1. W

    Anyone interested in a W126 420SE?

    Hi Gang, Anyone interested in a nice W126? A friend on mine has a 420SEL that I'm going to probably be selling for him :) He bought it from someone who he knew, who's father had passed away. It had prior to this had a good overhaul of the ignition system - new EZL unit, leads, cap and...
  2. jeffwebb

    Olympics, are you interested?

    Are you interested in the Olympics? Personally I think it's a nonsensical waste of money at a time when we are all tightening our belts and is an ego trip by our "great leaders", not to mention the disruption they will cause. I'm sure there will be other opinions :rolleyes: but would be...
  3. P

    more interested in the old gear ;)

    Hi everyone, in short - I am Patrick, I am a big fan of Fintail Mercs and I am currently restoring my W112 300 se swb (always looking out for spare parts, please contact me if you have any) my daily runner is a W220 320 CDI but I would choose the old classics from the new ones anytime. this is...
  4. Gucci

    Interested in Falconry

    Slightly off topic, but I've always been interested in Falconry. I walk through Trafalgar square and see the Harris Hawk being flown to deter the pigeons. Stunning birds (the hawk, not the pigeons!) Anyone here a falconer or know a good falconry that I could visit? Thanks :thumb:
  5. npuk

    Anyone interested in a remap?

    Angel Tuning are offering a £50 discount off their list price in April and a further 50% discount on a second vehicle remapped at the same time. If I get mine done would anyone be interested in having their car done at the same time? We can split the total cost to have both done and it will...
  6. James Rothwell

    Would anyone be interested?

    Would anyone be interested in a long weekend run to Stuttgart? We could go via Nurburg. Whilst in Stuttgart we can check out the MB museum, the AMG factory, the Porsche factory/museum, the TV tower and there is an old schloss. If anyone is interested I don't mind putting together some...
  7. J

    Grab a classic, anyone interested?

    Classic cars discovered in barn - East Anglian Daily Times Anyone still got any spare cash?
  8. C

    Anyone interested in the wet handling day? Could do with some more numbers, let me know.
  9. M

    Anyone interested in this 16 - 18 May 09

    Short notice I know but Martin and I are taking a long weekend to Shropshire and we are staying near Whitchurch in a 5* self catering accommodation. Please see this link Luxury self-catering cottages in Cheshire & Shropshire UK We have hired all the cottages but there are 6 places left. The...
  10. EDZ649

    Thought you might be interested in this!

    I have bought a couple of AMG gear shifts from this guy, they are excellent quality and he was very helpful. Delivery was quick too! Appoligies if it has been posted before.
  11. A

    Anyone interested in a GTG in or around Notts. or maybe a trip out to the East Coast.

    Im in the middle of Nottingham. Anyone interested in maybe going out to Skegness or similar? Just an idea, or maybe there would be a chance of a GTG at Wollaton Hall or similar. Regards, Andy
  12. M

    Interested in a B Class

    Hi Folks Just wanted a bit of help prior to trauma that can be negotiating with dealerships! Having done "some" research, the B class appears to be an option for my next car which I wish to purchase in the next couple of weeks or so. Ahead of any visits I would really appreciate any hints...
  13. vijilants

    Anyone interested in these Mercs ? - Barons Auction 21st Oct

    In case anyone is interested, these Mercs are up for auction on 21st October at Barons: 1960 Mercedes190SL-Ground up restoration-Outstanding-Ivory-£29000-32000 1984 Mercedes 280SL-From large Private Collection-New MoT-£3500-4500 1983 Mercedes 280SL-Fine example of the 107SL-Both...
  14. R

    For those interested in the 320 diesels

    Scroll down the page and you will find links to fully illustrated PDFs detailing the OM648 in-line and OM642 V6 engines:
  15. ADY1983

    Anyone Interested In the W124 Carlsson kit??

    This post is just to see if anyone would be interested in all the Carlsson kit I have? Most members will be aware of the kit and how good it looks also how rare this is. This fits the W124 CE, I guess it should fit saloons too. This is the kit for those who have not seen it...
  16. D

    Interested - C240 Elegance Auto 1998, 68k FMBSH

    I've found the following vehicle for sale. How much would anyone pay for this vehicle? If I was to buy and keep it for 6 to 12 months, add about 2,000 miles, would I affect the value or would I be looking at zero depreciation considering these cars are get rare? Thanks! C240 ELEGANCE Auto S...
  17. columb

    Linux- anyone interested?

    Hi everyone, I wonder if you are interested in Linux? It is alternative operating system, which is FREE and actually really nice :) You might have heard this before :) I'm happy to answer any questions, help you out setting up you computer etc... Before...
  18. NW_Merc

    Would pupsi be interested? Or are these not aggressive enough? I dunno if they're a staggered set up
  19. Ian B Walker

    Anyone interested?

    Yet again Brand New Item for sale. Drivers door card from an R230 SL Grey leather covered with handle and other bits already fitted. All that is needed is the airbag. Pm or email me with your offer.
  20. A

    Quite Interested In This. What do you people think of it...?
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