1. Baileyfizz

    Map update Can anyone tell me if these map DVD are safe to buy and install,thanks
  2. S

    New (to me) C63 W04 Coupe. Map?

    Morning all. I bought my 2012 Coupe three weeks ago and am loving it - apart from the fuel consumption! I've had various fast road and race cars over the years - on a budget - and most recently had a 964 coupe for 8 years that I loved, then an SLK55 AMG R171 for 5 years that was awesome fun...
  3. Peter DLM

    E63 with/without map and MSL.

    Popped into MSL on Saturday where the lovely Acid dug me out of a Eurocharged Watford induced problem. Top service as always, way beyond what anyone else would have done, thanks very very much Acid.:thumb: I also experienced an E63 BiTurbo with and without a map, and all I can say is "wow"...
  4. S

    Garmin Map Pilot SD Card Update v8 for Audio 20

    Last weekend I got the SD card out and tried Merc Download Manager to update check my map version and then update it. I left it running and first attempt it foroze at 25%. I then cancelled it and tried again. A few hours later it was stuck at 35% then cancelled again, resumed and this time 52%...
  5. I

    No Map displayed on Comand unit?

    Can anyone help... I have a W211 on 2007 facelift (E280 sport), the command unit will not display the map, it just shows circle with arrow in the middle, and the bars in the bottom right have none filled in (if you know what I mean, but this might be no phone reception). However the computer...
  6. CowleyStJames

    How to find Audio 50 map version

    Can anyone tell me how to find the map version on my W212 E class. It's not obvious on the Audio 50 unlike my C class Comand.
  7. B

    MB Map Pilot and the MB bullsh!t customer service support

    Car is a October 2016 registered C Class which I updated the Garmin Map Pilot software on 9th February 2016 with 2015 maps. Since then there has been no updates. A couple of times in the past I have phoned up MB customer support to complain about major motorway junction alterations and...
  8. Farmer boy

    2016 C Class map updates

    Hi, Can anyone confirm the latest Comand NTG5 map version. My car was built February 2016 and has 2015 2016 V7 Europe installed. The car goes in for it's A service next week and wish to have the latest map installed as the current map is outdated in several parts of the UK and Europe I know...
  9. S

    Garmin Map Pilot update

    So I have been trying to update the maps on my c350e - the SD card should be updated via the online system. I have logged in over the weekend and each time it says there is an update to the version 6 maps but then it fails to download and update them to the card. Today I asked the local...
  10. N

    E350 map update ?

    Just bought a 2011 E350cdi coupe . It has command system with fixed screen. Struggling to find out if my maps can be updated and how to find out what year maps are already installed . Any help appreciated .
  11. R

    Eurocharged map V5 - V6

    Anybody flashed the new V6 map on a W204 C63 with the my genius handheld? Other than small bhp gain and optional cold start removal does it offer any other improvements? Hoping the throttle mapping / sharpness will be smoothed slightly at lower speeds. It can be a bit snappy at times.
  12. K

    Command aps ntg 2.5 v13 map update 205/16

    Command aps ntg 2.5 v13 map update 2015/16 Original packaging, immaculate condition. I bought them new from MB dealer for my CLS. I want £80 including postage.
  13. Dannyallen89

    Becker map pilot for sale

    Hi due to selling my car I have a becker map pilot for sale looking for £170 ovno pick up newcastle upon Tyne or I can look into postage cost around the UK. I know very little about this apart from it cost me £240 8month ago I think it could be due an update for newer map roads ect. Sent from...
  14. Dannyallen89

    Becker map pilot

    Hi due to selling my car I have a becker map pilot for sale looking for £170 ovno pick up newcastle upon Tyne or I can look into postage cost around the UK. I know very little about this apart from it cost me £240 8month ago I think it could do with an update too. Sent from my SM-G930F using...
  15. Chrishazle

    NTG4 V12 2014/15 DVD's Map Updates

    Having bought these recently from member JBell on MBOA (no log-in required to view) has photos and which cars it is for (C >03/07, <03/11, GLK >10/08, <07/12 and SLS AMG >03/10) I have installed the update on my S204, so the DVD's are...
  16. wobbly

    Becker Map Pilot

    Becker Map Pilot M013 Assembly date 02/14 I installed the latest maps in September 2016 Only selling as I've had Comand installed. Perfect working order, with box and instructions. £250 posted
  17. adrianlobont

    Command Online 4.5 Map Update

    Hi everyone, I'm going for an A service at Mercedes Dartford in January and I just wounder how much will cost me to add a full map update to my E class coupe 350-TDI. The map I have is from 2013. Thanx
  18. wongl

    W169 NTG 2.5 Map query

    Does anyone know if there is a Hong Kong map for the W169 NTG2.5 sat nav? If so, can this map be installed on an european NTG2.5? Thanks
  19. P

    W213 COMAND online map update stuck on 66%

    So it's great the new version of COMAND can be updated offer the air, a good improvement over my old W212, but the first map update took ages to download (several hours driving) and is now stuck at 66% installing and has been for two weeks! Not a great result. Bit reluctant to reset system as it...
  20. S

    Becker Map module

    I want to purchase for my car, but see various Becker models on eBay. Does it matter what model is purchased? Do they automatically come with access to free online updates (even though I ma not the original owner)?
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