1. N

    C63 Numberplate

    Hi, Bought this Numberplate to put on my c63 but have just bought another and have this one for sale, hasn't been assigned and the retention fee has been paid. AC63 DAY - to be spaced as - A C63 DAY Wanted AC63 AMG but that was sold. £1500 Ono. Thanks
  2. developer

    Numberplate Holder Suggestions S212.

    I have a Wurth rear numberplate holder but have always thought it "heavy" looking: On the bare body I have these 4 raised fixings - any suggestions for a neater way to mount the numberplate, but without screws showing - can you provide a photo with your solution please?
  3. pagzzy

    CLS 63 numberplate for sale

    Looks like i wont be getting the car due to an expanding family so will be selling the numberplate: CLS 63. Open to reasonable offers just send me an email thanks
  4. C180AMG71

    Rear numberplate removal

    I have a set of private plates to fit to the car & want to know how is the rear numberplate removed as it looks like its stuck on. Does it have an ant-theft device so best to let the dealer change them.
  5. R

    Front numberplate fixing

    Daft as this may sound, I've just acquired another CLK55 which has a big rubber block attached to the front bumper and to which the numberplate is then attached. This makes the car about an inch longer than it needs to be, and means it doesn't fit the garage as well as the last one which, I'm...
  6. D

    Numberplate surround/holder

    I've just taken off the old number plate and want to replace the plate AND the surround which holds it to the bumper. After finally getting the 4 screws holding the surround to the bumper un-tightened, they seem to just spin round and not come out, anyone else had this problem or have a...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    My Car on Russian Numberplate Spotting Site

    Weird :dk: Doesnt seem dodgy, I guess its like our Numberplate spotted thread. Awaits people complaining about my parking (it was 7:50 in the evening in a virtually empty 'Wickes' carpark just as it was about to close) :D
  8. R

    Numberplate light leftside w211

    Hello everybody. I changed my LED bulb to ordinary bulb(led was MELTED a littlebit, but it was working) in my left and right numberplate. My right side bulb work, but my leftside bulb wont turn on(i have used one voltmeter to messure the power, but is was zero) And under the carpet, in trunk...
  9. C

    W204 rear light cluster / numberplate light niggles....

    I thought I would post my findings / resolution and ongoing issues on a rear light cluster fault I have been getting / starting to happen on both of my C Class' (W204). One of the W204's is a 2008 C220 cdi sport, for ages now the rear left hand light cluster looked slightly dimmer than the...
  10. W

    VIN from numberplate

    Hi all, I'm sure that, in the recent past, I found a site which would give the vehicle's VIN from the numberplate. However, I can't find it now - ring any bells with anyone?
  11. R

    C250 Numberplate light change

    Can anybody help me with the installation of new numberplate bulbs on my car. I can't find any youtube videos or tutorials showing the best way to do it. I have unscrewed the two torx screws shown in the picture but it doesn't seem to just slide off. It also doesn't have much play in it either...
  12. M

    Numberplate Reversing Sensors

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a number plate surround which has parking sensors on built. A colleague not on the forum, has a w203 with no rear sensors and was considering this option rather than drilling in to the bumpers. Also how difficult is it to wire up to the reverse lights on this...
  13. zoros

    rear numberplate light units for SL55

    I'm after a set(2) of original (not LED) light units that illuminate the rear numberplate for the SL55. R230 body version, please? Anyone? Can't find them anywhere on line other than the upgraded LED's which make the numberplate look too bright. Thanks in advance Z
  14. developer

    Numberplate Holders (Rear)

    Does anyone know where they are available from please? Like this:
  15. Oldskoolflash

    Minor numberplate issue

    I noticed that the screws front and back had no caps on them so I bought a set from Halfords at the weekend but when I went to replace them I noticed they are bolts not screws. They bold directly through the plate to 4 plastic gromits behind, the yellow and white caps I have bought are two small...
  16. Mo-benz

    Torque screw size on numberplate bulb holders in a c63

    Hi does anyone know what torx screw size is for the bolts in a rear numberplate light fitting in c63 ?', also what type of bulb is it?.. And while I'm on the subject of fitments I need to know if the rear led lights from a 2012 new face lifted c63 would retrofit into the previous c63 2011 and...
  17. S

    New numberplate - opinions needed!

    Transferring my private reg onto a white C250...getting my plates made having the merc badge on the left side sad or nice?? Honest opinions pls :)
  18. noogieman

    Doing a xenon mod to fog and trunk numberplate lights?

    I was thinking of doing a xenon type mod to my C43. What electronic kit is recommended to use for front spoiler foglights? Best quality kit vs price. Can anyone link where to buy? Doing my rear numberplate lights, what bulbs should I get to get the nice white shine? Can anyone link where to...
  19. C

    2002 c200k estate - Rust around rear numberplate section

    Can anyone explain how to remove the large plastic piece on which the numberplate sits. Rust is appearing from the metal underneath it and I want to treat it before the winter. The Haynes manual makes mention of the nut holding the numberplate, but I can also see 4 plastic grommets that are...
  20. developer

    Numberplate Translation Please?

    Nope, I've no idea, even after standing on my head and squinting.
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