1. Gbrowncls55

    Best 55k upgraded Heat exchanger

    I am just about to start some cooling upgrades prior to a modest pulley and remap on the cls55 I have the Bosche 10 pump to replace the original as that seems to be the most reliable upgrade, but which upgraded intercooler heat exchanger is best / most effective at bringing down AITs. I want...
  2. uumode

    Air con performance in this heat

    Air con in my older cars ranged from icy cold to cold. My 2015 C Class is simply 'cool' presumably due to lower performing greener gases. Noticed in a range of brand new BMWs too the air con is simply 'cool' rather than cold. Also just noticed the new air con tech in the new E Class which...
  3. V

    code reader says heat sensor front and back

    CLK 200K 2007 just got rid of one problem and we have another one. Checked code at local garage it came up with front and rear heat sensor fault not got the number. Also lack of power so the boss the wife says but i do not notice much Any ideas ..!!!!!!
  4. JohnDavies

    No/Little heat Merc ML270 CDTi

    Firstly thank you for allowing me to join this fantastic club. I have a small problem ( i hope) in that when my engine is up to max temp i only get cold air in the cabin. Yet if i stop the car and park up for 4/5mins then restart the engine i get luke warm air even though my temp setting is at...
  5. T

    Using Heat to repair spoiler damage ?

    Heres the Damage few mph on a low kerb in car park underside its deformed in and this has pushed the front face out what I'm wondering is whether I can use a heat gun and some wooden blocks to get it back to near its original shape Its my sons BMW 335i. Any Tips ??? current thinking is nothing...
  6. R

    Residual Heat function in GLC X253 / C W205

    Mercedes used to always have a residual heat function where the coolant could keep being pumped through the heater matrix when the car was off. This meant you could run the heating in the car for a long time with the engine off, great when waiting for someone (like the kids). They they then...
  7. Dogbreath

    Uprated Heat Exchanger...Do I need it

    Right I know all cooling helps but for my level of power is an uprated heat exchanger needed ? Is the stock one that bad ? 77mm pulley Headers + exhaust Bosch 010 pump Pcs split cooling ic tank K&n filters Car goes in for surgery beginning of Nov then upto John at Big Fish for a Remap...
  8. W124ali

    Cabin heat & hot air

    Hello all I have a 2002 W210 E320 CDI. I found that while the fan is off myself & the wife felt heat coming from the front. We couldn't feel the hot air from the vents but we just felt hot and yesterday wan't particularly hot. Secondly the air con isn't working. Now I haven't checked if the...
  9. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG Heat Exchanger

    Hello, Selling this C32 AMG W203 Heat Exchanger as I upgraded it. Rather than chucking away a perfectly good unit, is anybody interested? £50?
  10. jih2000

    Eurocharged map - Heat

    Hi, Just wondering how the v5 eurocharged map effects the engine heat e.g. water/oil temperature vs stock. I have a 2013 and see oil go roughly between 95-118 deg C when pushing the car. If the new map opens the throttle and releases more power assume temperatures go up more? Does C mode drive...
  11. M

    large heat exchanger

    bolted on to the car , lets hope the bumper goes back on
  12. 1

    Heat exchanger

    Hi, looking for some advice on where in the uk i could buy an upgraded heat exchanger for my cls 55 amg? Having searched i found a lot of them coming frm america. Does anyone have experience of buying one in the uk thats just as good? Imy
  13. D

    Gearbox heat exchanger help.

    As iv not long rebuilt my trans i wanted to make sure i dont suffer the glycol issue so decided to check out what type of cooler it has, i followed the pipes to the cooler and its not what i though it would be, as i was led to believe the trans cooler runs through the radiator but mine runs to a...
  14. W

    S210 Residual heat

    The other day in the freezing fog I stopped to go in a shop. I had already driven 15 miles and everything was nicely up to normal temperature (80C on the temp guage). So I decided to switch on the residual heat system to keep it toasty while in the shop. When I pressed the button, it...
  15. C

    Help no heat! W203

    Not sure if this is engine or interior tbh but bit of an issue as its -5 this morning! Car is a 2003 C32. I have always thought that the heating has been poor on the car but never really worried. This cold snap has proved that its barely working at all. At best all I get is luke warm air...
  16. John_Doe

    Only getting heat on the windscreen w203

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but couldn't find a heating section I'm only getting heat coming out of the windscreen vents. If I put the heater on the hottest setting and put it to clear just the windscreen it comes out nice and hot from the very top vents and the little side...
  17. jimiE55

    E55 heat exchanger upgrade options?

    Hi Guys, i am aware that many of you guys have had Heat Exchanger upgrades on the forum. Any thoughts, information, or knowledge of the different brands would be much appreciated. Looking for any rough guide on prices, build-performance, size, fitting etc. I know of some of the options, eg...
  18. Bonkers

    C63 engine or gearbox heat problems? Advice!

    Hi all, I have not posted here much but I am after some advice. :confused: I have had my C63 for 12 months now and I love the car but I have had the issue of the car going into limp mode. I have heard it could be the gearbox temp? I was in manual mode. I am driving a C63, 61 plate...
  19. D

    W202 Heat is either hot or cold... no warm

    Hey all, Trying to sort out the heat on my GF's 1999 C230 Kompressor. It is the "Classic" trim level so it has the twin temp knobs and the dials for the blower and vents, not the digital climate control system fitted to many of them The passenger side previously worked fine and the heat...
  20. H

    Heat shield back of air filter box

    Car - 54 plate c220 CDI (manual) My car manual turned up yesterday and looking through it, I've realized my car and m8ts car don't have a heat shield at back of airbox. I've posted picture of mine here. Can somebody PLEASE reply with a picture of theirs so I know what it actually looks like...
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