1. Iddy112

    Auxillary Battery Malfunction

    Hi guys, Just had the auxillary battery malfunction light in my E63. Its a 2014 W212 on 21k. Anyone had this before? Is it just a case of replacing the aux battery in the boot? If so any recommendations of a good quality replacement that will stand the test of time? Thanks in advance Iddy
  2. F

    Auxiliary battery malfunction

    Hi all, I'm in France at the moment, had a message displayed today saying that the auxiliary battery had malfunctioned. As far as I can see, the only problem seems to be that the eco stop/start isn't working. I've had a look on Google, and I don't think it's exactly an emergency, but can...
  3. S

    Code 1628 - front indicator malfunction

    Hi. W215 2003 CL600 Every now and again the front left indicator malfunctions (dashboard indicator flashes rapidly and external bulb does not light up) and I get the dashboard warning sign. It's very intermittent. I've had the bulb and associated wiring checked and given the all clear...
  4. J

    Airmatic "Malfunction" message

    Have occasionally had this pop up though the suspension seems to be working fine and it isnt dropping when left, or at least not by a huge amount, no more than it ever has done. My dad has a generic ODB2 code reader and tried using that to get clues but it didnt find a single code, is it that...
  5. Greenberg84

    S212 Facelift Auxiliary Battery Malfunction

    Hi Guys, Do any of you know the location of the Auxiliary Battery on a S212 Facelift E350 2013? And whether the Battery is a N 000 000 004 039 or a A 211 541 00 01? Photos or Documentation would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Chris.
  6. A

    P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

    Hi All, I bought Mercedes C 180 Bluefficiency 2011 (40,000 miles) almost 7 months ago. The car drives okay, no power loss everything is in good condition - I was very happy till yesterday. Few months ago engine light came up, and then it went away by it self second day. And then again...
  7. M

    W211 ABS EPS defective fixed, but still malfunction

    Hi all, my S211/W211 E240 -2004 started to show these in autumn, on and off: ABS, EPS defective, Service brakes. Later became constant. On top of that Brake wear in Winter time. Autel MD802 showed P0500A, left rear speed sensor/wiring fault. Changed it, noticed a damaged ABS/ reluctor...
  8. W

    C350e Malfunction

    Yesterday when doing a round trip from Northampton to Manchester I had two instances where "malfunction" and two little cogs appeared on the display and lingered in the messages section for about 5 minutes before disappearing. It reappeared for a third time as I was approaching my house and also...
  9. S

    Restraint Sys Malfunction, ABS Run Flat, Cruise Control & SPEEDTRONIC inoperative

    Hello, I'm a New member and Just got a problem with my AMG c220 cdi sport Blue-efficiency 2012 When i turn on the Car below error display on my dash * Restraint sys malfunction consult workshop * Abs inoperative * Active bonnet malfunction * Run flat indicator inoperative * Cruise...
  10. K

    Park Assist Malfunction

    During a recent parallel park manoeuvre using park assist my car looked like it was going to reverse turn into a space, then change its mind and ran straight back side swiping the car behind! The speed of the reverse was quicker than my reactions to prevent a collision. Only slight panel...
  11. P

    w204 Air bag Warning - Fornt right malfunction consult workshop

    C220 cdi w204 002 My engine was running while i was cleaning the air vent with air con cleaner, some foam spill over to the back of the driver's seat. Bought a icarsoft i980 on ebay but it did not have the airbag reset option for my car, anyone can suggest any reset tool that can support...
  12. Alex225

    E320 W211 Malfunction

    My E320 CDI keeps giving me the error - "Electrical Consumers Switched Off" Now I had this earlier in the year and put it down to a knackered battery which I have since replaced and all has been fine. That is until I've cut down using it day to day so mid-week only 1 or 2 days then on and off...
  13. O

    W204 Airbag Malfunction?? Warning light

    A month a go or so it only appeared once , now it comes up and goes of randomly a few times a day. What's the problem people? Any ideas? Bad sensor? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Peter103

    Auxillary Battery Malfunction?

    This message appeared when I started the car today, any suggestions as to why? Its my E 350 9 g Coupe,
  15. mariuss

    ESP malfunction

    Hi I have this message on my display ESP MALFUNCTION visit the workshop. I must say I have replaced the upper and lower arms bushings front suspension, coz of this my steering wheel has been in a wonky position for some time and that message came on. it's there any way of resetting this...
  16. Was1

    Auxillary battery malfunction

    This warning message has popped up on my e class, can anyone help with what it is??
  17. D

    Clk w208 battery drain and BAS malfunction

    Hey. Hoping someone can help me on this as it's doing my head in! A month or so back I had an issue with the battery going dead if left for a few days. I discovered this was due to the boot light staying on whilst shut. Fixed this, no issues for a month but then this week it started again...
  18. T

    B170 stop start ECO system malfunction

    G'day All, My B170 is coming up to 7 years old and has done just over 30k miles, mostly short trips. Until recently the ECO mode would restart the engine successfully, if needed, but the ECO stop/start system has now started to misbehave in that occasionally when in stopped mode (e.g. at the...
  19. M

    ABC Malfunction

    Ahhh i got the bloody ABC malfunction message last night. It was in orange, apparently the red one means you cant drive the car. Drove it straight to the trusted indy lets see what they say. What i wanted to know about ABC is how unreliable is compared to airmatic?
  20. M

    CLS '06 - Immo malfunction?

    Hello everybody, I had an electrical issue with my CLS recently. I opened the car, got in, tried to start the engine - nothing happened. So I turned the key back to the position 0 and tried to start it again. However, the key was stuck and all the electronics in the car went off. Not even a...
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