1. C

    New(ish) member in teesside

    Hi all, Thought it's overdue I introduced myself around here. Been lurking for some years before finally getting registered a short while back, I hope I can contribute to a great forum/club in the future. I've only had a coup,e of merc's in my time, started with an '05 CLK55 and loved it...
  2. E

    Hello from new(ish) member

    Hi all. Thought I'd better say hello as although I've been a forum member for over a year I've not actually posted anything. My V6 C230 coupe has been behaving itself recently so I haven't been on the forum for a while. The engine management light has been my main bugbear, but it's been fine...
  3. S

    Hello from new'ish member

    Evening all, First post but been a member for a little while. I joined up to read more about the C350e and search for photos. I've had one on order since March and have waited and trawled for information patiently and the wait is almost over. So hello all and thanks for the information so far...
  4. ALB1

    Newish from Aberdeen

    Hello All New on this site but not to Mercedes Had a c270 a few years back but I stupidly traded it to for a touring BMW But now back with a ML270 2004 So expect some requests for help [emoji846] Thanks James
  5. H

    Servicing new(ish) cars - Dorset

    Hi, I'll be doing approximately 5,000 miles a year in my new E250 estate. I think MB do a fixed monthly price service for £30/month (£360/year). In the past I have found out that dealerships charge a lot for a rushed service where things have been overlooked. I understand that there are...
  6. T

    New-ish Member

    I didn't see this new members thread until today even though joined here a week or two now, but better late than never, so they say! I recently purchased a CLK270 as pictured below. It has electric leather seats with memory and command satnav and probably some other bits and pieces.
  7. D

    Newish member

    Hi all, I've been a member for a few months now and I'm not sure if I introduced myself. I bought my first Merc a 1997 c180 w202 and I love it, the ride, the quality of the parts and the fact that when I get where I'm going I feel relaxed and ready to go. I have done some mods but have a lot...
  8. JohnEclass

    My New..ish Car!

    Well I finally own a Mercedes 3.0 V6 ....... Its a W211. E320 CDI, with 7G auto box, Command, Full black leather interior and a panoramic sun roof! Picked up this afternoon. First impressions......lovin it! :D A few quick pics for now
  9. G

    Newish member

    Hi Guys, Purchased a e350 cdi amg sport back January, the forum helped me make the decision to come back to mercedes after a couple of affairs with bmw and audi, the latter a rather unpleasant one.
  10. The Polisher

    New-ish C Class

    My Mum has a 54 plate C200 Kompressor. Its lovely and she really enjoys it, even though she is a spritely 73 years old! I have persuaded her that at 10 years old, its time for a change. I was in my local MB dealer the other day having discs and pads on my E Class when I noticed the new C...
  11. L

    newish SL 55 in white - low miles

    wanted text me on 07964129267 thanks laurels parsons
  12. adile220

    New(ish) Member

    Hi All, Been here for a little while now, and have been the owner of a 1996 e220 w124 coupe for the past year, which is now my DD. Got a list of things to do on the car, but at 68k it still feels like it has a lot of life still left in it. The lacquer has reacted to something in the past...
  13. pjs

    Newish c250cdi coolant leak - suggestions?

    My so far faultless c250cdi appears to be losing coolant. In the last few weeks I must have put 3 litres in total over several occasions after the 'low coolant' warning appeared. This is over approx 3000 miles (inc 1500 mile french trip) in July. So, its booked in on Wednesday for routine...
  14. AbbieCadabra

    anyone running a new'ish diesel, 8k annual mileage?

    i've read a fair few petrol V diesel threads & the general opinion seems to be if you're doing under 10k miles per year, petrol would be the better option. i just wondered if anyone on here has any actual experience of lower mileage on a reasonably new diesel, perhaps under 2 years old...
  15. C

    Newish member from Essex!

    Hi all, thought i'd put an intro post up, been a member for short while but never really posted. Picked up my SL500 merc a couple of months ago and love it to pieces. Great in the warm weather with the roof down!! Was fortunate enough to find a black amg kitted one just down the road so...
  16. K

    Newish Mercedes convert - C63 plus non Merc's

    Hay all - new to the forum so I thought I'd introduce myself. Car History: 1983 998cc Mini City (stage 2 tuned, loud n proud!) 1981 998cc mini City (for parts) 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.3 (lasted 2 days!) 1988 mk2 Golf GTi 8v (bought as a wreck,never made it onto the road) 1987 mk2 Golf GTi 8v...
  17. D

    New(ish) Member

    Hi all, Been a member for a few years, but this is my first post... have in the past just used the site as a great tool to get MB advice and info! Decided to join in and contribute a bit more, so here's my first attempt! :)
  18. Dream Works

    Newish Member

    :bannana::bannana::bannana: Not really that new, but i have now reached 30 posts so i can use the PM function :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana: is this cheating, will i get a :ban: hope not cheers for all the help so far:thumb:
  19. A

    Newish member

    Hi all Been lurking for a while. Currently drive a 2002 C220 CDi Elegance Auto which I bought new and now has 117000 miles on the clock. It's the first car I've kept for more than three years (my first Mercedes,as well) and has performed faultlessly. However, I'm currently thinking of...
  20. misfire84

    newish member

    hello I have finaly got around to joining the uk forum at present I have a C32 which is the latest one of the mercedes i have owned over the last 15 years I statred with a c220 ( petrol ) sport then a 240 estate then a c 220 cdi saloon then a c280 and a c240 ( V6 2.6) estate and finaly just...
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