy shifts, put down to new van etc. Also when driven like "miss daisy" its been a joy, so, obviously It's my ham fistedness thats caused the probs. Low speed smoothness has certainly been improved with experience, but...
  7. D

    stiff gearchange

    Hi all, i drive a 96 c280 manual i find it stiff when changing between the gears 165000 miles fdsh. is this a common issue? is there a simple fix? whats the best thing to do i already lifted leather gaitor off and greased in there to no avail comments and suggestions welcome..
  8. baxlin

    "Click" on gearchange

    I'm thoroughly enjoying my new C220 manual, but there is just one tiny irritation. When I change up from 2nd to 3rd gear, there's a distinctly audible click as it goes through neutral. It doesn't happen any other time, eg 4th to 5th, or on downshift. There's no resistance, just this click...
  9. npat4

    cl203 gearchange stiff

    Hi I've looked all over but can't spot anything on stiff gearchange when cold or first starting, has this ever been mentioned before? if not has anyone got an idea on what it could be, when i asked my MB mechanic about changing the oil/fluid he said there is no need as they boxes are sealed...
  10. V

    Buying C200. Need advice

    I have been looking to buy a C200. Am getting an Approved Used 2008 C200 Kompressor SE from Mercedes dealer. However, the accelaration on the car seems to be slow, and the gear changes (automatic) are jerky. I notice a difference from the other cars that I have test driven. The gear changes...
  11. V

    Buying C200. Need advice

    I have been looking to buy a C200. Am getting an Approved Used 2008 C200 Kompressor SE from Mercedes dealer. However, the accelaration on the car seems to be slow, and the gear changes (automatic) are jerky. I notice a difference from the other cars that I have test driven. The gear changes...
  12. A

    W211 electrical problems with gearchange and lighting

    I own a W211 320CDi which has developed a series of electrical faults. I am looking for a trustworthy garage near north London to deal with the issue...
  13. M

    Clunk on gearchange

    My 300TD 124 clunks on gearchanges( autobox) I used to have a 190 in the UK and I seem to remember it was a bush where the prop shafts connect in the center? My thoughts are gearbox mounts or this prop shaft bush? Any ideas please? Thanks.
  14. S

    Erratic gearchange w124 e300d

    Hi Folks I am planning a long drive and would like to resolve a gearbox issue before I go. Gearchange is not as smooth as it used to be, particularly 2nd to 3rd, where it seems to get "Hooked" and wont go to 3rd. When it does change, there is quite a jolt. other changes are quite good as long...
  15. chrisbrad66

    C class gearchange

    Hello all, my 06 C class has just passed 45000 miles so i decided to have a Transmission oil and filter change done at my local indy, that was three weeks ago, i notice now when the engine/box is cold the gear change in auto mode from 1st to second slips very badly and sometimes it lurches quite...
  16. R

    W211 Gearchange

    Afternoon All, Am having a small issue with my W211 E320 estate (2004). The gearchanges aren't 'right'. Pulling away from standstill is fin, into 3rd (in S mode)it hesitates slightly, and then again into 4th. 5th is fine. When wanting to pick up speed in a hurry rather then change down, it...
  17. M

    Maf and gearchange?

    HI ALL, how true is it that the maf can cause gearbox problems, i am having problem with my w210 e230 auto changing up gears, could this be the cause in anyway or not? any help or advise on gears not changing up would be great, thanks alot. want are the things to check other than atf fluid...
  18. C

    S-class gearchange woes - any thoughts ?

    Ok, a small dilemma for you to ponder. I have a W220 S-class with a gearbox fault, it’s not a terminal fault and the car is drivable, the best way I can describe it is that the gearbox seems unable to choose what gear to select as you approach junctions or roundabouts. It seems to change out...
  19. S

    gearchange probs

    hi, i have an ml 270cdi and there is an intermittant gearchange /revs fault with it at the moment , when you drive it from standstill occasionally , getting more frequent of late,the gear box wont change up and it will not rev above 2500rpm,it can be reset by switching engine off then back on...
  20. BenzComander

    Very harsh gearchange

    Recently, the gearchange on our W210 E320 petrol has become very harsh. If, while driving you put your foot down to overtake, the next gear is selected with a real bang through the car. If you accelerate gently then the gear change is smooth. Also, when coming to a halt, it is noticeable...
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