1. K

    Global Network Sales, anyone heard of them?

    Got a call from these guys about selling my car by listing it on Google's search engine or some ********. Anyone heard of them?
  2. Gentabout

    Wifi Guest Network

    Can anyone suggest a good wifi hub that I can plug in to our BT business hub (that has not guest network option) to create a guest network. I want to keep the traffic limited to just internet usage and not let any access to other systems. Cheers Dean
  3. G

    w203 facelift fiber network

    I have a facelift w203 with command ntg2 and I have fiber connections but Where do they go? I don't have a changer and data card doesn't list upgraded amp. But it does light up so somethings down there Any ideas?
  4. Lenny63

    Dealer service history - availability through MB network

    Hi All I'm looking at a car at the moment which claims to have a FMBSH until two most recent in 2014/2015 The seller has simply a sheet with mileage a and dates , no stamped book or no invoices I contacted a MB dealer servicing dept who I know has services the car in 2013 and they...
  5. trillion

    I'm a newbie and wondered if there is a network of

    owners with MBstar? Seems to be THE diagnostic and coding software to have. I've got Delphi on a diagnostic laptop so as you can imagine I'm a tinkerer in-spite of old age.:D
  6. D

    MB network - service information

    Hello Has anyone got access to the dealer network to pull copies of the service / warranty claims on my car? I have called the supplying dealer earlier and what they've sent doesn't look correct. It's only list 1/2 page of details, no warranty work, which I know isn't correct as it's just been...
  7. wongl

    Anyone restored a Windows 8.1 image off a network drive?

    I have just upgraded several of the laptops in our family with fresh installs of Windows 8.1, and keen to create system images before they are 'polluted' with real user data, cookies, patches etc. Due to the amount of storage space required, I am planning on creating these system backup images...
  8. Jay2512

    S205 Command Online - O2 Network

    Playing around with my command system and for the life of me I cannot get online using the phones Internet? I have a galaxy note 3 which is comparable both Bluetooth and via usb however mine will not work. If I stay connected to my home wifi and share via usb then the online function works...

    EE network calls from outside UK...

    Hi All, A family member is travelling to the middle east....they are on EE network and wondered if there is an APP that can be used to make calls to the UK via Wi-Fi? I am on O2, they have Tu-Go so I use that....was wondering if EE have anything similar or ideas welcomed... Thanks, DSB.
  10. M

    Can Network W202

    Right I am looking at putting an engine from a pre 2000 w202 into a w124. I am looking at how to get around the immobiliser and I am wondering is retro fitting the data communication box and engine ecu and ignition switch going to be enough. My only concern is that the system needs the abs ecu...
  11. Red C220

    Home office network advice please

    My little business has grown to an unexpected degree this year, we needed to build an office in the garden so we could cope:- We're a few weeks away from being able to move in and I need some advice on a computer set up as I'm a retard when it comes to such things. There will be two...
  12. I

    Going outside the network

    First time in 20+ years of car ownership I went 'outside the network' last week. I got parts and service at an indie. Hugely pleased with the service. I bought a w221 to see if they were 'too big' before spending serious cash but a few family trips to london and we fell in love with my...
  13. Dieselman

    Cant ping to network printer

    I have a personal printer on my home network and can ping it but can't communicate via web browser or print to it. Any ideas?
  14. donshl

    Anyone who does network wiring?

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is anyone that can recommend a company or a person to wire up a whole office with network cabling. There are ducting and back boxes installed already by the electricians so need faceplates and cabling. Based in Shoreditch London Thanks!
  15. GordonTarling

    Network to remote workshop

    We're currently refurbishing a bungalow and will be moving there in due course. Plans include a'computer room' which will house the NAS and probably two computers. The broadband modem will have wifi and I'll add an extender or two to cover the rest of the house if necessary. My dilemma is that...
  16. zenman63

    For sale iphone 4s in white on 3 network

    As above in great condition on very minor scratches as it had a case fitted. In box with leads etc £200
  17. Piff

    Network switch

    We currently have a 4 port netgear router and an 8 port netgear switch, giving a total of 10 network connections which are all in use. Network has a total of 18 connection points and we need to liven up 3 more points in the next few weeks. So we need a new switch and I'm thinking of...
  18. Godot

    A map of the whole of the rail network in the London area

    It is a map of the whole of the rail network in the London area - what interested me was that there is nothing so detailed on any British website and one had to look for the French to do it for us! That's according to a neighbour who passed the above & below on to me. Looks very impressive...
  19. BTB 500

    Help - can't install driver for network printer (Win XP)

    Trying to connect the kids' PC (running XP) to the printer on my Win 7 PC. The network side of things seems fine - on the XP machine I can go into 'add a printer', browse, and find the printer I want. The problem is from that point. When I select the printer I get a message about...
  20. developer

    The Social Network

    Whatever your views on Facebook, the film about how it came about is on tomorrow. Channel 4 9.00pm You don't need to be a FB fan - it's a great (Oscar winning) film in it's own right. Just a heads up :thumb:.
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