1. K

    Wanted W211 E55 rear diff heat sink from before 30/06/2004 part no: A2303511708

    Wanted W211 E55 rear diff heat sink from before build 30/06/2004 part no: A2303511708. Looks like the image below.
  2. K

    Wanted front W211 E55 front heat exchange intercooler

    Anyone have a oem or aftermarket front heat exchange intercooler. Mine is bent. Regards.
  3. D

    passenger side door mirror heat up less w211

    Hi i have problem with side mirror from passenger side in w211 04 heat up less then driver side.i change heated mirror and still heating slowly when driver mirror has 35 degree passenger is 23 degree any ideas ?
  4. mickday

    9027 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor replace DIY?

    Star brings up error 9027 for my S211 E55 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor faulty or open circuit. I intend to do this job myself but having bought the replacement part and looking at its location on RHD cars (under the master cylinder) the job looks like a complete ****** to do...
  5. J

    IC Heat Exchanger Fitted

    Finally had the heat exchanger fitted after the wrong one being sent a few weeks ago. This time went very easily and without any drama. Thanks to Olly and the guys at PCS for another fantastic job!! Here are a couple of pics and at least I now know who makes the Eurocharged HE!! Before HE...
  6. D

    Why not much power from cabin heater?

    Not much power coming from my heater. Car is CLK 200K, W209, year 2006. Settings go from 0 to 6 on circular dial, in half step increments. I closed off all vents except central dashboard, turned direction dial to dashboard, ran the car for a good length of time. Also turned AUTO heating off...
  7. mars1960

    Heat exchanger.

    I am looking at the Eurocharged one on CKS performance at a little over £500, iv'e seen savman's thread but i need one asap. Is there anywhere cheaper than CKS? Thanks.
  8. S

    intercooler, efficency of heat exchanger

    Today I have ordered a circulating pump, (Johnson cm30) while I have been searching and researching this repair, I have seen that some have split the cooling systems, is the original heat exchanger good enough to keep the intercooler cold enough, I will be looking to possibly do an upgrade on...
  9. GordonTarling

    Heat pumps etc.

    Trying to decide on a heating system for our recently purchased bungalow. There's no gas in the village and we desperately would like to get away from oil, so have been considering air source heat pumps. We've concluded that these heat pumps are probably best when allied to wet underfloor...
  10. N

    Heat seat switch

    Weird one for you!!! C32 drivers side seat switch.....ignition on.....switch will illuminate when switched on (first with the single light then double when that is switched)......if switched off will no longer illuminate if switched on again (on either one or two lights) unless I switch off the...
  11. Kingpin!

    R350 seat heat

    Hi forum! I recently bought a '06 R350. Car is working quite good but there are a couple of issues and one being the seat heat for the drivers seat. When I push the button it blinks/flashes a couple of times and then the leds are off again and I get no heat. Sometimes (maybe just after...
  12. W

    W208 Exhaust Heat Shield Fixings

    Can anyone tell me what sort of fixing is used to secure the shield to the bottom of the car? One end has come loose and it clearly isn't just a case of bolting it back!
  13. BenzedUP

    MB Heat Exchanger

    Hi guys, I have a heat exchanger out from my 2004 C32AMG, perfect working order. £85 + 20 P&P
  14. jerry270ML

    C32 heat exchanger

    I m looking for one heat exchanger to install with my new intercooler pump , the only one I see around its from eurocharged.com . Any ideas? Thanks
  15. W

    S210 heat shield above rear silencer come adrift

    A very unusual thing happened at the weekend! The missus and kids all reported a funny "grating" noise which I couldn't hear. "Do you hear that?" Long pause to listen carefully. "no - is it still doing it?" I replied "No it's stopped now!" "Thanks for telling me! Exactly how long did the...
  16. B

    Supercharging Boost / heat interesting read

    Found this interesting read on supercharging Supercharger & Blower Basics - Tech Article - Chevy High Performance Magazine I then looked into why the CLK 55 Dtm came with 580 bhp standard, and has quite a few changes Info on Clk55 amg...
  17. brens-e200

    190 2.0lt engine heat problem/query

    hi all, well I'am back again. I have been investigating the reason for why my engine that once its heats up appears to the touch/smell to be cooking itself. The engine block gets REALLY hot ( you can burn yourself touching it { dont ask how I know } ) as does the pipe from the water...
  18. S

    Heat Exchanger's * UK Made *

    As some of you have realised charge cooling on turbo and supercharged engines is vital not only ensuring you system is flowing and operating effectively but the extra heat you can create when modifying may well require additional cooling. I have been speaking with a very well respected company...
  19. Lukeydb

    dusty heat air when heating on

    Hello everyone I have noticed in my w203 c180k on auto switched off and aircon off dusty air from vents when heating is on, when higher temp. What that can be how to clean it? Anyone know?
  20. John

    Rear diff heat sink...

    Do all E55Ks have a rear diff heat sink?
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