1. D

    ultra rare mercedes 300 sel 6.3 pullman engine lhd for restoration

    Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3 W109 | eBay
  2. clk320x

    Can you adjust CLK Xenon from RHD to LHD

    Is it possible to change the beam from RHD spec to LHD spec on a 209 with Xenon's? I read somewhere there is a lever somewhere but it was a pretty **** explanation Cheers
  3. P

    Mercesdes Sprinter RHD to LHD conversion

    Looking for someone to carry out conversion of 07 or newer Sprinter vans from a RHD to LHD. Suggestions and recommendations please :)
  4. B

    1999 clk 230 LHD headlights

    Hi all , i wonder if anyone has a pair of lhd headlights for my rhd clk 230 , i will be driving it down to Spain later this year and there it will stay , so need some headlights so it will pass the Spanish M.O.T . Thanks in advance Bruce
  5. markjay

    LHD E240 R-reg - gauging interest?

    A friend has the above (petrol). The car belonged to his father who dies 15 years ago. It has since been driven very rarely but apparently kept serviced, MOTed, taxed, and garaged. The car was brought over here from Germany in 2000 and registered in the UK on R plates so I believe it is 1997...
  6. S

    LHD floor mats in a RHD

    Hey guys, Im thinking of buying these floor mats for my W209. The issue is that they are LHD oriented. Will they fit in a RHD car? Has anyone tried to do so? Thank you...
  7. Abb

    Lorinser CL 600 V12 LHD

    Ouch my eyes.........:eek: VERY RARE MERCEDES CL 600 V12 FD1 LORINSER EDITION LHD CL55 PX SWAP | eBay
  8. V

    £55,000 C63 Black LHD on auto trader

    Superstrada motors have a red C63 BS for 55K. Seems extremely cheap considering cheapest RHD is circa 79K.. Not ideal for UK but cheap. Saying that, does anyone know the laws on importing cars from UK to UAE?
  9. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  10. CraigRoyK

    W163 ml500 lhd

    Hi all, As above, I'm looking for a left hand drive ML500 W163. Cosmetic condition not really important. I.e, can have rust issues, etc, but ideally should be sound mechanically. (Or relatively sound mechanically), and price commensurate with condition. Would also consider an ML55 LHD...
  11. B

    Buying a A45 AMG LHD in the uk?

    Hi Guys, A friend wants to buy an A45 AMG in the uk (lower prices) But it needs to be a LHD. Does anyone know this is possible? And which dealer can do this? with BMW it's a simple option you can select.
  12. I

    LHD W124 including DIY seat covers + years supply of BBQ meat

  13. D

    e220 barn finds on ebay one lhd one rhd

    lhd spanish registered 1995 MERCEDES-BENZ E220 CABRIOLET AUTO LHD - BARN FIND - FUTURE CLASSIC | eBay rhd with free coupe for parts Mercedes w124 convertible / cabriolet | eBay
  14. C

    Lhd headlights

    Hi ihave a 1999 sl320 want to change headlights to LHD. can they be adjusted or do i need to buy complete new lights?
  15. michaelk3289

    R129 SL500 LHD 91000klm

    Hi all just wondered about your thoughts on this. Any idea on price
  16. jonnyboy

    w124 estate wanted - LHD diesel

    As per title, a very good friend is after a 124 estate diesel, must be a left hooker, has up to £3k but projects considered of course!
  17. Mrhanky

    S211 E55 blue 1 owner 39k miles -hell of a price tag for a LHD

    Rare estate in a rare colour, shame they had no taste on the interior. 2005 55 MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS 5.4 E55 AMG 5D AUTO 470 BHP | eBay
  18. 5

    F/S - 1992 MB W124 500E - Porsche Built LHD

    Putting a feeler out for my 92 500E if anyone is interested? I am off to Dubai shortly and will not be returning for the foreseeable future. I was due to park up the car with a view of driving it whenever I came back for holidays but I'd also consider selling it if someone really wanted one as I...
  19. N

    merceds fintail heckflosse w110 190dc auto kombi estate1962 lhd very rare diesel

    merceds fintail heckflosse w110 190dc auto kombi estate1962 lhd very rare diesel | eBay There's less rust on this than on many a 202 or 210!
  20. Palfrem

    LHD Mercedes 300CE 3.4 AMG

    Mercedes 300CE 3.4 AMG | eBay Nice car - but £20K - really?
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