1. Spice52

    C350 re map worth it??

    Hello Anyone had a C350 re map done? If yes what's your thoughts? The car is pretty rapid standard, but wondering if its worth it? Reliability is a concern through the gearbox / final drive , anyone had troubles? See quite a few on here say Celtic? are they the best ones? Thanks lots
  2. T

    V6 map UK?

    BLACK FRIDAY - (and EC Version 6 Info) - Forums do we have the v6 map over here yet? anyone tried it out?
  3. J

    Becker Map Pilot

    Recently purchased second hand unit, when it arrived I fitted it in to my 2014 B class, and it appeared to work OK. I was not familiar with the controls for it, so decided to remove it until I was more familiar, and I was going on holiday just back from holiday, and plugged unit in, now getting...
  4. R

    Map pilot replacement

    I'm now totally sick of the Map Pilot in my CLS and am looking at any possibilities to replace it with something which will integrate with the rest of the car before I resort to a tomtom on the dash. Main issue is that it insists on taking me down almost impassable roads no matter what I do with...
  5. ShaunB

    W204 navigation map updates

    How do these work from an update point of view. Say I buy a disc, and update my maps, what's to stop someone else using that disc to update their maps also? Just curious.......
  6. D

    2011 w204 map pilot help needed

    I have just bought my c220 which has a becker map pilot in the glove box. In my infinite wisdom I decided to remove it and update it. I initially did a back up and went through all the prompts. Until it got to the point where it asks you to press the reset button. This is when everything...
  7. dad4geer

    Disable map guidance instantly?

    So as most of you know I am new to Merc and still learning its different bits and bobs.. I normally use my iPhone as Sat Nav as recently it has improved so much that it gives you different routes with times by taking into account congestion etc. Yesterday though I decided to give my COMAND Navi...
  8. garno

    Interior passenger map courtesy light removal

    Majoring chaps, I am trying to replace the interior map reading/courtesy light in my 2010 W221. (interior lighting rear right passenger map courtesy Mercedes S-Class W221 A221820160) anyone know how to get the thing off? Thanks garno
  9. T

    Becker map pilot wanted

    Hi I am after a Becker map pilot MO54 onwards if anyone has one, Cheers
  10. M

    R320 cdi sport map or brabus or none

    hi guys just purchased 07 R320. its my first merc so dont know much about engines. been reading on here but too many variations on engines etc. basically wanting to know if a map or box is available? heard and read some negative stuff regarding the boxes.
  11. Gareth

    E280 CDI Sport (Celtic Tuning Map) Dissapointing RR result

    So I had my Celtic tuning mapped E280 CDI Sport RR'd today @ Surrey RR and I knew the 290bhp map was more than likely quite optimistic but was expecting a better result than what I got (I've had more powerful cars before and it certainly feels more powerful than 220bhp considering the weight of...
  12. russwagg

    Map Pilot

    Looking for a Becker Map Pilot for 2013 W204 / C204 Thansks
  13. I

    Becker Map Pilot

    Hi, There New to this Forum - having just purchased a 2012 C220 Sport AMG Estate. The previous owner has just forwarded to me the Becker Mappilot unit, but without the SD Card installed. As I cannot get the Navi to connect, I assume that it does need the SD card to be installed to operate...
  14. T

    Map Updates?

    Really sorry for posting this, but I've searched the group, Google, handbook etc., but I've had a heck of a week so maybe I'm not on full power. I have a 2015 E350 Cabrio. I tried to find out what version of Comand it has, but playing with it, it doesn't want to tell me! It had it's first...
  15. P

    Map discs 2015/2016 Version 13 NTG 2.5 APS DVD

    I have for sale Version 13 DVD map update discs for Comand NTG 2.5 Original Mercedes item, used twice and in perfect condition, no marks or scratches and in all the original packaging. Just uploaded to my car tonight and work perfectly. These are currently the latest maps, 2015/2016...
  16. BenzedUP

    Mercedes Backer Map Pilot

    Hi Guys, I heve one of these, running the latest 2016 maps - still in its box. £160 Delivered. Cheers, Joe
  17. R120

    W205 Map pilot Update issue (or not?)

    Hoping for some help - already searched the forums but cant see an obvious answer. Currently updating the SD Car from my 2015 C250, using the Merc Download manager. It successfully backed up the card, and is now doing the update, however over the space of the last hour the top right box...
  18. J0hn

    Becker Map Pilot

    A friend of mine has an A207 E class Convertible on a 62 plate, he has Audio 20 and would like to put the Becker Map pilot in the glove box, the connector is already there, I have read numerous threads and cant get to grips with the exact one for his vehicle, does anyone have the part number? or...
  19. jih2000

    Eurocharged map - Heat

    Hi, Just wondering how the v5 eurocharged map effects the engine heat e.g. water/oil temperature vs stock. I have a 2013 and see oil go roughly between 95-118 deg C when pushing the car. If the new map opens the throttle and releases more power assume temperatures go up more? Does C mode drive...
  20. W

    Becker Map Pilot - Wipe and Restore Help Please

    Really appreciate anyone's advice/help please I have a Becker Map Pilot in my Mercedes W204 that has suddenly stopped working. When I switch to Nav in the car, the map pilot shows the Becker logo, but continuously loops and wont load anything. I have tried to restore by connecting to my laptop...
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