1. mpc

    Comand - MP3 Playback/folders

    Is there a way in comand when playing mp3's in an artist folder to get it to repeat the album again rather than just go onto the next folder/album?
  2. thedruid

    mp3 converter

    Morning all. Does anyone use an online converter to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format to burn onto discs. I know there are thousands online but your experience will save me trial and error and the risk of nasty stuff trying to infect my PC. Thanks.
  3. P

    PCMCIA card, mp3 and iTunes – how to use…COMAND NTG3 (W216/W221 2007-2009)

    Hello, This is my first post on the forum. I’ve found the info on here very informative, so I thought I’d try and contribute a little… ...a number of people have found it tricky to get iTunes files to play on the COMAND NTG3 PCMCIA card reader, so this is how I solved it. It is a bit...
  4. J

    MP3 on Mercedes c class coupe

    Does the cd/radio on 2007 merc c class coupe play MP3 cd discs?
  5. Gollom

    Play MP3 files?

    SuzyCute has a R171 with standard Audio 20 (option 523) and a CD changer (option 819) What is the least expensive way for her to play MP3 files (CD or USB stick), preferably with details displayed on the Audio 20 screen Thanks
  6. P

    Can my car radio play MP3?

    Hi there. I just bought a Mercedes CLK 270. This is my car radio: Does it only support Audio CD's? Meaning, am I stuck with those, or is there a way or a trick I can make this baby read MP3 or perhaps put DVD discs in it with audio tracks or similar? Thank you in advance!
  7. T

    Can you copy MP3 from command back to USB?

    Hi all, I want to copy some MP3s from my brothers w204 2012 c63 onto mine car, is it possible to copy from the Hdd to a usb? Thanks
  8. S

    what mp3 player?

    hi all now that i have come to the conclusion my phone will never work with my car , what portable mp3 player with bluetooth is compatable with MB? i have a e220 blue motion on a 12 plate . please please respond as magic fm is killing me.......
  9. B

    MP3 Player and lead?

    Good Morning Folks. I have a C220 CDI 2004 facelift version ( W 203 I believe) with the Audio 20 system fitted, what is the best way I could connect a MP3 player to it? I have seen a lead on youtube but not sure if it is for my car or not. many thanks for any info on this matter.
  10. D

    Playing MP3's via the auxiliary port

    Hi I haven't yet collected my Mercedes yet so I appologise for the question, when I take delivery I can obviously play around myself. It's a 2011 C-Class and was advertised as having an auxiliary port. I did look for this at the time in the glove box but couldn't find it (there were many other...
  11. F

    Usb mp3

    I dont have a usb socket for playing my mp3 music in either our w203 or w204 cars. I have just bought this on ebay, have I done right or wasted my money? Car Kit Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter USB LCD SD Remote MP3 w/ Mic | eBay
  12. C

    NTG2: Max tracks on MP3 CD in Multi Player

    Having spent much time selecting and then burning MP3 formatted tracks to CDs for the glove box Multi CD player in the late 2008 W209 CLK, I find the maximum number of MP3 tracks shown in COMAND for each such CD is 99 tracks. Is this a display or a player limitation? - viz although there are...
  13. S

    2015 W205 comand online mp3 format issue

    Hi everyone. I've looked online and can't find any definitive information. I've just my car and it's my first Mercedes so I have no experience of their little foibles. Great car but I'm playing my music via a USB stick and I'm getting multiple instances of the same albums coming up when...
  14. developer

    CD to MP3 - What's The Best Way?

    I've been asked my a band I know how they can offer their music in MP3 format. They have a number of CD's but want to do the MP3 thing, as a free issue for anyone. So, obviously, I thought I'd ask on a car forum :D. Any pointers please?
  15. mbenz1977

    Clarion cd mp3 aux and radio player £40

  16. mbenz1977

    Clarion car MP3 cd and Radio player £40 solihull B91 call 07944594949

    Clarion car MP3 cd and Radio player £40 no offers solihull B91 call 07944594949
  17. Gollom

    MP3 onto dvd

    I have done this before but seem to have forgotten what to do! Simply want to put a bunch of MP3's (I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - funniest programme ever. Fact :rock:) onto a DVD to play on my NTG1. I know it plays MP3 on DVD as I already have one in the car that works. I thought I just...
  18. buccal

    Piaggio MP3

    I have been commuting on my bicycle for the last 5 years. Loved every minute of it. However, I was wiped out by a pothole in June and have been off work for 3 months recovering (self employed). With a massive mortgage and a young family to support I'm under pressure from Mrs B to stop...
  19. G

    Audio 20 (2005) - Listening to MP3 songs and hands free phone calls?

    Hello, everyone I have an audio 20 (not sure what version but I attach a pic and the car is 2005 E280 CDI Classic), Single CD that can't play MP3 songs. Also, I don't have a Bluetooth connection in the car. I wonder if there is any Aux In, USB or any slots other than the CD slot. I would...
  20. I

    MP4 - MP3 video files

    I have just taken delivery of my first Mercedes in nearly 30 years (CLS 218) my question is: Can comand play video files from the SD card if I convert them from MP4 to MP3, I know that the video will be blanked out during motion but should still play the music?
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