1. BillyW124

    R129 sl Amber front indicators

    These are now NLA from merc, does anyone have a pair up for grabs?
  2. C

    Indicators flashing fast!

    Hi, the Indicators on my ML320 are flashing fast (both left turn and right turn) and I'm totally pulling my hair out trying to solve the problem. ALL bulbs are working, fuses are good, the Hazards work fine and I've replaced both the left turn relay and the right turn relay ( didn't think that...
  3. E

    Sprinter 2003 indicators & hazards no work

    Hi, I have a sprinter 416 cdi for some reason the indicators & hazard lights have stopped working. The van has been stood for quite some time. All other electrics are working. They were working fine before. I can hear the relay click when I operate the hazards or operate the stalk for the...
  4. standupking36


    hi all i've just treated my self to a 2006 320, im having issues with the rear indicators not working & the display says trailer stop lamp not working & there is no trailer attached!!! anyone with ideas?????????
  5. S

    2006 Vito 11CDi - problem with indicators

    Left side indicators dont flash when activated - console lamp flashes and clicking can be heard at double rate for left side - bulbs and wiring round the bulbs are ok as far as I can see. Seems like a trivial problem but without wiring diagrams and locations for the left side indicator...
  6. paddingtonfire

    W123 No Indicators

    Morning All, Basically my indicators and hazards have packed up. The fuse is ok, I've swapped the hazard switch, and has been suggested to me it could be the relay in front of the gear stick may be the culprit. I'm waiting for one to arrive. Does anyone have any other advice or ideas as to...
  7. D

    W211 Stero, indicators, lights, parking sensors etc..

    Hi ive got a W211 2004 E320CDI. If i leave the car for a couple of days then the stereo will not work (MB logo appears then goes out). When this happens the parking sensors go off every minute or so, the indicators some times miss a flash, the passenger sidelight flashes, the interior light...
  8. Shiznmatt

    2009 w204 indicators

    Hi all, hope use have had a nice easter, my 2009 c350 indicators are becoming a pain, when I indicate right they flash left when this happens the wipers & screen wash don't work, this only happens sometimes but is rather annoying when it does happen. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. F

    R107 - 1986 500 SL indicators and hazards

    All Had a tyre blow go yesterday on the M25, and stuck the hazards on while I was replacing the wheel. Driving into work later, noticed I was getting some honks and a couple of nice hand gestures and realized the indicators were not working. Quick check of the fuse map, and everything else on...
  10. M

    W163 Indicators wont flash when locking car

    Hi Guy's, Before you jump on me, I have done a lot of research on this, there are clearly loads of posts on this forum and others about similar symptoms to mine but no clear solution. So here goes. My car has been fine from the day I bought it (last October), recently I noticed that when...
  11. I

    Indicators dont flask 98 slk 230

    hi i have what appears to be a very common problem. here is the story so far. i took out the K40 relay and had an electronics engineer look at it and he said that it doesn't look like it had any bad solder and the contacts between the relays all seem to be ok and the springs move so i...
  12. S

    SLK R171 Wing mirror covers including indicators in Obsidian Black

    Had these sitting the garage for a long while. Original wing mirror covers from when I upgraded mine to facelift ones. Come with indicators - were working fine when I took them off the car (don't have car still to test). Have cleaned them up a bit but have a few small marks as you would...
  13. L

    C270 mirror indicators

    Hi I have a C270 2004 and when I close the door mirrors it says I have a fault and the indicator bulb goes off. However when they open it comes back again Suggestions please
  14. L

    C270 mirror indicators

    Hi, I have a C270 2004 and when I close the door mirrors it says I have a fault and the indicator build goes off. However when they open it comes back again Suggestions please
  15. N

    no lights, indicators or wipers? wiggle the relays

    Just thought I would share this. Had failure of all the electronic functions listed above on my vito 639. I went by the local benz dealer who said it was probably a new control stalk needed and directed me to the local benz commercials place. In desperation i had a poke around the fusebox and...
  16. B

    No Indicators, Central Locking, Windows, wipers

    I'm stumped. Maybe someone here can help with my S202 C200 kompressor. Everything worked one minute and the next, no indicators, central locking, windows or wipers. The car still drives fine and the key is new. Normally, there is that whirring sound when the electronic key is inserted but now...
  17. B

    2003 111cdi indicators not working

    no o/s indicators not working dont even come on with haz lights or wen lockin i dont know where relay is. help please:
  18. paddingtonfire

    W123 Windows, Brake Lights, Indicators, Fuel and Temp Gauge... gone!

    Morning All, Whilst driving last night, number 12 fuse, (8A one) blew, and upon replacement went straight away again. I wasn't able to run any tests, chiefly because of the weather, but I wondered if anyone may have an idea of where to start with checks. The only possible thing I thought of was...
  19. M

    Wipers stop when indicators are on..

    As title. Had this strange problem tonight. Anyone had any experience of it?
  20. TudorKing

    Only left side indicators flash on lock-unlock.

    Hi, I purchased a 1997 C180 Classic yesterday and have noticed that only the indicators on the left hand side flash when locking or unlocking. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I should start looking please.
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