1. merc85

    Honest sensible e55k?

    One of the best ones i think at the moment for sale https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-e55-amg-fmbsh-px-for-jetski/1259117342
  2. John

    Honest car ad.

    Loving the honesty in this ad title: Datsun 120Y, 2 doors State. For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C842712]
  3. MancMike

    If insurance companies were honest - cracked video

    Cracked is a cool satirical channel presented well. Here's a video on insurance, which made me chuckle as it's all very true... zfdSTyAcXfs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfdSTyAcXfs
  4. merc85

    s600 a honest seller

    Tbf the chap has been very straight, shame there not all like that. 2003 Mercedes S600 5.5 V12 Bi Turbo - Please read description carefully. Repairs | eBay
  5. J

    An honest, clean and tidy W211

    By far the best car I have ever owned. Hope I don't regret selling it. I hope I can find a car that's as good as this one MERCEDES BENZ E320CDI AVANTGARDE AUTO SALOON - Fully loaded+Full service history | eBay
  6. mercmush

    Brutally honest listing!

    Here's someone who's not pulling any punches: 2001 MERCEDES ML500 AUTO | eBay
  7. Benplym

    Pretty fed up with scammers while trying to sell an honest car

    Have my ml up for sale, at a decent price, it's pretty damn amazing. Last night I get a call from a dealer asking really in depth questions about the car. Mid sent ace he stops me to tell me he wanted to see who the scammer was. I was confused but long story short some foreign person has...
  8. S

    'Honest' engine bay dirt or detail?

    My SL has had one owner from new till I bought it and she's never been cleaned under the bonnet. As a result its dusty as hell but 'honest' looking as Mike Brewer would say. Is has no leaks or anything scary and in some ways I think it looks reassuring that someone's not trying to hide...
  9. M

    Buying Advice & Honest Dealers !!!

    Firstly I would like to say Hi to everyone. Thought I would ask for some advice from other merc owners etc after just having a terrible experience with my local Mercedes Dealers. When basically after ordering and paying a deposit over 6 weeks ago and getting a call off them last week asking...
  10. thebig1

    Dealer Not Being Completly Honest???

    Hi Guys, My C63 whent in to a dealer on Monday. Its a 15 month old C63 in great condition, just some gripes I had. The dealer isnt the dealer I purchased it from but is closest to me. The following are the issues raised. Tracking out. Car pulls to left, steering wheel at "5 to 12" while...
  11. W

    Well priced and very honest W211 E55 Kompressor

    http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=291311267523 Looks/sounds well cared for and a very honest car :cool: Keyless go is a 5 minute fix - even if you just replaced the driver's front door handle at around £150 + vat (less with discount) Wheel refurb £150-200 Front...
  12. jamesfuller

    Good honest 124 workhorse

    I went to see this car today, its a nice honest car, just over 200k miles but its obviously been looked after and is very solid. The usual wing replacements would make it very straight and tidy. Mercedes W124 Estate 7 Seater | eBay
  13. Palfrem

    Are there any honest companies in Finance?

    Pensioners are being robbed of their savings by insurance companies - Telegraph Lloyds fined £28m for 'sell or be demoted' incentive plan - Telegraph Another week and yet more evidence of the "Financial Sector" having more crooks in it than Wormwood Scrubs. I understand no senior...
  14. T

    Honest John - top 10 Classic Cars

    The top 10 classic car searches. Five of them are MB. Top 10: Searched for classic cars in October 2013 | | Honest John .
  15. jamesfuller

    A cheap honest little project

    Mercedes 280TE Estate W124 Spares or Repair | eBay
  16. Palfrem

    Honest looking Cosworth 190E 2.3 16

    1986 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16 COSWORTH | eBay
  17. W

    Morgan Motor Company: The Most Honest Car Factory in the World

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJLcoGMPQ94 OJLcoGMPQ94
  18. B

    Oh such an honest description....

    - its a SL500 Silver Arrow (but it isn't) - its all original (but it isn't especially the 'Chav special' grille) - its rare (but it isn't) - its a show car (oh really) Considering the above and the mileage I'm sure it will sell instantly for the bargain price he's got it up for... 2001...
  19. S

    Honest MPG

    Just wondering what sort of figures people are (genuinely) getting. I've been running my C350 CDI since February, and I think the overall average is around 34 or so. I only really make an effort to drive light footed on the motorway journeys, where I can get 40+ (best to date is 47)...
  20. J

    Need an honest opinion on style of alloys...!!!

    Right im really happy at the progress of my little old w202 c250 estate but ive never been 100% sure on the black powder coated 18" Amgs ive got fitted, some days they look great but other days i feel they are too of an old style... i would like to stay with 18" but maybe have a larger lip on...
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