1. 5

    MB laser wheel alignment - alternatives?

    Hello all I wanted to get wheel alignment sorted on the E500 to make sure it's dead on. I am due to replace the rear suspension bushes and arms etc. so should I wait until this is done first? Also, MB charge £280-£320 inc VAT and anything else required - is this in line with how much it...
  2. M

    Best Laser Printer?

    Our club is looking for a Colour Laser Printer and could do with some recommendations. We print a 8 page colour magazine 4 times a year for about 50 members, ie about 400 sides, plus smaller runs of general material. What we hate most about our current Inkjet is that it has to be...
  3. mickday

    16 x NGK ILFR6A Laser Iridium Spark Plugs (55 V8 engine)

    I bought these with the intention of replacing my plugs at the next service I have since found having obtained my digital service record from MB that they were replaced a year ago so I will not need them. These are brand new and unopened. I thought I would stick them on forum before I put...
  4. G

    COMMAND NTG1 Laser Replacement SF-HD4

    Recently got myself a 2003 E320 CDi with the NTG1 COMMAND nav system and from the off it had trouble reading the DVD disc, sometimes working and sometimes giving the can't read DVD message. Did some research and realised the laser was failing so ordered a replacement from ebay (cost about £12...
  5. wongl

    Laser Brake Pad Spreader 5543

    Just received this tool today having ordered this on eBay (#271316165272) for the Princely sum of £34.19 including postage. Greatly discounted since the RRP is around £60. Fed up with a hand winding disc pad spreader I bought from Halfords a few years ago which never fitted the disc calipers...
  6. F

    Laser 4870 coil compressor kit

    on ebay, the Laser 4870 coil compressor kit: Laser 4870 Coil Spring Compressor Kit for Mercedes | eBay
  7. J

    Broken Laser on W204 2009 c-class Navigation - need new unit :(

    So I bought a shiny used black c class estate. I have been using for a couple of months now. Lovely car with 2.1 auto diesel. Anyway recently started to have a few faults. The second and most costly is the laser went so merc says it needs to replace whole unit at a cost of 2200 euros plus...
  8. J

    Laser printer recommendations

    I need a colour laser printer for my home office. Ideally I need duplex and half decent quality. Anyone any recommendatons, another forum (british farming forum) have suggested..... Lexmark C543dn for a dirt cheap price of £150. Comes with quite a bit of toner as standard by all accounts
  9. m2287

    Laser eye surgery

    Anyone else on here had it done? I had mine done yesterday with ultralase. Impressed doesnt even begin to describe...The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes from walking in to the building to walking out. 24 hours later and I have better than 20.20 vision!!!!!
  10. Stratman

    Free HP2600n colour laser printer

    Free to anyone who wants to come and collect it. A Hewlett Packard 2600N colour laser printer with built in ethernet. The black toner has just run out, the colours have 39% remaining. It won't print without a new black toner cartridge. It will come with the drivers CD, drivers for Windows...
  11. GordonTarling

    Panasonic KX-P7105 Laser Printer - FREE!!

    I have a used Panasonic KX-P7105 laser printer sitting here, which I'd like to get rid of. It's in full working order, but I can't find Vista or Windows 7 drivers for it, so it was replaced. It works fine with Windows XP. I don't want anything for it if a forum member is willing to collect from...
  12. W

    Another Laser Printer Thread

    We're looking at replacing the Samsung colour laser we have as the puser has went and although not a huge value in it we're looking at other models that may be cheaper on toner. The samsung does around 20ppm so we'd be looking at this level. I've seen a few HP's and the toners seem...
  13. M

    Colour laser printer advice?

    Am having real difficulty persuading local printing companies to bother with my print jobs. Just a simple print out of this type of pic... (that's a thumbnail of a full-page A4 pic) I presume my quantities are too low for them to be interested. Soooo, I'm looking at buying one of the...
  14. R

    W211 front overhead light console query: wiring for laser detector (worth it?)

    Hi, :confused: I have been fiddling around too long now and would really appreciate some help from an expert! Can anyone please advise me (w211 late 2004): - 1. How to safely remove parts of the overhead lighting / auto-dim rear-view mirror console to get to the wiring? 2. What would be...
  15. Gollom

    £150 off Laser Treatment at Optical express!!!

    As previously posted, Suzy Cute had this done about 2 months ago and has not looked back since! <weak pun :p> She loves to death the freedom it gives and would thoroughly recommend it! Especially liked being able to jump in the pool without worries when we were on holiday :rock: She has just...
  16. Gollom

    Laser eye surgery at Optical Express

    Suzy Cute had this done on Thursday and wishes she had had it done years ago! No fuss, very short recovery time - went to a concert last night and the fact that her sight is now 20/20 increased her enjoyment a lot! It cost her £790 all in. If anybody is still a touch nervy feel free to drop a...
  17. Spinal

    Free: Brother 1660e b/w laser printer

    Howdy! I just bought a new colour printer making my old one redundant. It's nothing fantastic, just a basic black & white laser printer. The toner cartridge still has some life in it. It has a network card, but requires configuration via telnet, so not for the light hearted. Free to...
  18. Meldrew2

    EPSON laser toner for C900 / C1900

    My laser printer has just died, and although there is a replacement on the way, it takes different toners. :mad: So I'm left with a shelf full of toner.:mad: To fit Epson C900, C1900, Minolta 2300W, 2300DL, 2350EN. Paid £30 or so each - I'll sell at £20 each - post £5 for any quantity...
  19. television

    COMAND laser pick up repairs

    I see that there 2 firms on Ebay Germany that fit new lasers to the COMAND 2, 2.3 unit from 89euro. And up to 179 euro for Later E class. All with 12 months guarantee
  20. stats007

    Laser Magician

    Pretty cool :rock:.
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