1. CLSMark

    Steve Jobs

    Why? But, why not.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. flowrider

    R230 SL500 preventative maintenance jobs

    So after a search of many weeks i will be collecting my R230 SL500 on Saturday. The car is already in excellent condition but being 12 years old (50k miles) i'm sure it will need some TLC here and there. What are the recommended jobs that every new SL owner should be doing? I know the boot...
  3. T

    1995 R129 sl320's jobs.

    ...some pictures revealing new correctly coloured indicator lenses, the ctek easy charge installation and lovely new fuses replacing the old tarnished one's...
  4. T

    New 1995 R129 sl320's jobs...

    ...well today saw me complete the following jobs at my local Indy; #diff oil change #new steering damper, old one was shot,floppy as wet string! #new front roll bar bushes x 4; old ones were hard and well worn. All parts were very reasonably priced at my local MB dealer... Wheels go...
  5. B

    3.2 straight 6 jobs to do....

    Hi all Right, got a couple of jobs to do and picking guru minds, although don't think it's too bad. I have "noisy bearing and seized alternator clutch". Question is, it looks pretty straight forward without rad coming out but will i end up with scarred knuckles? Once done should i expect any...
  6. The _Don

    15 million UK jobs at risk from robots, warns Bank of England
  7. 219

    Dream jobs ?

    Following on from the 'what do you do for a living' thread , I thought it might be fun to post what might be our dream jobs . For example , I once met a gentleman who must have been the envy of many : he was chief whisky taster and quality controller in one of Scotland's best known single...
  8. E

    W204 Replacing Front Springs - Other jobs at same time?

    A front spring on my 2008 C220 W204 estate snapped whilst going over a speed bump (slowly!) yesterday. The car's a 2008 and just clocked 143,000 miles. Last week I replaced 2 rear shock absorbers after one of them developed a leak. It's booked in for 2 new front springs next week. My...
  9. P

    A few jobs after holidays

    Trusting all had a grear new year evening and the headaches are not too bad today? For us, Christmas and New Year over, 1300 miles completed and time for another service - 260k km on the W124 300D-24v now and a few extras due to be done. A superb car for the trip up to the North East of...
  10. The _Don

    Let migrants into UK to take jobs Britons won't do, says Domino's chief
  11. Palfrem

    nPower send hundreds of jobs offshore in time for Christmas Well, I've moved my account. Anyone else going to vote with their feet?
  12. 1945wickedred

    Just had service jobs done.

    Hi all ,just had my new front brake discs fitted which I got from EuroCarParts online,Pagid,and they are great,got the 25% discount.Also just had a new alarm siren fitted,this was from MB Southend,so now all is fine with The World and my SL is in fine form.:bannana:
  13. nick mercedes

    tax dodgers lead to 6000 losing their jobs?

    Comet: more than 6,000 jobs at risk | Business | The Guardian "More than 6,000 jobs are at risk as the troubled high-street electricals chain Comet teeters on the edge of administration. Comet, the UK's second largest electrical specialist after Dixons, has struggled to make headway as...
  14. T

    Some Jobs done on the Clk

    well today as soon as it was nice up here in Hawick I did a few jobs on the Clk,front pads as the pad warning was on,So I have fitted them today, My SRS light was flashing and the Airbag light next to the gear selector was on,after trailing the site. I saw that the little yellow plug could be at...
  15. The _Don

    Peugeot cuts 8,000 jobs to end losses, shuts plant

    Peugeot cuts 8,000 jobs to end losses, shuts plant | Reuters
  16. W

    List of unpleasant DIY jobs

    This week-end I'm re-felting the shed roof. The recent strong wind has pulled up a strip. Unpleasant DIY jobs no.1 because the adhesive smells, the felt tears too easily and the wind will generally be annoying. Unpleasant DIY jobs no.2 will be to climb on to the house roof and scrape off the...
  17. Mr B.

    what jobs have you done before

    what jobs has everyone done before i use to be a state trooper in the usa, now work as a doorman :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  18. blaser24nig

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Steve jobs dead.... Just heard this news and even though I have never met him but have read a lot about him and what a wonderful human being, just a shame that despite all the billions, he still couldn't be saved... MY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE...
  19. Z

    Mercedes C43 Crank Pulley and other jobs

    Hello all, I thought I would post a quick note up to see if anyone knows where I can get hold of a crank pulley holder for the job? I dont want to spend £100 on a tool! At the same time I have to do the TCU on the transmission and the the oil seals on the oil cooler. The oil cooler is...
  20. ironsheik

    Steve Jobs Resigns....

    Interesting.... But his health in recent times was not good... BBC News - Apple boss Steve Jobs to be replaced by Tim Cook
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