1. E

    throttle valve actuator seals leaking oil.

    Engine oil cooler in our ML250 (reg 2015) was found leaking oil. When the car was brought to the dealership additional problem was diagnosed. Namely "... and also found the throttle valve actuator seals also leaking oil" I am not a mechanic, but what oil should be doing near throttle valve /...
  2. T

    leaking injector seal

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 E220 Elegance. I managed to diagnose a leaking injector seal (aka the black death) and got it replaced and cleaned up at Cambridge Injectors (Stuart was brilliant - would recommend). However it still has the horrible coal like smell inside when I have the blowers on...
  3. E

    Leaking soft top

    Hi has anyone got any suggestions I have the CLK320 soft top and it has started leaking, drivers side roof where it meets the windscreen . Has anyone else had the same problem? Any suggestions who would be able to fix it ? Would it be a trimmer ?
  4. Robdata

    Iam leaking

    Had a quick look under my 2013 C63 and found this leak. Cant see atm where it is coming from really. Looks like if the pan lid is sweating. Anybody else had this problem yet?
  5. J

    Leaking boot seal on 2008 350SL

    Am new to the site but have just bought the above. Have read that there was a problem with leaking on the metal roof but was assured by the dealer that this would not be a problem on this car and you would "smell " the damp if it was happening, and yes I know that you should never believe what...
  6. J

    Oil leaking from turbo

    Hi All, Noticed some oil spots on my drive last week so took the car to my local garage who have said that oil has been leaking from the turbo and running down into the tray under the front bumper. On disconnecting the hoses they also said there was some oil in the intercooler aswell. Car was...
  7. A

    Injector seal leaking nearest to the bulkhead

    Hello I have a 55 plate 270 clk cdi & the injector nearest to the bulkhead is leaking which I presume will be the copper washer that needs replacing. I am wondering if there are any problems I may come across when changing the copper washer? It has not been leaking for very long so there is not...
  8. N

    OM651 - Engine out INJ Pump Leaking

    So, what fun and games this pile of sh#t OM651 engine is providing. The Injection pump appears to be leaking underneath from some sort of gasket, has anyone had this? Does anyone have knowledge they would like to share on removing the pump? I've whipped out the engine as it's impossible to...
  9. BlackC55

    642 engine oil coolers leaking

    Hi, Just somthing to be aware of. We are replacing a huge amount of oil cooler seals on this engine at the moment. Its a 9.6 hour job to do, so can make it a few quid to fix. The symtoms are oil drips around the bell housing area. They can leak a horrific amount of oil and cover the underside...
  10. S

    W639 Viano Rear Side Window Leaking

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience of a rear, side electric window on a W639 Viano / Vito not sealing correctly? I park on a slight incline and rain water pools in the bottom front corner of the window seal. The seal has been replaced but the problem is still occurring! Can the window...
  11. th3h1ghlander

    Fuel pump (HP) renewal C270 w203 (borked and leaking)

    Morning all, tried starting the old gal during the cold snap on Wednesday night, she would turn over but not start. Tried about 10 times until I could hear the starter motor labour with less battery power. Called out RAC home start and while the chap was checking battery (suspecting glow plugs...
  12. N

    Hot water cylinder leaking.

    This a.m. was watching the F1 race when I noticed a slow drip coming from the ceiling light fixture. Investigated & the 1200 x 450, vented, indirect at least 20 y.o. hot water cylinder has a slowish drip leaking from the cold water intake. All looks a bit crusty & it seems it's been going on...
  13. S

    Leaking back hatchback

    Hi,I have got A180 year 2009 There is water in the boot part ,I think the rubber around the hatchback is at fault. Is this common with this model. And how much will it cost to put right Thanks
  14. brucemillar

    Leaking into trousers

    It's time to get this into the open - no pun intended. Why is that only when wearing light coloured trousers I manage to leak after visiting the loo and re-assembly? This never happens in dark trousers. No. Only in light trousers and where there is an audience. Last week, there I was...
  15. D

    2012 E Class coupe - leaking roof

    Hello I purchased my March 2012 E250 couple with panoramic roof from MB Manchester in July 2015. So, 9 or so months old and covered under their used car warranty for a further 3 months. The car has been with MB for 11 days due to a leaking and creaking roof. They've done various water test etc...
  16. S

    SL 350 New owner leaking in

    Hi everyone, Well after 5 days of owning it and i have a water leak issue. First leak from the A pillar where the roof meets the windscreen, i did a bit of research and it says try silicon on the seals or use the MB SEAL cleaner and sealer which i will go and get this morning. Second one is...
  17. SANJP

    W212 e350 cdi - oil leaking - suspect crankshaft oil seal ?

    Hi All has anyone had this issue on there E350CDI ? All of a sudden Had a breakfast bowl size puddle of oil on drive the other day , took to a friends garage stuck on ramp and he suspects the gearbox will have to come out and reckons its the crankshaft oil seal !! Madness on a car that's barely...
  18. Gaz-M

    2012 Vito 122 Sport-X Power Steering Fluid/ Leaking Past Rack Seals..

    Well after a long huint I bought a 2012 Vito 122 Sport-X, and Im loving it bar this problem that just arised at the weekend past. After a week of ownership and a few hundred miles, last weekend I got the very obvious power steering pump noise when its low on fluid. Luckily i wasnt far from a...
  19. M

    c250 turbo leaking oil

    Hi M8s just bought a 1996 c250 turbodiesel wagon for a cheap price. the engine has a smooth sound and is strong, no smoke, no noises, but on the turbo area is leaking oil to the ground. anyone has any idea where it can come from? thanks
  20. K

    leaking servo

    hi everyone I've just discovered my servo is leaking at my at brake pedal I have a 58 plate c180 sport auto iv booked my car in to Mercedes Hamilton is this a costly fix
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