1. R

    Door mirror indicators not working.

    Both of the door mirror indicators in my w215 do not work. Everything else works on both sides and I have discounted broken wires both in the mirror housings and to the door control modules. The leds themselves work because I have tested them with a battery. I don't think they need to...
  2. S

    500SEC...use indicators as side light..

    A it possible to have the indicators constantly on, like the US versions? Obviously not for use while driving, but would be a nice to have feature... Cheers Shyam
  3. Eee21

    ML W166 LED Indicators

    I want to if possible change the front indicator bulbs to LED so there crisper , brighter and i think more up to date. Has anyone done this if so with which ones and how do you get to them. thanks.
  4. R

    Indicators stopped working... both mirrors. In January I rebuilt (as you do) the seat switch modules found in each door. It was a simple job which required all plugs to be pulled off to allow the switch block to be removed. All went well except that on reassembly the left side indicator no longer worked. I wasn't...
  5. S

    Mercedes w204 wing mirror indicators

    Does anyone know how to remove the led indicator from the wing mirror of a Mercedes w204 2008 pre blue efficiency, it is the old style which was on the first 2 years of production. Cheers
  6. E63AMG

    Rear indicators

    I know they're not everybody's cup of tea, but I like the AMG GT indicators. The Audi style where the LED starts on the inside & goes to the outside. I've got a 2014 E Class with rear LED lights, does anybody know of a mod or can it be coded in? Thanks in advance. Nige.
  7. W

    Rear lights and indicators not working, front all OK

    Hi all, hopefully this is something simple. My 51 plate C220 CDi automatic has recently developed this issue. It is pure luck whether the rear indicators and lights come on - the front set are all fine. Sometimes the indicators flash when the car is unlocked using the key fob, and other times...
  8. W124newbie

    W124 indicators not clicking inside

    Hi guys, Just recently the indicators have stopped clicking inside the cabin when flicking up or down. They still flash and externally are still working. I had this problem last year and from memory I think that they weren't flashing either, so I replaced the relay with a new one from...
  9. F

    Left Mirror, Turn Signal

    Hi there, I have a 2007 C Class (W203) and I received a message on my dash saying "left mirror, turn signal" and when I use my left turn signal, it flashes/clicks quicker than usual. But when I get out and check it, it works perfectly fine. Additional info 1: the outside plastic of the turn...
  10. C

    Indicators, Wipers & Screenwash Come On Together

    Hi, My 2005 W203 Coupe has developed a wiring fault. When I indicate to turn right, the windscreen wipers turn on, and the screen wash squirts out until I cancel the turn signal. It only happens when the engine is cold, for the first few miles. I hope that somebody can suggest what the cause...
  11. S

    w123 200 tow electrics, brake - indicators?

    hi question 2 the tow bar electrics seem a little odd, they are factory fit as far as i can tell, i suspect its some kind of USA spec thing, but the indicators light up with the brake lights, they flash when you start indicating,, i spent ages messing with the little plugs in the boot , but...
  12. M

    w124 amber indicators

    w124 front and side indicators needed.
  13. T

    1995 sl320 new owner indicators?

    Morning all, Hope you are well. My '95 sl320 has been fitted with white front indicator lenses when I think originally they would have been orange? If this is the case would someone kindly sell me a pair? Thankyou...
  14. C

    W202 C180 Indicators keep blowing the fuse

    Hi, well title says it all really, this is wifes daily driver and has started to blow no1 fuse the 7.5 brown one every 3 or 4 days. Not sure if something else is triggering this issue but wife says she has not used any other instruments..wipers or anything that could cause issue. I know the...
  15. M

    R129 Indicators no longer available!

    WTF!!!! My SL60 AMG indicator popped they do.. Mercedes no longer supply!! How can that be. Rang all aftermarket suppliers and no one can get them.. Found some on ebay... no brand listed... not happy about using aftermarket parts but seems like no choice. my little rant of the...
  16. V

    Indicators problem

    HELP - can't see what the problem is. Indicating Right is fine. Indicating left: it flashes twice as fast as normal and the front bulb (built into headlight) doesn't flash. Are these two problems related ? thank you car is a 2001 W210 estate:dk::wallbash::confused::doh::eek::dk:
  17. M

    Mirror Indicators

    Hi all, I have a fault on my W203 and am hoping some kind person can give me some information. it is the Mirror Indicators. First I had a fault message saying left mirror indicator was u/s but it was still working. I could live with that as it was one or two presses of buttons on steering wheel...
  18. A

    No left indicators and issues with central locking so far

    Hi all, My name is Paul and I am looking for some help with a 2004 Viano, My inkling is its the Sam unit but just to be sure I am not missing anything, the vehicle has no left indicators and some issues with the central locking, sometimes works of the buttons some times it doesn't. Anyway...
  19. B

    ML320 W164 Rear Indicators

    I got a warning stating that my off-side rear indicator had a malfunction. Checked the bulb, all ok. I cleaned up the bulb holder, tried again and it worked, however the near side indicator was now not working. Checked the near side bulb, all ok. Cleaned the holder and still not working...
  20. E

    R170 SLK230 Indicators stop flashing infrequently

    I have been putting up with the flashers/indicators occassionally stopping working. The hazards still worked. I have known for some time the problem was assocaited with the Illumination module in other words the headlight switch control unit as if I tapped it they would often start working...
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