1. C

    who are the most experienced indies with the e55/cls55 models

    hi guys, looking for recommendations please, there are a few jobs I would like a specialist to take care of on the cls55, who are considered to be the choice specialists for AMG models. I am based in Teesside, am prepared to travel, but ideally no more than 100 ish miles each way.
  2. B

    Mercedes in mass recall of late models.

    Mercedes-Benz to recall one million vehicles worldwide over fire risk - ITV News
  3. R

    E class coupe vs C class coupe (2015 models)

    So I'm looking at buying either the c class or e class coupe - 2015 models. I am currently unsure which to get. I am yet to test drive either car so hoping that would make the decision clearer once I have done. I was just wondering what your thoughts were in regards to these 2 models. In regards...
  4. redf00t

    Upgrading In Car Technology on older models.

    Hi all, Been lurking in the forum for a while now reading and learning. Currently my daily is a W204 (Merv), leased as I was doing big miles in 2014. When I leased Merv, I had all the bell bells and whistles added. Comand etc, and have been really happy with the tech. Merv goes back to Merc...
  5. M

    W205 C220 CDI models

    Hi was just having a look at these as i might change my 2009 Does anyone know how to differentiate between the following models and which model is worth getting? Bluetec AMG Line Bluetec AMG Line Premium Bluetec AMG Premium Plus Bluetec Sport Bluetec Sport Premium I think for a...
  6. H

    1:18 Diecast Scale Models - Mercedes and others

    I'm having a bit of a downsize and am listing a number of my 1:18 Mercedes, and other marques, on ebay. Have a look at these if you're a collector or owner: 300SL Mercedes 300 SL 1:18 | eBay CLK DTM Mercedes AMG CLK DTM Warsteiner 1:18 | eBay 300SLR MM Mercedes 300 SLR MM 1:18 | eBay 190SL...
  7. N

    The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster - same on which models?

    Hi, The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster (top part of two parts) on one of my front vents on my W164 ML320 CDI 2007 has gone missing. There are two parts that click together to form the adjuster - had to glue the other side to stop it coming apart. Seem the vents are quite expensive &...
  8. M

    Advice on Wind Deflector on 2013 and 2014 SL350 AMG sport models

    Hi , I have test driven both a 2013 and 2014 SL530 AMG Sport cars, but on the 2013 the Wind deflector was automatically raised when the hood went down as I would have expected. On the 2014 model the wind deflector had to be manually pulled up! This was not expected and on the 2014 model I...
  9. Mrhanky

    CTEK Bumper / Cover suitable for 3.6 - 5 amp models

    Recently purchased a whole load of CTEK extras including this bumper / protective cover. However, purchased it for MX7 which it does not fit. If you have a 3.6m - 5amp model it will fit fine.
  10. T

    W176 centre console missing ashtray lid in 2013 models

    I have a 2013 manual A Class 200 CDI AMG sport and the centre console ashtray/charger compartment in the front of the console where it meets the dash has no lid fitted (the earlier manual models didn't I am told). In automatic and all later manual models the compartment has a lid - can this unit...
  11. K

    7G-tronic which models

    could someone with more knowledge tell me where to find above gearbox in W204 and W212 models? thanks a lot!
  12. Tim203

    RHD s/w203 models

    Apologies if this ones been covered a million times before but I remain curious that in my c class, Mercedes didn't spend the money on the tooling for the gear lever selector plate for RHD models or did they? When we bought the car a year ago it was the first thing my wife noticed but as she's...
  13. D

    w124 300te with ultra rare blue velour to replace interior in other models or restore
  14. Notwen

    A few alternative Mercedes models

    I was at a trade show last week and grabbed a few pics on my phone of Mercedes vehicles that some may find interesting. Not a Mercedes, but worthy of inclusion as not only is it the largest appliance I have seen, but mainly because it...
  15. BTB 500

    Parts for 'Classic' M-Bs from M-B Poole

    Just for info. / interest. Reading through the little magazine I was given yesterday when my SL was serviced I noticed that the Sandown Group (M-B Guildford, Basingstoke, Hindhead, Dorchester, Poole and Salisbury) claim to have "the UK's only factory appointed classic car parts centre", with...
  16. The _Don

    C63 amg m156/Newer amg models

    Do members use 98 Ron fuel minimum as recommended? Picture from a c63 bs owners manual.
  17. G

    Starter motor for Vito and other Mercedes models

    Typical starter motor issues with my Mk1 Vito. Had a new starter motor fitted via Euro Car Parts about 18 months ago. It's always sounded funny, and was slow starting. Thought it was the battery, so bought a new battery, still the same, maybe a touch better. Now the cold weather is here it's...
  18. E

    Will these fit any other models???

    Mercedes Benz C55 CLK55 C32 AMG Brembo 4 pot Front Brake Calipers New & Boxed | eBay
  19. E

    Will these fit any other models??
  20. E

    Will these fit any other models??
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