1. S

    Wheel nuts

    Hi I have a Sprinter 2007 209cdi 88hp. It came with alloys on when i bought it but after a flat yesterday I discovered the spare steel rim wont fit because of the alloy bolts, so i went to Merc and bought some sprinter wheel bolts and they are too long. When questioned back at Merc they...
  2. M

    Just nuts...

    What is you ask...? This : Weistec W.4 Turbo Upgrade System, M157
  3. A

    What to do with my rush nuts

    I take quite a bit of time and effort into keeping my cart on tip touch condition but my rusty nuts are some what letting me down:p So been looking like you do and found some chrome or black, I'm swayed towards chrome but I like showy :dk: The iner me is saying black What you think...
  4. I

    locking wheel nuts

    hi we have a w211 2008 e-class we had some security locking wheel nuts for the alloys but the key got broken and we had to get them taken out, i would like to replace them but i cant find any packing or anything relating to the old wheel nut size, they were taken out and disposed of by the...
  5. T

    garage overtightened Wheel Nuts Locking nut sheared

    Tyre losing pressure on the W202 and went to remove the wheel to drop it off at the Tyre fitters for investigation Went to undo the wheel nuts Holy Moly they had been tightened by superman or no brain monkeywrench . out of 5 got 3 loose using spider wrench last one neither me or fit nephew could...
  6. L

    Would outside temp sensor make FSAM go nuts?

    Hi all. I'm battling various electronic gremlins. Would a broken (and damaged) ambient temp sensor that's reading 100c make the Front SAM go nuts? I can't turn the key, brake lights on all the time key in or out. Many bananas things wrong with this thing. :bannana:
  7. Y8cel

    Rusty Nuts

    Just had the car in for some warranty work and I complained about the horrible rusty wheel nuts. They have replaced them FOC for some nice black ones. Only snag is they haven't given me the tool to remove them. Let's see if these rust.
  8. N

    Wheel nuts for 2012 C-Class

    Could anyone recommend where to buy 20 wheel bolts? All are showing corrosion and rust after 3 years old. 2012 C-Class estate c220 cdi AMG Sport plus. (S204) Pics below Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. T

    W218 CLS Aircon panel going nuts

    Hi. Has anyone had this? My fan suddenly goes to max and ignores any button presses, including trying to turn it off. Then 5-10 minutes later it settles down again. Only button that works when it is playing up is the Aircon. The temperature changes as it should too. I'm guessing there is a...
  10. K

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    I mentioned in an earlier Post that I had bought an E.Class 270 diesel. Bought the Car last Wednesday. Have been looking for the Locking wheel nut key searched the car very thoroughly but no sign. Contacted the person I bought the Car from. The Chap who had owned the Car had passed away not...
  11. E

    Size of nuts!

    Hi folks. Just recently purchased mint 1985 230e,with original wheels and rims. Today I bought the Mexican hat alloys for it. No nuts with it,so can you please tell me the size I need? Cheers

    What price locking wheel nuts?.

    Hi guys. The other day I purchased a new set of alloy wheels for my Jaguar. I took them to Kwik Fit to transfer my tyres from my old wheels onto the new ones. This they did. On my way home i realised I did not have my locking wheelnut socket. To cut a long story short they had misplaced it/lost...
  13. P

    Correct wheel nuts

    So yesterday I had four new tyres fitted and one of the wheel nuts sheared off. I blame the tyre centres for fitting the wheels with their air rattle guns. Anyway I thought I would replace all the wheel nuts with new ones. Can any one tell me what the correct dia and pitch of the bolts should...
  14. Grovsie31

    Bimmecc locking wheel nuts

    New, opened but not used, bought for C55, they were wrong size. These are 14x1.5 x28mm. Im told they fit a W204. Lokking for £17 Inc postage. Pickup welcome for £14 in Stafford.
  15. A

    Rattle is driving me nuts!

    Bought a 61 C63 estate in February just out of warranty. I noted a rattle in the boot area when I bought the car. It was bought from a non-MB dealer and had a full service by MB before purchase. The rattle sounds like the doors on a wardrobe rattling. It's mainly heard at low speed over rough...
  16. X

    w203 c200k exhaust manifold nuts torque?

    As the title states? Doing the gasket at the weekend so if someone could let me know the torque setting that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  17. C

    Locking Wheel Nuts and Bolt Length

    Any recommendations on locking wheel nuts? There's plenty on Ebay but I suspect they will be too short - I imagine these will require longer bolts (not taken one out yet to look at, will do tomorrow when it's light). A bit of research indicates a 5x112 bolt pattern, but not sure of the taper...
  18. BIG_G_1979

    oem locking wheel nuts for sale

    Hi guys these came off my e280cdi sport and looking to sell them make me a reasonable offer postage will be £5
  19. poormansporsche

    Torquing Shock top nuts - important ????

    alright all, ive changed my front shocks but i couldnt get the torque wrench on the top nuts. I just tightened as much as i could with a normal socket ! - is this going to cause problems ??? cheers Brett
  20. S

    W203 suspension noise driving me nuts!!

    Hi All For those who are regular followers of this forum site, you may remember a couple of months ago, I posted on the site, my near thing with the rear suspension arms being rusted through and collapsing(see photo). The garage which I use instead of main dealers fitted rear suspension arms (...
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