1. B

    Copy MP3 files FROM the Comand hard drive module

    Yes - I know this is a strange request! But - I'm about to trade in my E class Cab for a new one and have about 2000 MP3 tracks on the car's Hard Drive. Is there any way I can copy them back onto a USB stick (i.e. the reverse of the normal process) in order to transfer them to the new car...
  2. SL350_SWINDON

    819 cd changer mp3 capable for 6 cds

    As anyone ever played an mp3 disc on the above???
  3. F

    Mercedes MP3 Player MP40

    I have replaced problematic CD changer with MP3 player and have been using it for a few months. Recently I noticed a problem; some songs freeze the machine and I have to turn off the head unit, take the memory card out and in again and re-start the head unit to start the player again. And some...
  4. B

    Audio 20 - missing album art (only some are displayed)

    Hello, Got myself a brand new C180. I chose to drop the COMAND I had in my previous car (way too expensive for what it is). In my previous car, I used a 32GB USB stick to play MP3 music. I have added album art to all of my audio files, and the COMAND system had no problems to display the...
  5. Gollom

    WMA to MP3 automatically

    Just throwing this out there.... I have a Music Directory on my NAS all nicely ordered now by Artiste/Album. The vast majority are MP3 but some are WMA. I'd like to find a way of running a process which will automatically convert WMA into MP3 in the relevant sub-directory so I don't have to...
  6. S

    W220 - Comand 2.5 - mp3 playback on the cheap?

    Hi, I've been looking at the various options to play mp3's on my W220 2001 with Comand 2.5 and analogue TV tuner. I've never had chance to try the analogue tv tuner as the digital switchover had already happened when I bought the car, but I understand that the TV is disabled when the car is...
  7. J

    mp3 to C200K

    Hi I'm new to the forum so hi to all. I have a 04 C200K and I would like some advice please. I need to hook my mp3 player (phone lol) to the sound system in the car. Is there a way to do that or even better some kind of conversion kit available? Many thanks!
  8. T

    c63...can you connect an mp3 player

    As a bit of a technophobe I have very little idea regarding ipods/ mp3 players etc I see the car has an ipod connector socket in the glovebox.... If I bought a cheap little mp3 player (ipods seems a bit dear for me lol) can I just plug and play? If so, how does the mp3 player power...
  9. Chrishazle

    MP3 To Ordinary CD Player Conversion

    Son of a very good friend dropped dead from massive heart attack last Thursday (only 44!! Life can be so cruel), not a religious family but Steve was a massive West Ham supporter - so I was asked to find "Bubbles" to be played at his funeral in 10 days time. I've found and downloaded it in MP3...
  10. flango

    New MP3 Player needed, help required

    As most of you know I do a lot of travel and my not so trusty mp3 player has died again, ipod classic less than 2 years old and Apple don't want to know but I'm travelling at the weekend and need a new player fast. So definitely not going down the apple route again this is the 3rd one thats...
  11. P

    2013 COMAND Online MP3 USB Limit?

    Hi All, First time post - I have searched and can't find anything obvious that clears this up so hope this isn't repetitive for you. My lucky better half has just taken delivery of a new SLK55 AMG with the COMAND Online system installed. Beyond being a great car, and the occasional use...
  12. T

    W211 6-CD changer, MP3 compatible

    I've now removed my CD changer and am offering it up for sale on the fora for a few days before going to eBay. This is the pop-out 6-CD changer that hides behind the hazard switch panel on the W211. Part number is A2118706189, and is from my post-facelift car - one of the first facelift 211s...
  13. paulgorringe


    Hi all, My car is 2005 CLK500 with NTG2 nav and cd changer in the glovebox. I am looking for a definite answer on whether my NTG2 audio can play mp3 cd's through the cd changer. I have read that this only works in USA, can be enabled on a "secret menu", disks must be burned in certain way...
  14. WJR

    No more music from MP3 DVDs

    My Comand has stopped playing MP3 DVDs, and shows a "DVD Error" message, although it still plays MP3 CDs. Any ideas what might be causing this? I have a 2005 E Class. Thanks.
  15. W

    Interference on cassette adapter for MP3

    I have an audio 10 unit with a cassete player. For some time, i've been using a cassette adapter to play music from an MP3 player. Since last year, i've progressed to playing music from my smart phone instead of an MP3 player. I have noticed that when the wire of the cassette adapter gets...
  16. R

    Roxie Rides Great but needs music

    Hi all, Soooo I've collected my SLK 230 2001 and love her. First time driving both an MB and automatic and I really don't think ill look back on either :bannana: The car is fitted with a standard MB CD player. I would love to be able to connect my iPhone/iPod so that it plays through...
  17. V12

    Comand MP3 Cd Changer problems 2004 S class

    Have always just stuck a MP3 DVD in the comand unit itself and the almost 5GB gets me by. I thought I would try the cd changer this morning as I thought it was mp3 CD compatible. It doesn't read any of my MP3 cds. Do I have to do something special whilst writing the CDs?
  18. E

    Playing MP3's on Audio 20 CD/Radio?

    I have a C350 coupe on order and it has the standard Audio 20 CD/Radio. I understand that I can play mp3's on this, I just wonder if someone could tell me how this is done? My Audi used memory cards (SD Cards) which slotted into the stereo. Many thanks!
  19. DSB SL AMG

    E55 w211 mp3?

    Hi all, Just picked up a 2004 E55 AMG w211, has aux port in glove box, how do i connect to my blackberry to play my music? 3.5mm > 3.5mm jacking lead? Thanks for info, David.
  20. J

    W212 (Audio 20) - Retro fit MP3 control and SatNav

    Just taken delivery of a new E class 250 CDi Sport Estate W212. There are two things I'm not happy with, namely no native satnav or MP3 player steering wheel control/track info. The car was an amazing lease deal so I took it knowing the limitations but I would like to rectify them if possible...
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