1. H

    Almost new OEM parts for M111 engine

    Not used for more than 100 miles or so! Someone might as well make use of them. SKF water pump £25 Litens belt tensioner, gates pulley & SKF shock £25 Bosch coil packs £15 each Lemforder engine mount £20 Also have some new W202 saloon dark grey aftermarket floor mats, they are pretty decent...
  2. W

    M111 engine lack of power issues.

    Hi Chaps, I have a C200 Estate 2001 w203 the engine is the m111 1998cc supercharged version. When I purchased the car last year my top speed was in excess of 135 mph and I could easily overtake another vehicle in 3 rd gear with ease. The car could really get up and go and was a magic car to...
  3. H

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  4. H

    W202 M111 big oil leak!

    C180 1997 A pool of engine oil on the undertray after a long drive! I know the front right corner of the HG is seeping a tiny amount of oil (it has for years) but can a head gasket really leak this amount without any other ill effects? It drives fine with no HGF signs. It's hard to...
  5. T

    M111 leaky cam magnet - Repair or Replace (if so where to buy)

    Morning, My W202 C200 with the M111 has a small oil leak from the wiring plug outlet of the cam solenoid magnet. I am a DIY-er at heart (with the backup of a mechanic for a sibling). I have seen a couple of threads with pictures where people have just re-sealed the cam magnet unit (have a...
  6. B

    PMS ignition Module Siemens / Bosch in W124 E200 1995 M111 Engjne

    Hola seniors and to all Merc owners I need to understand what is the main function of PMS system in some of the W124 series/years. And what are other components related to this PMS unit. How to ensure life of this PMS unit prolong ...do and dont's. Is PMS better than HFM equipped...
  7. B

    W202 2.3 Kompressor M111 High Idle (Fixed)

    Recently bought a Mercedes C Class 1996 230 Kompressor with a high idle and wanted to share my experience as I believe I have fixed it (long term/temporarily). I had a constant high idle (around 1400rpm no matter what temperature), checked all vac pipes, air intake pipes, etc, even changed...
  8. C

    W203 M111 headrest drop and headlight leveling inop

    Hi, I have a 2001 W203 C200 Kompressor with M111 engine. The rear headrest release and headlight level adjuster are inoperative. Since both systems run on vacuum I think they are the result of a single failure somewhere in the vacuum source. Can someone spend a little bit of time...
  9. V

    W203 M111 changeover valve vacuum lines

    Hi guys, another newbie here :) Firstly, I have to say a special thanks to the members of this forum, I have find a lot solution for my car previously. :) Unfortunatelly, now I am freeze ... I am looking for a connection diagram for my vacuum lines, which comes from the change over valve, part...
  10. T

    w271 or M111 e20

    Hi folks I have a 2001 200k and was wondering what engine type it is. It has a red top (very technical) and I'm led to believe that the M111 was in very early 2000 cars and succeeded by the m271? Thanks Rory
  11. M

    m111 o

    I am looking at fitting a 230 kompressor to my c124 in the next month or so. Now I have a few questions.... Where is the oil sender located in a w124 230 Where is the water temp sender normally located in a w124 230 How far is the front of the engine to the rad in a w124 230 Also what...
  12. F

    P0101 code on m111 c230k

    Hi, Last year I was getting p0172 code on my 2003 C230k coupe. The thread on that issue is here http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/172868-p0172-code-m111-c230k.html In November I had the car serviced, and I was told by the same Merc specialist that resolved the p0172 code, that it needed a...
  13. R

    M111.960 Unknown Cable

    Hi, I have a M111.960 (W124 E220) with a badly worn cable that I have tried to trace but for the life of me cannot find where it goes or comes from. I've searched part numbers, but the only ones available were on a generic connector which is used throughout the car. Does anyone familiar...
  14. M

    M111 Engine

    I need to purchase a second hand engine. I currently have the M111982 variant, which I believe was the last variant they did which had a little more oommph. Looking around I can see several variations of the engine, so wondered if anybody knows if the short engine will take my engines...
  15. andavaka

    CGI turbo manifold into M111

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the turbo manifold from a W204 C200 CGI will fit my W203 C180 n/a M111 head. I believe the CGI is a M271 engine.
  16. S

    M111 cold start issue

    hey guys, i have a W124 E220 '94 , i'm experiencing cold start issues when the engine is cold (first couple of starts at the morning,or fist start in a certain day), it would start at first crank but thats not the problem, the idle is very low and tends to make the engine stall, first second it...
  17. T

    E220 M111 clunky rattling noise

    Hello all Couldn't find this exact problem elsewhere on the threads - have the above noise on initial acceleration/throttling/moving up through the gears (automatic). Tends to stop once in 4th, with the odd rattle at cruise speed. It's done 170k and I'm concerned it may be the timing chain...
  18. M

    M111 and M112 Advice - (C and CLK 1997-1999)

    Hi Guys Recently I have been tempted to buy a W202 Facelift (1997-1999) or C208 (1997-1999). But before this I wan't to know some background about the engines and their reliability and any known issues/time bombs. So could anyone please advise on the reliability, issues and time bombs in the...
  19. T

    M111 Recirculating air flap. Where are settings stored ?

    Hi. I have a problem with my recirculating air flap. Car throws a fault code every week or so (happens on 1st start up in the morning - car jerks a bit when starting up) and the car idle becomes lumpy and the throttle goes off, in the sense you need more throttle to get same power - car feels...
  20. T

    Recirculating Air Flap M271 and M111 Interchangeable?

    Hi. Does anyone here know is the Recirculating Air Flap for the M111 (230Kompressor) and the M271 are compatible and interchangeable ? I need to change mine on the M111 and found that in the US, the M271 one runs for about US$290 only. Thanks
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