1. clk320x

    Spark plug mix and match

    Hi guys, I need to have my spark plugs changed on my V6, (12 plugs) Kindly a member of the forum sent me the P/N for my plugs using EPC (to my Vin) I saw an auction on eBay for 6 genuine MB plugs, brand new in the box. So I put in a bid and won them at £15 delivered (like to eBay...
  2. S

    W166 - Changing Headlight bulbs to match the daytime running LEDS

    Hi All The standard headlights on our ML are far too yellow for me and i'm thinking of changing them for a brighter white colour. Has anyone done this on their ML? Is there a how to guide on this? Anyone know which xenon bulbs i'd need to buy? Many thanks Suraj
  3. B

    Mercedes gl420 door mirrors don't match

    Hi my drivers side door mirror has a thick black surround and the passenger is a plain mirror without surround is that normal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. M

    Price Match

    Don't know if they all do it but the MB dealership in Lincoln will price match tyres.
  5. rsvgreg

    Caliper match to model. ATE 42/22/300

    Evening all. Wonder if anyone can help. I have a set of rear brake calipers that I was advised came off a W220 S500 Model Year 2000. The caliper part number is 42/22/300, the caliper is made by ATE. I have rebuilt these and had some hardware made to carry these on my CLK55 (they are lighter...
  6. R

    Game, set and match...

    Tesla. Tesla Adds 'Ludicrous' Mode, 90 kWh Battery Pack
  7. M

    Comand map does not match location

    Hi I have a W209 CLK and fitted a NT2.0 Comand. everything works except the map does not match were I am. I have put a new 2014/15 DVD in, the system tracks is just the maps wrong. Any realistic suggestions on how to correct this please?
  8. grober

    Game Set and Match in Dunblane

    Since no one else has mentioned it, Britains most successful tennis exponent of the modern game got married yesterday in Dunblane Cathedral. While major success on the court has eluded him since his back operation I doubt that tennis was on his mind yesterday.:thumb:
  9. D

    mercedes w123 230 te low mileage with big price to match
  10. mogster

    Diamond white paintwork match problem

    Does anyone else have a problem with bad colour match between the bumpers (front and back) and the main bodywork. I have taken it back to my main dealer and he says its normal and its because of the plastic of the bumpers and the metal of the wings! I am not happy and will be taking it further...
  11. Palmer

    Bulbs to match Xenons (W210)

    Full beam and sidelights that are in the little light at the front. Anyone done this before? Noticed it looks odd with xenons and then the yellow next to it... lol
  12. C

    Anyone get a main dealer 2 match broker?

    Initially the dealers were 20% more expensive than the broker deals. They failed to inform me their quote was +VAT despite me asking twice!! Eventually managed to get them to within £800 (including first service) on a 24 month PCP on C63 estate. Could I have done better? If so where...
  13. Merco

    10 match ban

    Too much? No more seasoning for poor Luis!
  14. martyp87

    Do I have the right part (p/n number miss match)

    Well, went to my dealer to order a center cap for one of my wheels (star fell off when cleaning, made a nice decoration on the xmas tree though :D). So whilst I was there I ordered in the aluminium pedals as per a thread on here. Part numbers I ordered were: A 170 300 00 04 : gas pedal A...
  15. developer

    Aviva - No Price Match

    Having gone through the usual renewal trawl I arrived at one single quote (yes, just one) cheaper than my Aviva (current insurer) quote. I rang and asked them what they could do? "We don't price match sir" - end of. Also, when I enquired about multicar I was told that it wouldn't...
  16. B

    Touch up colour match

    Got a genuine MB touch up set for a 2002 metalic blue (colour code 372?). The match is poor. Any suggestions on where to get a touch up pen that will be a good match?
  17. developer

    Alloy Wheel Paint Match

    I'd like to do a temp fix on my AMG III front, after kerbing it. Does anyone know what the closest paint match would be please? I recall seeing a previous post about a Halfords match.
  18. fatdazza

    Tyres - always worth asking if they will price match

    Just a quick note to say it is always worth asking if your local tyre dealer will price match. I needed two Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (245/40/17) for supply only (wheel refurbisher is fitting for me). Phoned my local STS Tyre Pros who quoted £343 for the pair. When I said that Camskill could...
  19. The Boss

    help with a w124 part which has been updated, but does not match!!

    hello A part for my car has been updated by a new part number, and the new part does not seem to match the previous.. :dk: any advise / help appreciated original part = a1246906430 new updated part = a1246909030
  20. Meldrew2

    Paint colour match

    The front wing of my ML has been resprayed after a dent repair by a local, well-established repair firm.. The paint appears to be a different colour - this is especially noticeable in bright light. The car is metallic blue, but the resprayed panel appears a bit purple ish The repairer says...
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