1. L

    w201 ignition module

    Hello i wonder about the ignition module is what position the "wheel" with N and S and different numbers should be in? Lars
  2. carat 3.6

    M104 ignition system question

    Hi all, I've been offered a dead 1992 w140 300sel for parts. Now I'm told that it has the m104.990 engine, this was the weird one that had the large air filter box like the early mechanical injection cars, but was infact efi underneath. My question is, dose anyone know if this engine has an...
  3. B

    EZL (ignition control module)

    Anyone got a spare? Need one for my E500 , part # 015 545 6232. I believe it's interchangeable with 015 545 6132/4232/4332/8532 with early build W140070/050/051 and 129067 chassis # with same displacement 5.0L LH-injected M119.97x Cheers! Bing
  4. N

    W211 Ignition switch wont accept key!!

    Hi all, I bought a 2002 E270 CDI AG a week ago that wouldnt start. Always accepted the key, turned to stage 2 ignition but wouldnt crank. Had the starter motor changed yesterday and it started and drove fine. The mechanic noticed the ignition switch was a bit sticky, so decided to spray WD40...
  5. J

    W124 E200 with no ignition on cylinders 1 and 4

    Need info on PMS ignition control unit MB#0185451032 bosch#0261200608. Car (W124 E200 with M111.940 engine) has dropped ignition on cylinders 1 and 4 and the coil is OK...swapped it over with the coil for 2 and 3 but fault remains with 1 and 4. Any advice, repair options or pictures of...
  6. E

    (300e 24v) Replacing Ignition Module by an aftermarket Electronic Ignition

    Hi guys! I have a 300e 24v and a 190e 2,3. I´m swapping the engine, getrag and diff from the w124 to the w201. First problem...the Ignition Module only works for about 5 minutes or so...and then...no spark! I´m not into electronics and don´t know how to repair it. I was...
  7. I

    Ignition Lights Coming ON with no key in ignition - ML270 2002

    I have a ML270 on a 52 plate - the ignition lights and heater controls come on even when the key is not in the ignition. Shows engine start error. Have to disconnect battery lead to temporarily fix the problem. Problem is intermittent - any ideas what may be causing?
  8. T

    '97 E200 W210 ignition wanted.

    Hey People, A few weeks before christmas the ignition on my E200 simply stopped working. I have had the key tested and it is in working order. I had a guy i know check out the problem and we confirmed that it is indeed the ignition. There is power running to it, the battery is fine. a quote...
  9. S

    SL 129 dash key slot (not ignition)?

    noob question on my new (to me) sl 320 there is a second key slot which i took to simply lock the dash centre cubbyhole/glovebox however when i turn the key in it i hear motor noises from behind me as if its moving the hood motors about? as i don't have an owners manual can some one...
  10. ringway

    S210 Key in ignition problem.

    On my 210 E-Class, my key doesn't seem to be recognised straight away by the ignition barrel. The usual "buzz" when the key enters the barrel isn't always there. The problem has only surfaced today, but I've had a few instances where I've had to keep inserting/removing the key to be able to be...
  11. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 E280/E320 Engine Ignition Wiring Loom

    Mercedes W124 E280/E320 Engine Ignition Wiring Loom | eBay
  12. babyblueCE

    Steering locked and key is stuck in ignition

    Hello all. My 560 SEC went in for new brake pads and discs and the mechanic has managed to lock my steering wheel and the key is stuck an won't turn. My mechanic has advised me that he will need to cut out the ignition barrel in order to release the steering wheel. Before I ok him to do that...
  13. M

    w129 ignition problem

    Hi there, i'm presently experiencing problems with my car when starting. On some occasions the dashboard is completely dead when you turn the key to the last position before starting. Sometimes it is flashing on and off and sometimes it starts as normal. If you jiggle the key in the...
  14. P

    Ignition barrell illumination on B Class

    Does anyone know does the ignition barrel illuminate on the b class ( mine doesn't but wondered if it was faulty ) - just moved from a car with a start button / keyless start so feels weird to have a key but when it's dark really find it difficult to locate the key barrel - thanks :mad:
  15. dog68

    Ignition turned, Nothing happened

    Filling up at the garage, turned key, dash lights come on, but no attempt to start, so i pulled out key, locked, and unlocked, tried again and it starts, What could have caused this?
  16. L

    Problem with SLK 230 ignition lock and barrel

    Hi, My Slk has developed a fault with the ignition lock and barrel - diagnosed by the AA. My local dealer wants £50.00 to look at it , before I even pay for the repair!! Can anyone please recommend a resonably priced Merc Specialist near Amersham, Bucks.
  17. marxtringer

    Ignition key stuck

    Anyone know what this could be, I can start up but can't turn all the way back to get the ke out? Cheers Marc
  18. J

    w202 c200 judders when ignition switched off

    hi guys my w202 99T c200 judders (like a slight shake for a second where the whole car shakes) every time i switch the engine off. everything else seems fine on start, drive etc. could it be something as simple as an engine mount being loose? thanks
  19. J

    Ignition lights

    Hello. I have a 1996 E280 but it has developed an unusual problem :( When i put in the key and turn the ignition on sometimes only the airbag light comes on and none of the other warning lights.. the car will not start when like this. I have just kept turning the ignition on and off until the...
  20. philiggy

    Free C class with ignition transponder problem

    I've just been offered a an S reg C class estate 2.8 sport. It wont start and the AA man told my friend who owns it it is the transponder in the ignition. He said it would be £600 from a dealer or £50 second hand. I thought they are individual to each car? Phil
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