1. G

    no air con or heat

    i have regased my air con and still there is only the slightest cold air and no heat either the blower is on full blast but it is though the vents are closed the air distribution knob dosent seem to do anything at all. can anyone help?:( car is a c class 2.0 auto yr 2000
  2. 94mattda

    Heat Guard

    Good evening... i have an E220 COUPE and took it to kwik fit today because the exhaust seemed to rattle... i looked and could see a heat guard above the first box that comes from then engine... think it was the CAT..... do i need that heatguard as kwik fit took it off and said i dont...
  3. E

    Heat shield

    Hi all, The heat shield on my car for the back box is loose and noisy. I have tried to secure it a few times but it keeps coming loose. Its obviously there for a reason but is it ok just to remove it so its no longer loose and noisey?
  4. S

    Where can I find my heat shield???

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me where I can find my heat shield? When I reach 2000rpm as the car is moving there is an annoying sound under the bonnet which I'm lead to believe is a loose heat shield?...the only reason I know this is because my old CLK430 had the same problem. I took my old CLK...
  5. M5CLK

    '02 C32 front bumper heat build up

    I recently replaced the Valeo radiator on my '02 W203 C32, ever since then, I've noticed excessive heat build up around bottom of the right side front bumper. So much heat that it actually deformed the bottom of the bumper slightly!! The left hand side felt cold to the touch, but the right...
  6. M

    No Heat!!!

    Yep just as it says above... :crazy: not good in this weather. Well my 2000 (W Plate) Vito has no heat, when I turn the blower up or down its all fine, just not giving out any heat, nothing but cold air, any suggestions?
  7. Satch

    The heat......

    Wife called to tell me that on a stretch of blacktop on a dual carriageway this afternoon in slow-ish traffic the outside temperature was registering as 38C, or 100F in old money. But she was nice and cool whilst lesser beings with no aircon sweltered. She did not get a very good reception...
  8. SEM

    Seat Sensors & Heat

    Just a quick question and i will probably answer this myself. I went out midday after a hot morning (car window left open to keep cool). The Seatbelt sensor keeps pinging to buckle up, having connected all the buckles i'm still getting the belt up signal on the dash. I presume the heat is making...
  9. blassberg

    Residual Heat = retrofit?

    Moddable? W203
  10. C

    Exhaust Heat Protection plate

    Well on the CLK230 (2000 model) the heat plate that seems to protect the body from the exhaust heat fell off. Not had the car to long, bought from MB Direct so though I'd call the support number to see if they'd help as one hell of a noise was coming from the underside. After speaking to...
  11. M

    Exhaust Heat Shield Question

    Recently my exhaust heat sheild has been rattling. Took it to National Tyre and they did their best to put some new washers and bolts on to keep it tight (and didnt charge me for the work). However after driving around for a while the rattle returned. I didnt realy want to go back to National...
  12. S

    W202 C240 No Heat / Airflow to Feet

    The heating / ventilation and cooling works fine in all positions except when you turn the dial to 'feet' position. On the driver's side footwell there is no airflow at all and on the passenger side there is just a tricke of airflow as I say in all other positions face, windshield etc it works...
  13. SimonsMerc


    So yesterday was a fun day in the sun. I was on the M25, going to join the M3, about a mile before Junction 12 going anti clockwise, when everything stopped. Turns out a lorry exploded and closed the Motorway in both directions. For five hours. In the burning noon sun, from 11am until 4pm...
  14. jukie

    Heat output?

    It's my day for DIY/rennovation questions! The builders are in and the living room fireplace has been knocked out. I'm going for a wood-burning/multi-fuel stove OR a natural gas look-alike, all quaint and period-like. So I have an idea of the size that the fireplace needs to be but...
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