1. S


    I am in my 30s every group I join all I see in the group are just older people and I see no one in their 30s there and when I join other groups it is still the same thing with people in their 50s and 60s and nobody in their 30s there. It seems people in their 30s don't join social groups. Why...
  2. M

    Polybushes for older Mercs

    My W210 handles excellently on the twisty roads round here thanks to it's new lowered springs and AMG wheels, but it's a bit rattly and clunky over potholes. So I decided to replace the ARB links, and checked out how much suspension bushes would be. Not cheap. Then I checked out strongflex.eu...
  3. K

    Advice welcome on the 'older' Merc. Sell up or keep?

    Gentlemen, I have a 2004 E-Class 320 cdi Elegance Estate in silver with light grey leather and a few toys. I have owned her for three years, she cost £5500 and has covered 146,000 trouble-free miles, 15,000 in my ownership. Unfortunately, things have now started to go wrong and I think...
  4. Richard1973

    New member, older car!

    Hi, and thanks for having me! Recently aquired a 2002 S210 320cdi. Work to be done , but love the car. Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  5. gr1nch

    Older than me

    Just spotted this beauty whilst ildly browsing on autotrader, a 190SL... Mercedes-Benz SL 190SL W121 Roadster RHD 1.9 2dr
  6. redf00t

    Upgrading In Car Technology on older models.

    Hi all, Been lurking in the forum for a while now reading and learning. Currently my daily is a W204 (Merv), leased as I was doing big miles in 2014. When I leased Merv, I had all the bell bells and whistles added. Comand etc, and have been really happy with the tech. Merv goes back to Merc...
  7. C

    Redex - Experience of its use on older cars

    My car will be 16 years old in March and I was considering using Redex. The engine is a 3.2 litre V6 petrol. Any good/bad experiences of its use out there?
  8. B

    Older Mercs (W203 or W211)

    Hi everyone. I've recently joined mainly to try get some information/what to look for as I may be in the market for a Merc in the coming weeks should I get the payrise I'm hoping for. I currently drive a 17yr old Renault Clio which has been in the family since new. It still runs like new, but...
  9. SpoonJar

    **** you, why won't you listen older people social groups over 50

    only joking :D
  10. 5

    A few photos I took for you guys - for fans of the older and rarer MBs

    Went to my friends place the other night. Self confessed MB nut. All of these cars bar the 91 500E are his. He has another Bornite 94 E500 on the way... Beautiful 500E from the US E500 Limited with an 8 piston brake kit and retrimmed interior...
  11. gaz_l

    Getting older has its benefits..

    Not that many in my experience, it has to be said. But, your car insurance does get cheaper. I've just run the numbers for this year's renewal (due imminently) and for fully comp. on a 2006 SLK55, me and the Mrs. driving, the only black mark my one speeding ticket and 9 years NCB. Cheapest...
  12. John Jones Jr

    For those that like older stuff.

    The Race Of Gentlemen 2014 | Wildwood, NJ | Gallery
  13. Charles Morgan

    Meet at Bicester 19th October for Mercs old and new.

    As the weather has been lovely I've been polishing my 190 2.5 16 to death - anyone fancy a general meet while this weather continues but with an older vibe (cars not people, not that I'm ageist or anything).
  14. johnsco

    Breakdown insurance - older car

    For some years I've insured with Churchill and have bought the add-on breakdown insurance for myself and favourite wife. Problem is that I read they cover us for breakdowns in any car under 16 years old. My E300TD will cross that threshold in January next year. I do about 20k per year...
  15. Dave Richardson

    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us Part 3

    OMG the MODS will hate me Who can recall going to the shops with just a few pennies (that's 2d not 2p) We bought Sherbert fountains, fruit salad sweets, black jack sweets, Lucky bags, Jamboree bags, five boys chocolate, liquorice wheels. Smiths crisps with blue bags of salt...
  16. Dave Richardson

    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us Part 2

    So the oldies rule on this site then, over 600 views. So then who can recall these accessories that we bought in our youth :doh:.:wallbash: (1) A Clip on parking light. Manufactured by I think by Rayot it was clipped on to the top of the drivers wind up window & had a red lens to the...
  17. Dave Richardson

    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us

    Ok for those who can remember the days when you buy 3 gallons of petrol for £1 (that being the green folding paper note). Whilst chatting with a friend the other evening the subject of old car related advertising came up, so who can recall the following ? (1) What did we put in the tank &...
  18. clk208

    Which dealers/groups offering labour discount on servicing for older cars?

    Hi folks, My CLS coming up for service in a couple of weeks, and the car will be 6 years old. Very aware of the benefits of using an independent specialist but want to continue the dealer servicing for the main annual service for the next couple of years to increase my chances of goodwill...
  19. Amg82

    Thought I'd put up some pics c63 with older brother!!!

    Hi guys I've been a visitor here for advice for many years but never really posted anything Thought I'd share my c63 with u guys it's not brand new but always wanted it, it's a 2009 , palladium silver, amg pp, carbon fibre hope you like it,38500 mileage!!!
  20. I

    Older Cars Section?

    Hi All, I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I can't find a post despite a good browse. So, could we open a discussion section or similar for cars of a certain age - twenty years or more, for example? Cars where you could lift the bonnet and still have a chance of seeing what's going...
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