1. kps70

    Very little heat in W124

    Hi - my first post! I have recently bought a 200TE (no air con) and it's great apart from one thing - very little heat from the heater. The fan is working fine but the air comes out cold on the passenger side and just slightly warm on the driver's side but not enough to warm up the car. It...
  2. G

    W163 Glow Plug Pre Heat issue

    Hi All, This may or may not be an issue. When I start my ML270 I wait for the "curly" glow pre heat light to go out. However, the light comes back on when the engine is started for about another 30 seconds.....Is the pre-heater re-activating as we are in very cold conditions here or is this...
  3. R

    Heater slow to heat up in 1991 W126 500SE

    Takes about 15 minutes to get lukewarm and about 30 mins to get hot? So not much use! Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    no heat from the heater in the car

    as the weather getting cold it seem to take a long time for heat to come from the heater in the car any ideas
  5. R

    Pit Start anyone been - questions (anyone lend me a heat gun?)

    Hi all, Firstly if you haven't heard of it, it's a self service garage. Pit Start - Self Service Garage - 020 8827 1919 Some members have used it before: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/79104-pit-start-garage.html I'm planning on going there this Saturday to do some...
  6. jamiemay

    Heat blower packed in

    Heater blower not working iv,e checked all the fuse,s and replaced them just incase went to halfords and bought 2 ceramic heater,s tried them then went to the newsagents and bought a box of swan vesta,s.am i right in thinking it,s the heater regulator plug or wiring or the motor it,self just...
  7. S

    W164 heat coil

    Car: ML320 cdi 2006 First thing in the morning I put the key in the ignition and the heat coil comes on. After it goes out I switch the engine on and the light goes out for just a second but then comes on and stays on for a few minutes before going out again. I've looked in the car handbook...
  8. P

    Can i run w210 heat blower without blower regulator ?

    Hi, i have ordered blower regulator from ebay, this was my first purchase , now its 1moth, and i have received letter, that they have send it to honkong, or missed up. so next month i will have it or i don't know if they will cheat . eBay Item #200376862187 from Q&E Auto Parts Now its start to...
  9. V

    Has anyone made a heat exchanger

    Hi all as the title says has any one done this i was going to try to make one for the cold weather coming in to help heat the veg oil up any help/photos/how tos would be good thanks ps its for a w210 e300
  10. P

    Help needed, no heat S320 cdi 02 REG

    Hello guys some help needed I can`t get any heat in the car, I have set the climate control to 23 degrees and above, all I get in return is the middle vents not blowing at all and the side vents blowing cold air even after 50mile trip, any help would be welcome.
  11. D

    What seat heat pads

    What seat heat pads can i replace mine with that will still fit the existing plugs? As im lead to believe they dont make a seperate one for a 2002 W203 only one sewn into the cover:(
  12. R

    1988 300TE intermittant heat

    Hi. I'm having problems with the heater on my 1988 300TE. Every once in a while there is no heat. The fan works fine. When there is no heat there is no power to the Aux water pump under the hood, often the 3 little LEDs on the recirculation, Air Conditioning, and Defrost buttons are on dim and...
  13. M

    ml 270cdi heat exchanger

    hi all hope we all well...can i bypass the heat exchanger on my car?.. effectivly running fuel line straight to the fuel filter and bypassing the bits on manifold? thanks
  14. O

    wvo heat exchanger coolant+glow plugs

    heat exchanger coolant+ glow plugs £65 Here is my HE, I use it on the mercedes, it work fine, the glows are a little help but as some will point out, as soon as the cold coolant will run into the block, this will cool it down, but again, it help a bit. The block does get really hot. Reason...
  15. coupe deville

    Air intake heat shielding

    Came upon this M104 head refurb http://www.flickr.com/photos/lop124028/sets/72157605115286959/ and noticed the heat shielding on the air intake. Is it worth doing, would it make a noticeable difference ?
  16. mikebro

    passenger seat heat pads not warming up

    Hi All, the passenger seat heating pads are not warming up and I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to how i may do some simple and rudimentary troubleshooting (nothing complicated please). I am a bit nervous to start pulling things to pieces, but some inital checks would be helpful...
  17. B

    Wing Mirror Failing to Heat Up

    Has anyone had problems with their passenger side wing mirror failing to heat up and clear? I have had this problem for a while and been in and out of Mercedes tryingt o get it rectifed. Keep getting told it is either the glass or the door control unit. Both of which have been replaced but it...
  18. N

    190E. Repaired centre cold air vent & now no heat.

    Yesterday I removed the centre-of-the-dash big cold air vent on my W201 190E 2.6. The PO had taken it out & not put it back properly so that I couldn't close it all the way to keep cold air out. Today I noticed that the heat dials were having no effect & the temperature of the air wasn't...
  19. stevesey

    Sudden burst of heat

    On the way home for Saturdays GTG and again tonight the CC decided to treat me to a sudden burst of full heat on the drivers side only (passenger side was still nicely chilled). Shortly after I noticed it, it subsided - without me touching the controls. I can see that perhaps the in-car temp...
  20. altreed

    Heat Pump Technology

    I have searched the forum and came across a post that commented on Heat pumps, maybe it deserved to be a separate post/topic.... So here it is.... :rolleyes: I am looking to replace our kitchen and move/ditch a 20-30 year old Oil boiler. Inititally I thought of just replacing it with a...
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