1. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 11th Dec - Xmas Lunch

    It's been a while since we last got together at MB World, and even longer since we last gathered for Xmas Lunch. The plan is as usual for these events; to gather at MB World at around 11:00 - discuss cars in the car park - retire to the showroom for a quick warming coffee and inspection of...
  2. C36fan

    GTG christmas lunch

    Though we could do a Christmas lunch and I'm willing to organise it . There's a nice Brazilian restaurant at O2 arena where we could have a nice meal and share some mercedes enthusiasm between us , so I want to know who is up for it? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. Rashman

    Sunday lunch?

    Sunday looks like it may be a pretty nice day. May well get the car out and take a drive somewhere. Maybe south bound. Anyone fancy some lunch somewhere?
  4. Rashman

    Toying with the idea of a drive & lunch this sunday...

    Thinking of perhaps another visit to the Squirrel Inn, in Battle. I'd really prefer to have my decent, lighter wheels on for the drive... but they gritted the roads the night before last and it's not going to rain for a while now - so there will still be salt all over the place. :doh:
  5. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Meet-Up & Lunch 15th Dec ?

    Suddenly found I have next Sunday free and haven't been to MB World for a while .......... anyone fancy a meet up next Sunday and maybe a spot of lunch? Add your name if you fancy it ....
  6. R

    Where for Lunch in Covent Garden (on a Tuesday)?

    Hi, Looking for something we'll remember by the end of the year, so I'm not wasting my cash! It's my girlfriends birthday. Somewhere with some atmosphere at lunch would be good. So here's the shortlist, all in Covent Garden. cafe mode Cafe Mode restaurant in 57 - 59 Endell Street, London...
  7. davethemus

    broke down on my lunch break.

    broke down on my lunch break. advice needed at lunch time today the car was workin' perfectly, once i bought my lunch i jumped in the car to make my way back to work, when i sat in the seat the clock and mileage were all showing as normal. when i put the key in too start the engine, nothing...
  8. The Boss

    This is a good start for my Lunch!

  9. K

    GTG Sunday Oriental Lunch

    The place I have in mind is Oriental City in Colindale NW London, as it has a large food court with food stalls around the outside and a large seating area in the middle with a great selection of food from South-East Asia; stalls offer Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese...
  10. A

    Spotted this when I poped out for lunch

    Its a poor picture taken off my phone, have to say it didn't look like anything special at all and more people were looking at the quad bike parked in front?? In fact a colleague I was with said it looked like a big passat... Now I have to agree certainly outside it didn't make me think...
  11. blassberg

    Wife's nose put out of joint during Solent Lunch GTG

    him - enjoying drive back from Port Solent Lunch G2G :bannana: her - driving home from work when two busses came to an impasse. One reversed to make way.... onto her bonnet.... :crazy: We're insured thru Asda - who are requesting MB Solihull to collect and provide a courtesy car.
  12. blassberg

    Lunch GTG 27th July Port Solent !!

    12:15 Restaurant selection TBA So Far Blassberg (Charlie) C320cdi Hawk20 S320cdi Television (Malcolm) SL + chrome fins Please keep this list up to date in replies - thanks
  13. anarchy-inc

    nearly lost my lunch . . .

    when I saw this; Why do people ruin perfectly good classics with wheels like this?
  14. SilverSaloon

    What Time Do You Have Lunch At Work?

    I i need to figure out approx what time is the main "lunchtime" break at work in the UK........ can as many of you fill in the poll please?! i assume your lunch is 30 mins or 1 hour, but its the STARTING TIME that i need..... thanks! thanks for your time.
  15. Limited Edition

    Imagine leaving your office for lunch and seeing this...

    Only in America! :rolleyes:
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