1. clk320x

    Key marks

    Came back to car to find what appears to be key marks? Can't remember seeing them before :mad: Any advice to remove them?
  2. wu56Shoozz

    How to remove Livery Marks..

    ..Anyone?? My Van was liveried then all the decals removed before I purchased it, it takes a cracking shine but I swear to God, I think the previous owner has painted over the decals of his business, on the bonnet say, despite orbital buffing you can still see the marks of an "Electricians"...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    How to remove Livery marks

    ..Anyone??:dk: My Van was liveried then all the decals removed before I purchased it, it takes a cracking shine but I swear to God, I think the previous owner has painted over the decals of his business, on the bonnet say, despite orbital buffing you can still see the marks of an...
  4. ioweddie

    Handy Tip to remove water marks

    Had some water spots on my bonnet, tried most things but they were still there, did a bit of googling and found out that white vinegar diluted with 3 parts water, applied with a soft cloth, gently wiped over the area a few times, then rinse with plain water. Hey Presto all gone. you do have to...
  5. M.A.94

    Swirl marks - how to get rid of them

    As the title suggest my car is full of swirl marks, I tend to wash and wax my car at home, however recently due to lack of time I've been going to a local car wash and now i feel I shouldn't have as I've started to notice a lot of swirl marks on my bodywork, typically the bonnet, roof and boot...
  6. lisa110rry

    Bit sad, little rust marks can't be sorted

    Hello, member Chrishazle, on another forum answered my thread about giving myself a treat. He suggested a colour rectification thingy for swirl marks and a interior detail on my little car. Wonderful idea! But I thought it would be a good idea to have the little rusty spots sorted on my little...
  7. G

    White marks on MB Badge on alloys (images included)

    Hi all, Went out to the car this morning and noticed these white marks on the badge in the centre of the alloy wheels. Checked every tyre and noticed the same thing, all appear on the MB badge. I bought the car from an MB main dealer and have had it one month. They definitely weren't...
  8. I

    Scratch marks

    Sorry for yet another scratch related topic here, is there anything I can do to improve this further? Before: After: (Using G3 Scratch Remover Paste)
  9. L

    Engine Cover Oil Marks

    Hallo everyone wondered if anyone has experienced the same issue. Two weeks ago on my C63 I experienced some sticky stuff on the engine cover which I whipped off. Now two weeks later they seem to have returned and not sure what it could be and from where. Any ideas would be very appreciated.
  10. streethawk

    water marks on outer window trim

    Hi does anyone know of anything to remove what look like water marks off the gloss black trim at the bottom of the windows on my e320cdi sport. ? I've tried t cut and wd40 and polish and wax but it won't budge.
  11. R

    Window seals & black marks

    Sorry not an MB question but maybe someone can help. I work for a coach company & the coach paintwork is white, the problem we have is the window rubber seals create black streaks down the paintwork after its been raining. Slowly over time its beginning to stain the white paint. Is there...
  12. Hawkwind

    Water Marks On Glass (How to get rid of)

    As the title says. I'm not a 'Detailer' like some of you guys, but I do like a clean car and the rear window on my W208 convertible has marks from water on the outside. I've tried giving it a good scrub, to no avail, so I thought I'd ask the experts. The car is a 2000 model, so the marks have...
  13. zaen1

    what does the 3 blue marks on a spring mean?

    Hi,basically had the car jacked up today changing the wheels and noticed the 3 blue marks/lines on the suspension spring,this was on my c43, so i had a look on my c200 sport and on those springs was 1 blue line/marker. Can anyone tell me what this kind of marking is used for. Thanks in advance
  14. I

    timing marks on a 108d vito

    Hi guys Bought my vito 12myths ago and love it , it started smoking alot so did some digging the head gasket has gone between cam chain and cylinder one I have done a few head gaskets over the years but never on a mercedes so looking for the timing marks and any other things to look out for...
  15. A

    Best wax for not leaving white marks

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent wax that won't leave white marks if I accidentally over spill onto black trims/ rubbers. I know I can mask off areas but if I can help it would rather not. The car is a very dark blue almost black. Thanks Adam
  16. Dave Richardson

    Full marks to Inchcape

    Full marks to Inchcape for their good pricing structure & customer care.:rock::rock: I decided to buy a new pair of front wings for my car and priced them at £191 each + delivery from my local stealership. An e mail repsonse from Andrew Loft at Inchcape gave me a price of £171 each including...
  17. def90cars

    BBC Website in 'excessive use' of quotation marks!

    I've noticed nearly all the headlines on the BBC site have quotes in them. Most of them are "irrelevant" to the story. Is it to protect so they can say it was someone else's words not theirs? Also they seem to use the apostrophe rather than quotations marks.... or is my knowledge of grammar...
  18. WDB124066

    Removing water marks on glass

    I have some long standing water marks on the inside of the rear window on one of the Cabriolets that I'd like to remove. But, I do not want to rub hard on the inside of the window for fear of breaking the demist heating element on the glass. Is there a product that I can use safely for this that...
  19. V

    vito 111cdi timing marks

    Hi all, does any body have a diagram of the timing marks or the operartion to time my vito up, heads nearly ready to come of but want to get timing right before I do, bit short notice but its comeing of tmrw :doh: thanks in advance stu
  20. mbzclk

    Marks & Spencer £100 Gift Card

    Gift Card from M&S £100 Value on the card. Will upload photos and details of receipt if requested. £80 Cash on Collection - East London - Or posted £85.00 via RMSD.
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