1. V

    W163 (ML270) Replacement Key

    Hi Just purchased a 2000 ML270 (I know its a gamble) but so far drives well and no warning lights, so now starting doing a few jobs on it. Car only came with one key, I believe a replacement is a £250 job from Mercedes (1/4 of the cars value!!!) is there any other options. Thanks
  2. D

    w163 ml270 for sale

  3. H

    Wanted: ML270 W163 7 seater

    Hi, I'm looking for an ML270 W163 7 Seater model. Any colour apart from silver. Prefer cream leather. If anyone's looking to sell there's or you know anyone selling please let me know. Thanks
  4. C

    ml270 fuel filter change

    Hi all, I have a 2003 ml270 cdi and need to replace the fuel filter. My question is, what is the process to bleed the system after I have changed it
  5. sappers

    ML270 Unnatural noises from below?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum as I am only just entering Merc ownership. I have a ML270 which I bought a few weeks ago for a bargain price which had a few faults. I have had my local mobile specialist over who has read the codes and done a bit of work too, including new inlet manifold and swirl...
  6. C

    ML270 gear box problem

    Hi Looking for abit of help I have a Ml270 (163) on a 52 plate Have had the electric plate and valve body changed due to slipping between 3rd and 4th and problem with kick down gearbox now working as should except In the morning when I first drive off she pulls away fine the first gear...
  7. F

    ML270 51 plate wipers, stereo, cigarette lighter and rear wiper

    Hi My ML270 51 plate has had an intermittent fault where the wipers, stereo, cigarette lighter and rear wiper all fail at no notice. Usually they will come back at no notice either but now it appears that it has become a permanent fault.I've read somewhere that this could be a fault with a...
  8. R

    ml270 cdi 05 gutless

    i have just towed our caravan today back from a local caravan site and the ml has very little power , it had a recon turbo last year and it was fine after but now it smokes plenty under throttle and not much power , it sounds like it should but seems down on power ,any idea folks
  9. M

    W163 Ml270 noisy in reverse gear

    Hi, I need some experienced opinions/advice. Tonight as the Mrs reversed off the drive I heard a noisy squeaky once or twice per revolution sqeal . It sounded vey much like a metallic type of squeak/scrape . At first I thought it was a brake type noise and then possibly suspension as it squeals...
  10. D

    Newbie looking for advice regarding ml270

    Hi guys I am after an ml270 as a family car for missus. I know I will get flak for it but after a manual version. Anyone have any pointers or tips on viewing these? I understand injectors can leak as can the inlet manifolds but anything else?
  11. G

    Ml270 smoking

    Hi there new to the forum so thanks in advance. First of its a merc ml270 cdi Car was running fine with no issues other then a chuffing injector. I then replaced all injector seals after cleaning off all the carbon. Injectors reinstalled little bit of sniff and engine fires up. test drove...
  12. R

    ML270 AMG - Headlight Washer

    Hi All, Totally p155ed off with the w4nk3r that decided to appropriate the little hatch on the end of the nearside headlight washer on my ML270 AMG. Wouldn't be quite so hacked if they had removed it carefully ... but no, they decided the best way to take it was to pull up on the extending arm...
  13. T


    Hi all, have just got my first ml and have a little problem that I hope someone can help with, I need to know what the relay is under the heater fan controls,there are 3 black relays and it's the one nearest the seat, the car was running and then there was smoke in car ??? Found this relay...
  14. dokalj

    ML270 CDI Cooling Fan

    Hi again, I am on the hunt for a good cooling fan for an ML270 CDI. Part number: A1635000293 Thanks
  15. dokalj

    ML270 CDI Cooling Fan - Electronic Module

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has repaired the electronic module found on the cooling system fan or if they know of anyone repairing them/ selling? Thanks J
  16. dokalj

    ML270 CDI Inlet Manifold.

    Hi all, As per the title. Thanks
  17. R

    ML270 Problem starting up and Judder

    Hi, got a problem with my other half's Ml270 and would appreciate some help. All of a sudden couple of days ago it wouldn't start in the morning. Well it starts fine but cuts out after 4-5 seconds. I managed to get it going by taking it straight to high revs but when in low speed/idle it...
  18. N

    Ml270 2003

    I have just bought a ml270 2003 model. It has a standard cd player radio in it and i just wondered if i bought the cd player with the screen and sat nav if it would just plug in and work, or if there is something else i would need? something like this MERCEDES W163 ML - COMAND UNIT SAT NAV...
  19. D

    ml270 start error

    hi all, i hope ye can help me with my problem, when i turn the key in my 2005 ml nothing happens, it wont start or crank the engine and start error just coming up on the clock. i got the key checked by a key company and they said the key was transmitting a signal. I then got the ml plugged...
  20. O

    Ml270 w163 full beams flash on their own

    Hey guys I'm new to Mercedes and the forum but have got a 2004 ML270 with xenon headlights and when I have the light switch/stalk set to auto it will randomly flash the full beams on and off. I would imagine I have a switch fault but it's more of a guess than anything. Any info or advise...
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