1. A

    Map update stuck - in-car and on macbook

    Hi. I'm a new user. The map update in my 2017 E220 has been stuck at 55%. I tried to do a manual update to SDCARD as I saw suggested on this forum. Using my MacBook, I set Flash to non-safe settings, and installed Adobe Air. With this done, I could get the DaimlerBenz downloader...
  2. markjay

    Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed

    Infotainment test: best in-car entertainment systems reviewed | Auto Express
  3. S

    Mercedes InCar Internet (NOT WiFi Hotspot! As in Online functions for NTG 3/3.5)

    Hi Guys, I have a copy of ASRA and WIS and I have found instructions on there to retrofit InCar Internet - which is not and nothing to do with incar hotspot; Internet in your car It is operation item 82-7569-02 on ASRA (1.8hrs work) and its document number AZ82.85-P-0005SC I wonder...
  4. alistairgd

    SMS messages not appearing in-car

    About a year ago the SMS messages from my bluetooth connected iphone stopped displaying on the incar screen. Anyone know how to get this working again? Thanks.
  5. V

    Incar Motor Parts

    Has anyone used the above company? Thanks
  6. Spinal

    Wireless In-Car Charger

    I'm trying to find an in-car phone charger that's wireless… there are a few on flabby from China, but as I'm new to the technology, I have no idea what to look for. Any suggestions? (It's for a lumia 1020 if that makes a difference) M
  7. S

    Echo on incar bluetooth with MB4 adapter

    Morning all, I've fitted the MB4 adapter to my CLK (with COMAND) which functions very well, except for the fact that callers complain of an echo all the time on the line. Adjusting the volume on the adapter and the incar system doesn't seem to do much. Any suggestions as to what can be...
  8. R

    Viseeo MBU-1000 for Merc - Works with incar phone to replace Nokia

    Hi I have a Viseeo MBU-1000 to replace the Nokia brick phones that sit in the cradle with old Mercs. Here is some blurb ViseeO MBU-1000 - Upgrade your Mercedes 6150/6210/6310i Telephone Cradle System to Bluetooth The Viseeo MBU-1000 imitates the shape of the old Nokia 6310/6210/6150...
  9. cinek

    in-car internet

    Sorry if such thread already exists, I have a 2013 c-class with command and internet access. When collecting the the car earlier this year, I did ask the question as 'how to make this internet connection' with the phone. The sarcastic answer I got back was that it is simple, all I had to...
  10. G

    In-car 6-disc multimedia changer

    I have for sale, a brand new Veba 6-disc DVD changer (AV 2411) which was bought for a rear-screen entertainment system. Alas, it was never used and has never been out of its box. Now its gathering dust, though its still in original packaging, with wiring, remote control, etc, ready to install...
  11. W

    In-car breathalysers become compulsory in france

    PistonHeads Headlines - In-car breathalysers become compulsory in France :thumb:
  12. D

    Nearly New Twin Headrest In-Car DVD Player For Sale

    I bought these before purchasing my new car, but seeing as I have a TV in the back of the S211 I have no need for these. Only been used a couple of times, in excellent condition. £70.
  13. T

    W212 incar WiFi

    Browsing the accessories booklet from MB and was intrigued to see this as an option. Any experience?
  14. Jukie

    In-car MP3, Ipod or otherwise.

    MY2006 A180 CDi Elegance with Audio 20. My mother wishes to connect an MP3 player to the Audio 20 to allow player charging, track info display on the head unit and control via the steering wheel. Is this currently possible with a 4th or 5th generation Nano and the MB adapter kit? Or are we...
  15. scooter

    After market incar sat nav

    Here we have an onboard sat nav with everything 2x remotes 1 complete 1 battery cover and holder missing, dvd/sat nav player, gps antenna with really long cable, a power notice device, all the wiring for the device, monitor, dvd/navigation disc (navtech on board). On the back of the dvd/nav...
  16. Londonscottish

    Portable in-car DVD for kids

    Hi All, Has anyone gone down this route? The wife wants one of those portable ones where you strap screen to the headrests and have a player...err...somewhere Thoughts?
  17. pammy

    Laguna electrics and in-car dvd

    Not really sure where to put this but here seems a good start :o The Laguna is great - really pleased with it - perfect for what we need it for. A couple of things though and I wonder if anyone here might know the answer.... The car has four 12v sockets, only two appear not to be working...
  18. whitenemesis

    In-Car Ring Tone

    How does one change the ring tone for the MB pre-wired phone?
  19. Jukie

    In-car DAB

    I used to have it and I miss it. Would have it again.
  20. blackscooby

    Which phone for in-car kit (2002 C32)

    Hi, My C32 has an in-car kit in the arm rest. I've got an ageing Nokia 6310i which physically fits, but the system just says "Initializing" and that's it. Any idea which model of Nokia should work ? Car kit has a PN of A209 820 0051 with other markings of 02M21 Q4. Thanks Mark
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