1. Jukie

    GLK telematics port

    Does anyone know if a GLK does or should have one? If so, where will it be? I cannot see anything obvious in either front foot well. TIA, David.
  2. M

    Mercedes GLK trying to run over people stopped by an excavator – Video

    From the article: On the morning of August 28 2015 at Nanning Xingning District a large chicken village some people where dressed in black uniforms to carry out the demolition. Photos and video - Mercedes GLK trying to run over people stopped by an excavator .
  3. KillerHERTZ

    2016 GLC Class Press Release (GLK)

    MERCEDES-BENZ GLC WORLD PREMIERE: AN SUV THAT FITS THE BILL TO PERFECTION Stuttgart/Metzingen. The second generation of the mid-range SUV from Mercedes-Benz goes by the name of GLC and represents a big step forward on several fronts: On a technical level the new SUV clearly makes its mark...
  4. M

    Lamborghini Aventador rear ends Mercedes GLK in Nanning China

    from the article: Lamborghini Aventador rear ends Mercedes GLK in Nanning China, due to the Lamborghi's low profile and the nature of the high SUV the Lamborghini ended up wedged under the rear of the SUV. This must have been a super scary accident from the Lamborghini drivers point of view...
  5. P

    Lucky owner of a GLK 220 4matic

    Hi, Have joined to be able to discuss airmatic and the new c class. I am about to change my loved Glk 4 matic. Living in France I was able to buy one. Had it 3 yrs but the replacement is arriving a little later than my change cycle so am thinking of a c class 4matic estate, 4matic is readily...
  6. regbuser

    Any love for the X204 GLK?

    I like the boxy styling of this a lot, and after seeing one in the flesh for the first time in banbury, started trawling the net for images. Best of which are here > X204 GLK-Class Unofficial Picture Thread - Forums
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Next Mercedes-Benz GLK/GLC spotted ahead of 2015 launch

  8. Benzowner

    Glk 320

    Saw my first GLK 320 CDi yesterday on the way back from the Continent, it was on the same train as I was and caught a glimpse of it when we drove onto the M20. What a shame they are not selling them over here.
  9. James1976

    GLK Any good?

    Evening all. Some time since my last posts having sold my SL (to the mother in law!). I've been missing my Merc fix since running an old e34 beem, which whilst it's been a good car really isn't up to old Merc quality standards. So, I now live in Amsterdam and am fortunate enough to be looking...
  10. Derek Mc

    Why no GLK in the UK

    With the sheer numbers of Q3 Q5 X1 X3 Haitoyonda santa ravRV soft roaders sold in the UK why has the GLK never been brought to the UK?
  11. C

    Inlet manifold servo protector For MB C, E, CLK, R, GLK,……V6 CDI 280 and 320;OM642

    This piece is placed in order to protect the inlet manifold servo. The inlet manifold servo is a well know breakdown in this kind of engines just only consult it on MB forums to confirm. The cause of this failure is the hot oil that falls down in the servo who rules the admission. This piece...
  12. G

    2011 GLK 350 4-matic

    Taken with a Canon 5D with a 50mm f2.5 macro lense.
  13. KillerHERTZ

    GLK Facelift Press Release

    GLK Facelift Press Release The GLK offers outstanding driving dynamics, excellent driving safety and superlative ride comfort. In addition to the rear-wheel drive versions, the 4MATIC models with permanent all-wheel drive demonstrate an intrepid spirit even in the most adverse conditions –...
  14. R

    GLK coming to UK in 2012?

    Stumbled across GLK listed on a leasing company website with the statement that it's going to be available in the UK in 2012. Not heard this anywhere else, but I also saw that GLK will be facelifted for the 2013 model year (available late 2012) in the US, so perhaps it ties in with that...
  15. H

    GLK - can I buy one?

    Went to France recently and saw a few GLKs being driven around. Why aren't they available in the UK as RHD 4x4 models?
  16. KillerHERTZ

    GLK Facelift

    GLK Facelift
  17. grober

    The RHD GLK where is it?

    I have banged on about MB's seeming reluctance to develop RHD 4matic version for its C and E class saloons and estates for years now and the argument has always been that its not economically viable to develop a RHD version for the world market. While this may be true for the 4matic...
  18. R

    New European map set for W204 C / GLK / SLS COMAND

    The new map set (V7.0 2010/2011) for COMAND-APS in W204 (C and GLK) and SLS has just been released, so if you are finding missing roads / inaccuracy on your W204 it may be worth upgrading the maps in the COMAND. Remember if you have a MY2011 car you get free updates for 3 years .. and I think...
  19. The Boss

    I saw a GLK in the flesh on Saturday..

    Hi, forgot to mention, i saw a LHD GLK in London on Saturday. Personally, i am so so so glad it never made it to these shores.. well atleast for sale it didnt. what an ugly hideous contraption
  20. KillerHERTZ

    BRABUS GLK V12 - Press Release - Over 200Mph!

    BRABUS GLK V12 = 322.3 km/h from 750 hp / 552 kW World Debut at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW The World's Fastest Street-Legal SUV Dubai, December 11th, 2009 With a top speed of 322.3 km/h (200.3 mph) the BRABUS GLK V12 has set a new speed record for street-legal SUVs on the Italian...
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