1. AnilS

    Mazda MX5 MK1 1.8 iS £3500 (B61)

    A limited edition UK Mk1 Mazda MX5 1.8 iS Model (1997) EQUIPMENT Laminated windscreen, retractable halogen headlamps, rear fog lamp, bright finish door handles, colour keyed bumpers and door mirrors, colour keyed rear mud guards, manual folding black vinyl soft top with heated glass screen...
  2. mercmanuk

    Apple ipad wifi mk1

    Apple ipad mk1 16gb wifi very good condition always kept in an apple case new screen fitted last year few marks on the screen but very faint original box charger £100 with free delivery
  3. Merc_fintail

    Mk1 Sprinter steering wheel alternitive?

    I have just put my sprinter 312 on the road and really need to upgrade the steering wheel but I cant find any steering boss listed, anywhere. I am happy to bolt on most Merc steering wheels or upgrade with a boss. The current one is held on with a nut over a spline, as apposed to my mk2...
  4. U

    WANTED - a nice mk1 Vito van

    Up to £2000 waiting for the right van. I'm based in Kent. Thanks
  5. U

    WANTED - mk1 Vito side doors with windows and preferably in silver

    Cash waiting. I'm in Kent and will travel a reasonable distance for the right doors. Ideally no rust!:D Thanks
  6. L

    Vito MK1 wheel arches

    Hi all, I have a mark 1 vito and shock its rusty. Whilst I am ok to sort most of it with a bit of rust stop, filler and paint the big problem is the wheel arches does anybody know where I could lay my hands on some replacements that I could get a friendly welder to weld on for me...
  7. N

    Vito MK1 Rear Seats

    Hi, I have just bought a Vito Mk1 Van Swb. It has the factory floor in the back. I want to fit a row of 3 seats (out of another Vito. Does anyone know if there will be an existing bolt pattern below or will I have to drill new holes to bolt the seats in? If so will I have to drop the fuel tank...
  8. vito stan

    Mk1 Vito door rust repair.

    Just incase anyone is interested, I'm just finishing off my doors on my 02 vito front and back both sides with galvanised steel sheets, it came out a lot better than what I thought it would. The cost for both sides all in all £100 ish, although that will still sit in primer until the rest...
  9. B

    Vito Mk1 Side Doors Leak!

    Evening all, First of all, I'm new here so hi :D Secondly, I've recently purchased a mark 1 Vito which I'm slowly renovating. My question about the side doors is this. They don't quite sit flush to the bodywork as you look at them the top right corner (on passenger side, top left on...
  10. smillion

    MK1 Escort, 1972, 120 miles !!!

    My first car was a 72 Escort, and I have a soft spot. This is an unbelievably low mileage example .... 120 miles ... Not cheap arguably but as the ad says, minis are dearer..... Ford Escort 1300XL 120 miles from new | eBay Marc
  11. The _Don

    Ford transit mk1 cm auto home - 2.5 di diesel manual

    Cars For Sale Scroll down a touch.
  12. C

    Which tyres on a mk1 ML270?

    Picking up my 2001 ML tomorrow night. It currently has 17inch tyres on, and they look to be reasonably budget ones. I want to equip this car with some proper brand premiums, so could anybody suggest what they use on theirs? Should I be looking at 18 or 19s instead or will that ruin the ride?
  13. W

    Any Mk1 Escort gurus here?

    This has caught my eye. Track Day Cars : Stunning Grp4 Escort Mk1 Are there any gurus who can advice on suitable values and points of note of these cars? I suspect the top money goes to original examples, but a track prepared one would suit me nicely :)
  14. D

    anybody has a clue on golf mk1 clipper 1991

    a friend speedo works, but the both the milometer and trip counters are sticking and only turn ocassionally for 2 miles or so every so often, anybody had this before and know the problem and the fix for it.
  15. wheels-inmotion

    Mk1 Escort for sale, only 65k

    Tempting...> 1969 Ford Lotus Escort RARE! on eBay (end time 15-Dec-10 08:09:16 GMT)
  16. smillion

    Sweet MK1 Escort Van with ST170 engine

    FORD MK1 ESCORT VAN on eBay (end time 20-Oct-10 16:14:46 BST) As someone whose first car was a MK1 Escort in the 70's, this really is lovely, if a little expensire. Very clean and sweet, and not a boy racer machine. Not to all tastes I know but a nice concept i think... Marc
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Unregistered Mk1 Golf GTi chassis!

    Imaging owning a 59 reg Mk1 with zero on the clock! :bannana: HERE
  18. Swiss Toni

    MINT Mk1 Toyota MR2 - 27k miles FTSH!

    Toyota MR2 Mk1 T-Bar in Red. 3 Owners, 27000miles with full Toyota Service History (last serviced 2 months ago by my local Toyota manin dealer). MOT and Tax until April (last MOT had no advisory notes). Cloth interior (I have had 3 Mk1s and the cloth wears much better than the leather and...
  19. Swiss Toni

    La Roux - Retro 80's Mk1 MR2 Movin' on up the hit parade. Apparently :thumb:
  20. ADY1983

    MK1 Golf GTI

    Just in case anyone here is interested :)
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