1. mercmancdi

    Map Sensor in inlet manifold advice please

    I am working on 06 freelander with the BMW td4 4 engine , if I plug the map sensor out of inlet manifold while engine is ticking over and after plugging Sensor out it makes no difference is this a sure sign sensor is not working. I joined a land rover site but advice is very thin on the...
  2. ACID

    First V7 Eurocharged map at MSL Perforance

    /JXeVjUa9z6w Our first V7 tune for a Mercedes C63 making some impressive figures. Stock: 361 Whp 425 Bhp 362 Wtq 427 lb/ft Tuned: 425 Whp 501 Bhp 395 Wtq 466 lb/ft For further info or to book please call 0121 772 4455
  3. mpc

    What's the latest NAV map?

    I have a 2011 plate S204 C250 and the current installed map on my nav states 2011 (V4.0) EUROPE. What is the latest map I can install on my satnav?
  4. =Stretch=

    Becker Map Pilot update 2017

    £80.00 download for Europe and the entire estate I live near in UK is still not on the map. WTF! Come on why bother.
  5. JohnEclass

    W205 Map Update

    Hi all, Just had my C300 serviced at main dealer, asked for maps to be updated while in, they said yes ok. Got the car back, noticed hand written note on service paperwork saying Nav DVD ordered... I did not think the W205 used a DVD for the Maps?... I might be wrong anyone know if they...
  6. S

    Comand map

    Looking for current upto date comand map update disk Not sure which disks i need... Cheers
  7. J

    C220 2014 Estate - COMAND Sat nav map updating

    Evening folks. I've got a 2014 C220 Estate (June). I called the main dealer yesterday about upgrading the COMAND Sat nav maps and got quoted £100 which seems a bit excessive to say the least considering the price of Sat navs now. Anyone have any more cost effective solutions? Much obliged for...
  8. M

    Map Updates for ML320 and ML350 (W164) Advice Needed Please

    Hello Everyone, I need some help before I contact MB, so that I know I am asking the right thing :-) I have recently purchased an 2010 ML350 and a family member already has a 2006 ML320. I think the map updates are about £150 from MB, but I cannot find the command model on one of them...
  9. Ultrarep

    Second Map sensor location

    Hi all Am working through an intermitant mil light that flags pressure sensor low And think that after replaceing a failed Maf ( the mpnew one came with a new MAP too) that the second Map sensore now needs changing. Can anyone advise where the second on is? The car is a w211 2004 320cdi...
  10. D

    Free Map Updates - well, almost!

    There was a previous thread about problems downloading the free map updates on the W213; most people seemed to get stuck at around 66% completed. The solution was to go to Mercedes Me, and download the updates onto an SD card. This worked for me last time. I've just noticed on Mercedes Me...
  11. B

    Map Pilot - Alternative Route

    Not long taken delivery of a C350e, and am struggling to understand the "alternative route" function on the Sat Nav. This pops up messages fairly regularly which I assume are suggesting an alternative route due to traffic congestion. I cannot seem to find out how to actually accept these...
  12. Davycc

    Members Map

    Nearly at the 50 members mark, anyone else fancy joining, costs nowt, takes 2 mins and you never know just how close you may be to another member :thumb:
  13. T

    Eurocharged V6 Map initial thoughts

    finally jumped the gun from v5 to v6. Start-up still the same i didnt request cold start delete as i love my neighbours. in manual smoother through the rev range although it occassionally hesitates. On sports plus full wot acceleration isnt working as planned it hesitates and on downshifts it...
  14. S

    Garmin map update

    My update has been downloading for 5 hours, its now at 2% which is 360MB of a 16GB file I have a 70GB fibre connection so what the hell is it doing? And also how come a 2017 vehicle fresh from delivery from mercedes only has a 2015 satnav card in it! Also radio keeps saying device...
  15. M

    map pilot and dog guard

    Having sold my w176 A class to move back to a C Class, I have a becker map pilot for sale, asking £125 + postage, and a top quality travail dog guard, as new cost £100 asking £70 plus carriage. I'm based nr Lewes in East Sussex, text or call 07830 959666
  16. B

    COMMAND Map symbol

    On the map and nav displays on my E320 COMMAND system, there are lots of little symbols that I don't understand. Each is shown as a Red Cross on a white circle and there are lots of them. Does anyone know what they mean and how I can delete them ?
  17. markjay

    Becker Map Pilot for sale

    For sale: Becker Map Pilot navigation module. (the pic above is from the Internet) For more details, see here: Suitable for cars made between 2011 and 2015, but only if the car has the Becker Map Pilot pre-wiring...
  18. A

    Map update stuck - in-car and on macbook

    Hi. I'm a new user. The map update in my 2017 E220 has been stuck at 55%. I tried to do a manual update to SDCARD as I saw suggested on this forum. Using my MacBook, I set Flash to non-safe settings, and installed Adobe Air. With this done, I could get the DaimlerBenz downloader...
  19. C

    2014 SLK Fuse data map

    Hi Just got a 2014 SLK250 and want to wire my Dashcam to a switched fuse. Does anyone have a fuse diagram they could share? I had the dashcam in my E Class and the fusebox in the boot housed the switched fuses. All the fuses in the boot on the SLK seem to have permanent feed supply Thanks
  20. Davycc

    Members Map Pin

    Guys and girls, I've thought about bringing something to the forum that I introduced to another forum I'm a member on, LUFCTALK ok ok I know a sad Leeds supporter. Basically its a map to show the location of forum members. Adding your location to the map is easy just: 1. click on "add...
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