1. S

    2005 CLS boot liner

    Anyone got one lying around or know where I can get one?
  2. swannymere

    (S)W124 estate rigid plastic boot liner.

    In OK condition with a repair and a little damage but will still do a job of protecting your carpet. Free to a good home, no post just collection from SO32 2QZ near Winchester.
  3. T

    E class Estate (W210 ) MB Boot Liner ( Hard Shell )

    W210 E class Estate (2001) MB Black Hard shell Estate Boot Liner No reasonable offer refused keeps your boot floor and sides clean on trips to tip Nice accessory for someone keeping their W210 in Tidy Order Boyd
  4. D

    C Class Estate Boot Liner

    Can anyone recommend a decent full boot liner/protector for a C Class Estate MY 2017. I've seen some on eBay for around £60+ but that's more than I want to pay. Thanks.
  5. D

    Boot liner for new C Class Estate

    Will be taking delivery of new C43 AMG Estate sometime in January and will probably need a boot liner. Assume Mercedes option will cost a fortune can anyone suggest a supplier of this type of accessory, perhaps Ebay?:thumb:
  6. D

    CLA Boot liner

    Genuine Mercedes CLA saloon boot liner for sale 6 months old like new.£25 no offers can price delivery if interested located in South Wales.
  7. C

    Roof Liner

    Hi All My first post so here goes. My 2012 c class had its windows tinted when i bought it. The roof liner has always hung a little low at 1 side (driver side of the reverse sensor indicator) and its been bugging the hell outta me. So tonight on further inspection there seems to be 2...
  8. L

    W211 boot liner

    Could any other W211 owner let me know if there is a panel that fits under the rear shelf (inside the boot)? Mine just has the metal shelf showing and I just wondered if this was the norm. Many thanks. Tony
  9. Sanke

    W205 Interior Boot liner

    Hi all, Am trying to remove the liner on the boot panel on my W205 and the plastic clips are doing my head in. They arent the ones that push in the centre or pop out. They are kind of flat with 3 slits in them. Any idea how to remove them? Or is it just a case of a little brute force? Steve
  10. M

    roof liner

    Hi All I have just removed the steel bulkhead from my w639 vito (2010). And I now realise that I am going to have to find some new b-post trims that go all the way round the b post as mine finish early to accommodate the bulkhead that was there. Im guessing this will be simple enough to...
  11. D

    S211 e class boot liner

    I'm after one of these, with sides not just the base but I can find very little. Hatchbag don't do them and there's nothing on eBay. Anyone bought one recently?
  12. poormansporsche

    W202 AMG Wheel Arch Liner Plastics are they same as standard W202 ???

    Alright good peoples, My front wheel arch plastics are smashed and ive chucked them in the bin but ive since discovered that I have, what im assuming are AMG brake cooling pipes (HWA part number on them) which connect to the inner arch. Does anyone know if the standard inner arch plastics...
  13. edstrom76

    Becker unit, S204 boot liner and ContiSport tyre for sale

    Just chopped my S204 in for a new chariot and these are surplus bits. Listed on Shpock under user name edstrom76.
  14. RH2013

    Mercedes Child seat with chip + boot liner and tray.

    Black child seat. 18 months old. Good condition normal use. £50. With the chip that allows it to be used in the front seat. (Turns off airbag). CLS shooting brake rhino boot liner (black) £25 CLS shooting brake boot tray (black) £20
  15. ChrisEdu

    Boot liner and cargo net for S210 E-Class estate

    As I no longer have my S210 estate, I have for sale my Mercedes brand deep boot liner and the cargo net. Asking £30 for the pair, collection from West Sussex. Net is in perfect condition, as far as I can tell. The boot liner is in good condition - barely used, just a few little scratches. Photos...
  16. I

    floor mats and boot liner for RClass

    I'm looking for some floor mats (the cloth ones, not rubber), and boot liner (a rubber one) for my R Class (LWB). Anyone point me to some good retailers? There are lots of online places, but it's hard to determine quality (and in many cases, fit) from websites for this. Also, what's longer...
  17. WDB124066

    Cleaning A124 Hood Liner

    Been playing around with a vacuum steam cleaner, looks promising so far. Although it's hard to get an absolute even finish I can see it's an improvement. After twenty years of grime buildup it just takes time and patience to remove - at least it is possible without having to replace the liner...
  18. Palfrem

    Pond liner

    Afternoon chaps, I have a pond that has a few leaks in the butyl rubber liner caused by bamboo roots. The roots have been eliminated, but I need to patch the holes. I've lots of liner to hand, but was wondering what the best adhesive is for sticking the rubber. I'd thought of cycle...
  19. M

    A208 Soft top liner

    I have a 2001 CLK A208. the soft top liner is damaged where it joins the rear window, so I've got another one to replace it. I went to change it yesterday and then realised this is a more complex job then I thought, it looks like you need to remove the whole soft top to do it. Has anybody any...
  20. D

    Boot liner for S203

    As per title, looking for a boot liner for an S203, ideally those tub-type ones that come up the side. Thanks.
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