1. C

    ML270 What Battery ??

    Hi sorry if in wrong thread !! Ml270 163 on a 52 plate Need to replace battery What is the best one please
  2. M

    ML 270 CDI Kickdown issue - Help!!

    ML 270 CDI Strange Kickdown issue - Help!! Hello all, I need some help as I cannot understand what is going on with my 2003 Ml 270 CDI. I took the car to Mercland in Nuneaton today as I needed the MAF replaced (no kickdown and no power above 2500rpm) and at the same time the thermostat was...
  3. B

    Ml270 vs wheeliebin

    I had a set to with a wheelie bin a few months ago. I've bought the replacement rear passenger door but there is some de-dinging to be done on the back panel. Any advice on a body shop to do the necessary? London/Suffolk/Sussex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. simonafloat

    Ml270 coolant leak?

    Hi all Drove 10mins to the beach this morning. Got there and noticed a little steam coming out from the front grille. Popped the bonnet, the front long narrow radiator seemed to be the source. Confused because I thought this was a gearbox cooling rad, should be full of atf which surely wouldn't...
  5. K

    Blower Fan Drone on Merc ML270 (W163)

    Guys, There's a massive drone noise coming from the cabin when the blower is on in the jeep. If I turn the fan speed down, the drone remains. If I turn AC on, the drone goes away. Really annoying. Anybody any experience with this?
  6. B

    ML270 2002 Autobox issues

    Firstly a bit of history regarding me purchasing this car. I bought it knowing it had issues. When I got it it had no drive whatsoever from the box, I could pit it in D or R and nothing would happen, it would just slip. Fluid level was correct etc. so, I managed to get a replacement box from a...
  7. Gollom

    ML270 COMAND 2 upgrade/replacement options

    Hopefully going to pick up a MY2004 W163 on Thursday. From the VIN decoder I can see it has 352 COMAND, 819 CD CHANGER and 354 ANTENNA FOR TELEPHONE D/E NET. I have established the SatNav (if indeed it has the map CD!) is only 5 digit postcode, the CD-changer will play MP3 and I do not have...
  8. L

    ML270 Comand - Nokia to Bluetooth

    Hi Ive put a deposit on an ML270 with a Comand unit, it has a Nokia cradle. Picking the car up Wednesday so cant have a good fiddle until then. I see on eBay people selling Comand Bluetooth adapters for £20. My question is, on a 2003 ML270 is it as simple as pop out the radio, unplug the...
  9. Gollom

    ML270 wanted

    2003 onwards with tow bar. Please PM me as I am away at moment and not always on forum P. S. Happy to swap for my VGC E240 Elegance W211 (113K)
  10. Walshy270CDi

    ML270 EGR Woes?

    Hello all, our Ml 270cdi has been going into intermittent limp mode for the last week or so, either full on power, or gutless acceleration, no kick down/low on power etc. I've read the codes with my icarsoft scanner and I've got - "P1403-008- Exhaust Gas Recirculation open circuit" So, does this...
  11. S

    ML270 W163 Gearbox Problem

    Hope someone can help as I am a little confused. I have searched the forum for other people’s woes, but no symptoms appear like mine. I have a ML270 W163 (2004) 106,000 miles. It has been running fine with no problems, but yesterday it stopped changing gear into 3rd, 4th and 5th, and now only...
  12. Gollom

    Swap ML270 (with towbar) for my E240?

    Bit of a wildshot - anybody have a circa ML270 with towbar that they would be happy to swap for my E240 Elegance (112K) in good condition? "Who dares wins Rodney"
  13. T

    ml270 inlet manifold change

    :bannana::bannana:well i changed the manifold at the weekend and tbh not as bad a job as some people have said,that said you do need to have some mechanicail know how about you,i saw that some say you need to remove the fuel rail,no you don't but you will need to unbolt it and lift it,of course...
  14. T

    ml270 oil level sensor

    hi does anyone know the location of the oil level sensor? i changed the inlet manifold over the weekend and i must have got close to it and disturbed it as I've got the light on,before some people ask yes I've checked the level lol,cheers in advance:wallbash:
  15. Gollom

    ML270 any good? (2001-2003)

    These seem to be a good price with circa 130K on the clock - they a reasonable buy?
  16. T

    Ml270 cdi inlet manifold

    Hi just after a bit of advice,my ml won't rev above 3000rpm and there is no pulling power, i did a check on the ecu and its come up with inlet valve port,I'm guessing it means the stepper motor????? are the flaps open and the motor closes them or is it the other way? cheers for the help in...
  17. E

    Hi All, Ml270 Newbie.

    Hi Everyone, Recently purchased 2001 ML270, Luv it only had a few weeks, Have joined this site because I have my first problem with ML, No5 heater plug has packed up and curly dash light stops on, So now I will attempt to seek help from site. Regards Edek.:confused:
  18. sappers

    W163 ml270 maf

    Found this, genuine Pierburg part for ML270 2002 vintage etc. MERCEDES C270 2.7D Air Mass Sensor 7.22684.07.0 Flow Meter Pierburg 0000941248 | eBay £47.84 inc delivery! 2 left at this time!
  19. clk208

    2003 W163 ML270 as winter hack - thoughts?

    Hi folks, Friend of a friend is disposing of a facelift ML270 CDI - of 2003 vintage. Has around 120 k on the clock and is in visually very good shape - gleaming paintwork, no visible rust, unmarked black leather and has the toys of interest eg heated seats. Asking price is £2695. I've...
  20. 91dm

    ML270 CarSoft and Aircon Faults

    Hello, Just looking into trying to fix the A/C in my ML (2004 W163). Currently the A/C does absolutely nothing. I read the codes in CarSoft 7.4 as below: Module: AIRCO MB nr: 163 820 55 89 Supplier: Hella B100A B1102 B1204 B1206 B1302 Can anyone advise what the fault...
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