1. dddooommm

    Mercedes s class s500 w220 silver low miles v8

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz S CLASS W220 fully loaded★★★ ★ Long Mot ★ Low miles ★ Immaculate car ★ FOR SALE: My Dads Powerful immaculate S500 Petrol with lots of factory extras! Long Mot, With Low Miles & Finished in Mercedes brilliant silver Sheer Mercedes quality when Engineers made...
  2. bob6600

    C43 Estate low miles

    Mercedes-Benz 4.3 C43 AMG 5dr
  3. A

    Rear suspension sitting low

    Help! My 2005 E Class 320CDI Advantgarde Estate was being serviced yesterday. It was up on ramps. It didn't return to its normal ride height and is sitting very low at the rear. The front looks slightly higher. I'd guess as the rear is low. Any ideas?? Please don't say expensive!!! Thanks
  4. D

    W211 Estate - Car Too Low - Pump runs for only 10 secs when car is started

    W211 Estate 2003 airmatic front and rear - Car Too Low - Pump runs for only 10 secs when car is started. Car dropped almost to bump stops at rear and wont rise. Front is fine. Both sides dropped to same level. I did find the pump connector wasn't in great shape but thats now good. Pump looks...
  5. merc85

    Sterling cars Auction e55k low miles

    Its back again 04 MERCEDES E55 AMG KOMP 5.4 V8 469 BHP, MEGA SPEC, FULL SAT NAV, BI-XENONS ETC | eBay
  6. J

    Very low car

    Hi, thanks to this forum, i solved my own problems today, so I wondered if maybe someone has fixed my next bug bear. I can't access my driveway and its making me mad. I need to know if anyone has lifted their w203.016 higher off the road. Is there an heavier car than the diesel CDI270, cos...
  7. merc85

    Black Low miles e55k

    Someone on here was looking for one, cant remember who 04 MERCEDES E55 AMG KOMP 5.4 V8 469 BHP, MEGA SPEC, FULL SAT NAV, BI-XENONS ETC | eBay
  8. T

    Low price oil at Asda

    £13 for 5lts. MB229.31 and 229.51 spec, fully synthetic. Fill your boots. Well, maybe not your boots.
  9. D

    W213 Low Oil Pressure Warning

    I have the above error message appear very intermittently over the last few weeks, the message been "Engine Oil Pressure Low. Stop Engine immediately". The car has been to the dealer and no faults are logged in the ECU and the engine oil levels etc are where they should be. This is worrying as...
  10. B

    A140 Juddering at Low RPM and Loss of Power?

    Hi, I've got a 1995 A140 1.4 and recently the car has started juddering severely at low rpm. Even when i start the car something sounds seriously wrong like theirs not enough power going to the engine, the car is struggling up hill and even when i pull away from idle it's really slow but once...
  11. J

    w211 e55 amy low bhp dyno results

    I recently had a cat delete and c63 back boxes fitted to my car i also run a 172mm crank pulley with belt wrap kit and eurocharged map. My dyno results came back as 455bhp at the engine this can't be right can it?
  12. AMGeed

    Bi-Xenon headlights aim too low?

    Got an MOT fail today for both Bi-xenon headlights aiming too low. Checked if they "self levelled" when turning on and they don't.:fail Checked the (adjustable) airmatic level sensors and they are working fine and not broken and I have a Star diagnosis booked for tomorrow morning at...
  13. J

    W163 ML270 Low fuel light & "pinging"noise from around fuel filler

    Hi Folks, I have a couple of oddities that I wonder if you can help with. First is that the low fuel warning light does not come on. I know this as the car ran out of fuel completely a while back and it had to be recovered by the good old RAC. The gauge works fine, it's just that the low...
  14. gr1nch

    Mercedes thefts encouragingly low .... in Germany

    "Although Mercedes Benz is the third most common car on German roads (9.4%), it is only the 12th riskiest brand to own per number of cars insured." :bannana: Rather interesting website this, with mostly Sales info - 2015 Germany: Most-Frequently Stolen Car Brands and Models - though nothing...
  15. K

    Possible EGR issue due to low power

    Hi Guys, My w203 C220 CDI 2004 is having a few issues with power, as such it feels like the turbo isnt even working. If i fully press the accelerator it doesnt change gear nor does it speed up a great deal either. However after being sat in traffic for 5 to 10 minutes it suddenly appeared...
  16. Ultrarep

    Fault code P0102 MAF circuit low!

    Hi all Started getting the EML light on and read the above code with My code reader on ipad, and changed the MAF for a new one from Euro car parts. Car ran fine with no loss of power on the old Maf and still runs fine on the new one but he EML came back on today a whole day after the new MAF...

    Can anyone beat this for low milage tyres

    Can anyone beat this for low milage tyres Test date3 February 2014 Test Result Fail Odometer reading 5,417 miles MOT test number 4162 0483 4062 Reason(s) for failure Nearside Front Tyre has a cut in excess of the requirements deep enough to reach the ply or cords (4.1.D.1a) Advisory...
  18. R

    B3 service - low circuit coolant replacement

    My e250 w212 , 2011, blue efficiency is on 155,000 and due b3 service just rang Oxford Benz and they want £980 for service, i had the transmission fluid changed two weeks ago when the electrics went in the gearbox ( £980) and i changed the antI freeze about 2 years ago after replacing top...
  19. T

    W211 E270cdi temperature too low??

    Collected my new (to me) E270 yesterday and was surprised how low the temp gauge was. The outside temp was about 14c but the engine temp gauge struggled to get above 80 on the 200 mile drive home. It was warm and sunny and for 1 1/2 hours on the M6 it was stop go. Later I took an hours rest...
  20. S

    1998 e300td auto box surge at low speed

    Hi guys I have a 1998 E300TD estate with an Auto box. Recently I have had a problem which I think comes from the gearbox. When I am driving through town the car seems to surge almost like the gearbox has decided to change up and then decides to change down again straight away. Just like a manual...
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