1. wongl

    W169 NTG2.5 Map Update Questions

    I am looking to purchase a used W169 NTG2.5. I was told that it currently has 2012 maps on it. I have read somewhere that updating the maps on a NTG2.5 may require the firmware to be updated first. Does anyone knows whether a W169 NTG2.5 with 2012 maps installed requires a firmware update...
  2. T

    egypt map for ntg4

    I have a ntg4 comand and i need to download a map for egypt, how can i get the map dvd
  3. BenzedUP

    AMG Sport Plus Map

    I drove my brothers car it's a C250 CGi AMG sport plus his is more responce, double down shifts and holds on to gear when cornerng, etc. wondering is there any way of getting that done to my 204 C350 AMG Sport? surely it's just a gearbox or throttle map? Thanks, Jo.
  4. Bear1987

    Re map c63 amg

    Hello guys My name isRob and I just bought my dream car yesterday.. C63 AMG coupe .. I'm collecting it next week and as a deal in my package they have offered to re map the car which they said will push 30bhp more and increase fuel economy by 10%.. I thought it sounded to good to be true? Just...
  5. B

    Supercharged Crank Pulley and Map

    Used crank pulley I believe to be 175mm to 180mm (To remeasure when it comes off in a few days). Available on it's own or as a mapped package.
  6. B

    Eurocharged Pulley and Map (Brand New) from Group Buy

    From Acid's group buy back in the summer. I brought the pulley, it is brand new never fitted with shims and boxed. Ready to go onto a M113K engine. Also has a full Eurocharged credit map that hasn't been used so all included. Can be fitted and mapped in North Yorkshire, or Acid's place...
  7. JohnEclass

    CD Changer or Becker Map Pilot

    Hi All, I have a 6 CD changer in the glove box, hardly ever use it, so seriously considering a Becker Map Pilot to replace it. It terms of desirability do you think the car is better with a CD changer or a Map pilot? I've read lots on here regarding the garmin / tom tom units being...
  8. D

    Map Pilot subscriptions

    Newbie question here, i have just bought the 2013 C220 AMG Sport Plus and want to buy the Map Pilot satnav. Ideally i want to use uk maps but don't want to be on a subscription plan. Is this possible please. Is there a similar alternative Any advise on Map Pilot would be helpful before...
  9. J

    MAP Sensor Mod. c250td and e300td

    I've done a MAP sensor mod to my C250TD that has improved low RPM torque. I thought I'd share it because it's a bit different to other ones I've seen. Background: The MAP sensor is used by the ECU to limit fueling when the turbo isn't spooled and limit boost when it is. I've seen some mods...
  10. paul73mt

    NTG4 Map Error

    I am running v10 on my NTG 4 and was just wondering if my map is wrong as at Stansted Airport there is bassingbourn Roundabout but on my map Bassingbourn Road it partly greyed out so mt sav nav routes me a different route. I was just wondering if some one could check the map n see if its the...
  11. Fergal Quinn

    Becker Map Pilot. No singal

    I'm driving W204 C250 2011. I purchased Becker Map pilot and fully installed all the latest up dates. When the car is sitting stationery it picks up singal and once I start driving it looses singal about 100m then it asks me to connect to last distention. Which is wrong.. Can any one help me...
  12. ckember

    command 2.5 Hdd map updates

    Hi All, I have just picked up my new CLS grand edition :D and noticed that the command is only at version 4, as it didn't qualify for the free 3 years updates and the dealer wouldn't update it for free :( Command online are out of stock of the correct disc at the moment :( is this the...
  13. M

    MAP sensor testing

    How do I test the MAP sensor on my W202 C250 without plugging it into a Star ?
  14. J

    W203 C220 CDI MAP Sensor location

    Can somebody tell me the exact location of this sensor. My car is running like ****, smokey, wont rev or drive properly. OBD2 showing MAP
  15. jonnyMercUK

    FOR SALE - Becker Map Pilot

    Becker Map Pilot for sale, has the latest software on. Comes with all original packaging and cable. Looking for £200 ovno. If anyone requires pictures just let me know. Thanks Jonny
  16. LTD

    A 'wow' weather map

    This is rather captivating Weather Map
  17. baxlin

    In defence of Becker Map Pilot

    I went to the Classic Car show at NEC yesterday, parked in E1 carpark. Law abiding chap that I am I set the satnav before setting off for home, and was most impressed that it placed me in the correct parking slot, AND knew its way out to the M42! Couldn't resist taking the pic.......... (I...
  18. B

    Becker Map Pilot Volume

    My Becker Map Pilot has suddenly got VERY Loud & I can't see how I can reduce the volume from it. Is it an Audio 20 setting or have I missed something inthe Becker Menus (The online manual isn't very helpful either) Cheers Ian
  19. pmcgsmurf

    W212 (2010) NTG4 Latest Europe Map Version ?

    Anyone know the latest map version for this? My 2010 W212 fitted with NTG4 has just come back from its last service under warranty. Went in with "Europe 6.0" and came back with the same which I thought a bit strange.
  20. S

    Becker Map Pilot

    Good evening folks, just wondering if any one has a Becker map pilot module for my 2011 C350 please, which they would like to sell? Kind regards Sanjeev..
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