1. A

    C250 cgi obd

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience using a bluetooth OBD connector on a C250 CGI? This is for a 2013 model. Are all OBD connectors the same, or are there different versions? Thanks,
  2. Petrol Pete

    Does this actually work ?

    There is a guy who lives near me who is the local 'backyard mechanic' i:e he messes with other peoples cars on his driveway and charges them for the privilege. He told me that you can re set any fault codes or 'dash' lights on older (not sure how old, pre OBD 1996 ?) Mercedes Benz cars by...
  3. Bobby Dazzler

    Model specific RVM integrated OBD dashcams from Kammu

    Catchy title, eh? I can't believe I've not come across these before, but this website sells dashcams which integrate into the rear view mirror housing using a dedicated plastic moulding to replace the original trim. Interestingly it takes power from the OBD port, not just vehicle data...
  4. S

    Why does OBD scan work like this?

    If you have a computer it scans at startup for faults and if it has a fault and you replace the part it works OK. So why does the OBD scan work differently? If you have a fault and repair it the warning light will still be lit until the code memory is cleared. This makes no sense to a computer...
  5. Ocado Man

    OBD Code

    Good Morning, First post on site although been looking for a long time. My MIL has illuminated & I connected my diagnostic tool. The code that came up was P01-70-005. Everywhere I look, I can see what the code P0170 is but not what the 005 specifically relates to. I am using an Autel...
  6. -AJC-

    Recommended OBD Reader

    Can someone please recommend the most suitable OBD reader for a 2006 ML W164 for the home mechanic? I don't want to break the bank and just looking to read and then clear spurious fault codes without a trip to the dealers. Thanks
  7. S

    OBD reader and fault code display

    I have a w204 2011. Is there any secret way the fault odes can be read out via the dashboard display? If not, and I suspect not, can anyone recommend an ODB2 reader which is certified to Mercedes? I ask for a certified one because I tried a Chinese import on ma Toyota Yaris and it screwed...
  8. JohnnyLou

    obd 2 scanners

    Hello guys, I need to buy a obd 2 diagnostic tool , I have 2 Mercedes , a 2008 c class and a 2010 c class saloon they are both diesels....some advice please on the best tool to buy ....I need a basic but good tool that will give most of the info I req. thanks
  9. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter C63 - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the C63. Its to interface tothe torque pro / drmerc mobile apps please? Anyone using these in their c63's? Thanks
  10. jih2000

    OBD Blutooth Adapter - Torque Pro App

    Hi Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the torque pro apps / drmerc mobile apps please? l Thanks
  11. bikesforme

    36 pin obd

    Anybody know if there is a scaner that can pin point faults on the 36 pin obd. My soft top dont work and have codes po500 and po720, looking at my cheapest tool that will pin point the fault not just give me a code. Would lke a scanner if there is one rather then laptop and kit. If there is...
  12. E

    Anyone good with OBD fault codes?

    I get the feeling this one is a spurious code as i have seen it come and go in the past. I also used to get spurious codes on my A45 as some of the requested sensor data wasn't supported by the car. I probably scan my car every week or so and since Christmas, when I bought the car I've seen...
  13. brucemillar

    CAN OBD II Compliant Question

    Hi Would the 2004 W203 C-Class be CAN - OBDII Compliant? I have an Autel scanner and it plugs in and powers up just fine. It then says it has a "Linking Error - Try Again" Tried another scanner - same result.
  14. Gledsyc63

    My genius obd for sale new

    My genius obd £150 including postage
  15. B

    SBC OBD reset tools on E-BAY

    Anyone know if the OBD SBC reset tools work, anyone bought and used one. Seems like a cheap option against a new unit or having it reset by a specialist. My car is at 115k miles and still on its original pump which still works fine so if I got one would it still reset it ok
  16. C

    Anyone use an obd bluetooth device for data logging?

    I've had my 2012 c63 amg mapped and decided to see what was happening with throttle position with my obd bluetooth device. I know they are supposed to open 75% pre map. Mine appears to be only opening 87% now but I know for a fact the map was set for it to open 98% I've spoken to my tuner who...
  17. E

    OBD, dongles and mobile phone apps

    Hi all - has anybody found any good WiFi/Bluetooth/Android solutions for accessing OBD Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the Mercedes ECU environment? Had some S/W that used a PC and RS232 connection for my old Ford and now looking for current tech for my E220 S211.
  18. E

    Is my OBD code reader much use?

    Bear in mind I'm a grubby-fingered spannerman, and not any sort of expert in that there electrickery.... My electrical/electronic diagnostic skills have so far been limited to a multimeter. My B-I-L - even less electronically literate than I - has bought me a Victor Tools (model 9583) car...
  19. Spinal

    OBD When Buying a Car

    I had an interesting one today. I turned up to view a car I was considering bidding on, and as always asked for permission to plug an OBD reader in to check for fault codes. The seller refused this, without providing a reason. Needless to say, I walked away; but it made me curious. How...
  20. M

    New Owner, 1998 C200 Auto, where's the OBD port?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me where the OBD port is on my 1998 C200 Auto Estate? (is that a W202?) Thanks :)
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