1. T

    Wing mirror indicators not working

    Hi All, I have recently found out that the offside indicator in the wing mirror is not working on my 2010 B-Class W245. There has been no "bulb blown" warning on the dashboard, I assume it was working at the MOT in March. I have done a search and found a thread which referred to a "How to"...
  2. markm730

    indicators on wing mirrors...

    My 04 c230k has indicators on the mirrors. Daft question here but are they supposed to flash when you use the indicator as normal when turning?? They flash when locking and unlocking the car but not when turning. Cheers
  3. J

    w202 powered side mirrors with indicators built in

    well i got these a couple of years ago with the intention of retro fitting them onto my 1998 w202 but ive decided to keep it with the stock look. i have NO idea what they are worth so was wondering if anyone is interested they could make me an offer on them. im happy to post them out.
  4. B

    2008 sprinter with no indicators

    Hi all iam new and don't wish to upset anyone. I have a 2008 sprinter 311 that has lighting and flasher problems Its been fitted with a new body .iam looking for wiring diagram .can anyone help
  5. B

    Indicators and Wipers not working

    Please help have 2003 reg c180 classic saloon. All of a sudden when the car is started the wipers or the blowers don't work but when in ignition the wipers do work but not the blowers or the indicators. Bottom line is when the car is switched on the blowers. wipers nor the indicators work ...
  6. C

    In car Electrics melt down!

    Hi there, I'm a newbie and have a C Class 180 Kompressor 2007. Owned the car from new and has been perfect. I have had for 6 months an electronic problem that Merc can't solve and I'm over a £1000 out of pocket for the trouble. I will be driving as normal then the indicator will start...
  7. MB James

    Viano: Water in mirror indicators

    Hi there, I have moisture in the wing mirror indicators on both sides. Anyone know how to dry them with/without removing the indicator cover. I have a 2011 Viano Ambiente. Cheers
  8. C

    W209 LED indicators

    Anyone ever got led indicator bulbs to work in their post 2005 Merc? Love to get some that work in the back of my CLK
  9. R

    W204 Intermitent rear indicators

    Hi, Am having a massive problem with my W204 C200 Sport. Hopefully I can find the answer on here. Faults: 1. Rear left/rear light indicator bulb failure. 2. Radio cutting out intermittent. 3. Blow fans cutting out intermittent. (when this happens windows do not operate, if I turn off car...
  10. B

    Last night rapid flashing indicators. Battery Flat

    Following from another thread (Dreaded rapid flashing indicators) I tried to get into the merc today with the transmitter and NOTHING. Battery is now stone cold flat. Obviously somethings been drawing current overnight, but after the initial problem when locking up ie indicators rapid flashing...
  11. B

    Dreaded rapid flashing indicators after locking

    Guys, Havent had my Merc long S320 2000 year/model. It appears I have an intermittent issue which I believe relates to a bad Alarm Horn. When I lock the doors using the remote, the indicators flash rapidly after a couple of minutes. Sometimes they do this as soon as I lock the doors. And...
  12. superjaz1

    W210 LED indicators

    Hi, Hoping someone can help. Has anyone successfully changed their W210 indicators to LEDs? I bought these 2x 18SMD LED BAU15s PY21W 581 CANBUS Indicator Light Bulbs Amber off-set pins | eBay which arrived today. Tried one in the O/S front and it didn't work, so thought oh maybe its the LEDs...
  13. Seamster15

    W124 Front Indicators - Free

    All, Free to any long standing member 250+ posts - Front indicators from a W124 CE, I guess that they may fit a saloon/estate also. Note one has a small chip in the corner. They are originals just sitting on Depo boxes. Collection or delivery via forum members preferred. "] [/IMG]
  14. S

    W208 Parking LED Indicators

    Hi, Since having my windscreen replaced, I have noticed some marks around the LED parking indicators. As my car has the mushroom / cream interior it looks like the plastic paint / coating has come off revealing the black plastic underneath. Are these easy to remove / replace. Are they...
  15. T

    R129 Crystal Indicators

    Hi Looking into changing my front side indicators to crystal indicators as advertised on ebay - see link. I have enquired about them and they say they are made by Depo. would appreciate your thoughts. SET OF CRYSTAL CLEAR INDICATORS FOR THE MERCEDES SL R129 89-01 BRAND NEW & RARE | eBay...
  16. M

    usdm look on the merc cls (amber indicators)

    Hi guys, just wondering if it is possible to have the usdm look on the cls, those who are not sure what it is. basically the amber indicators staying on permanently. someone said this can be done by star but not too sure? any thoughts? cheers
  17. jimmyca69

    Brake pad wear indicators

    Quick query, might be stupid question but thought i'd clarify - bought some genuine MB front pads from ebay from Stratmerc and also some read pagid ones from ECP. Noticed in some threads it mentions the need to replace the brake pad wear sensors when replacing pads. Checking ECP site they only...
  18. sym

    W168 A Class dodgy indicators!

    Hi All Help needed please - summary of problem : Indicators on 2003 A Class intermittently signalling opposite direction - Windscreen wipers also intermittently freezing until engine switched off and restarted. Control stalk has been replaced by independent garage, windscreen wiper...
  19. C

    Big mistake: Bought OEM LED tails from Germany W204 red Indicators!

    Hi, I dont know what to do here, I stupidly bought a set of oem w204 facelift tails from Germany thinking they would be German spec. I installed them, all went nicely and then bam, the indicator leds are USA red, I was shattered.:mad: Any ideas on what I should do. MOT fail I presume and the...
  20. B

    strange problem with indicators

    Apart from a host of other faults I am trying to repair som really strange stuff has started happening. I'll try to explain as best i can. this is a 2000 C180 w203. if i indicate left when I have my headlamps on then all the left indicators work but with an intermittent 3 fast flashes of...
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