1. lisa110rry

    Compare legal drink driving levels in the UK with Illinois, USA

    Hello folks, I'm going 'home' in June for a walk down memory lane in my Uni town and home town in Illinois in a month or so. Tonight I've been trying to check the legal drink driving level in my home state, but I'm confused. The Illinois level is 0.08%. The U.K. level speaks of microgrammes...
  2. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  3. BIRMA

    SL 63 Oil dipstick levels

    Having now discovered that the engine oil dipstick is at the rear of the engine after me thinking that it was for the auto/MCT box I am having difficulty working out what is the correct way of checking. There are three little plastic type markers on the dipstick and I'm assuming that the level...
  4. S

    Transmission Fluid Levels

    Dear All, I understand that ATF levels in automatic gearboxes are important and that they should be measured with the engine running and at particular temperatures. I also understand that accurate temperature readings can be obtained using the Star equipment. I was wondering if there was "a...
  5. E270 Owner

    Sand Dust levels in London area

    Hi, is it me or are increasing ? It dont seems to matter if its raining or not the sand/dust deposits are getting worse and its really abrasive too. I have 3 black vans out the back of the yard they were cleaned 2 days ago and now there's a thick pile of dust on them. A yellow green and black...
  6. A

    C180 ATF Levels

    Hello all this is my first post here. My friend has W203 C180 Kompressor (in Jamaica) and she's having problems with the ATF leaking from around the gasket. She needs to replace the gasket but it is quite a long drive to the MB garage. She's asking how to top up the ATF so she can drive it...
  7. Bobsta

    Possible to adjust Xenon levels on C-class / C63?

    Hi folks, Sorry for posting in the General forum but I could do with an answer on this ASAP. My '09 C63 is in for its MOT right now. The testers are saying the light beam is slightly too high to pass and needs adjusting down. They claim they can do this for £11.95. I was under the...
  8. Palfrem

    Global warming and rising sea levels

    So how does this pan out then? BBC News - Undersea mountains march into the abyss What about "rising sea levels"??
  9. Chris Akabusi

    New found levels of incompetence. Trains. Rubbish.

    Thought i'd share my story from the weekend with you all, as i still can't quite believe what i heard. Me and Mrs Akabusi spent a few days in London last week, due to return to Sheffield on the 17:55 from London St Pancras. We boarded said train and at about 18:20 an announcement was made...
  10. Mr Squirrel

    Wrong on so many levels

    Over the last few days, i have been stripping my old 'street machine' (A 1987 Skoda Rapid, dont laugh, i loved that car) from many years ago as i have finally decided to get rid.... Anyhow, i removed all the 'valuable' stuff for resale to other Skoda owners and today as i was 'sorting' the bits...
  11. M

    MAF sensor affecting emission levels

    Hi, Does anybody out there know if MAF sensor can affect emission levels on a diesel Thanks:mad::confused:
  12. 7

    ATF levels 722.6

    Hi, does anyone know why there is a level for cold ATF (10-20mm) and a level for hot ATF (54-64mm)? Does the ATF expand when it gets heated or is there another explanation? The reason I ask is that I drained my gearbox and torque converter when they were hot. I measured the amount of hot oil...
  13. K

    a class auto box levels

    I an having problems with my 170 cdi autobox. Bit jerky on changes esp on change down. Looked at the filler tube with MB garage only words on it. HOw does the garage check the fluid level? Would low oil cause jerky problems? Thanks
  14. uumode

    Trim levels

    Classic = entry level Avantgarde = sports Elegance = luxury Esprit = ?
  15. R

    C320 Oil Levels

    Hi guys, This looks like a great forum! I have a question about my first Mercedes, a 2000 model C320 which I have had for 1 week. Today I took it out for its first long motorway trip and after about 40 miles, a warning message came up about the oil level being too high. I immediately...
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