1. C

    W124 Optional Equipment Connector X30 - where is it >

    I have a late W124 E220 Cabriolet. My external mirrors have stopped working. It isn't the fuse (B) because the seat belt arms are both OK. The switch seems to be OK and earth is sound because the light still works. I understand that the main power feed to the switch comes via an Optional...
  2. D

    01 CL500 optional extras

    Just purchased a 2001 CL500 and wondering which if any extras where fitted to it. It seems to be quite well speced. It has Heated/ cooled leather seats with massage Sat nav Hands free phone on one to one network ( bet that takes you back ) Distance control cruise control Electric...
  3. Aletank

    Satellite Navigation Pre Wire (Optional Maps Module Required)

    Just browsing used Mercedes, I've noticed a number of cars appear to have built in sat nav but then have - Satellite Navigation Pre Wire (Optional Maps Module Required) So without the Optional Maps Module, there is no Sat Nav ? Where are these modules obtained from ? What do they cost ? Are...
  4. Ala

    w208 CLK 2.3 2001 Kompressor oil level sensor - optional extra?

    Hi all, I have just completed an oil change on my CLK and was expecting an option on the dashboard controls to check the oil level.. Were these an optional fitment as I do not have an option on the menu to do check the level/amount of oil needed. Thanks, Alan
  5. A

    C Class 2012 Optional Extras

    How could I find a list of optional extras that were available for a 2012 C Class? Maybe for an E Class too of the same year? Thanks
  6. S

    Insuring Car With Manufacturer Fitted Optional Extras - are you sure you are insured?

    I was considering buying a "Fully Loaded" car and touched on the issue of insurance http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/spotted-ebay/187220-57-e320cdi-full-amg-bodykit-what.html#post2068670 . The question is much wider than that particular car so probably worth discussing separately. The question...
  7. BIG_G_1979

    optional extras on car

    hi guys thinking of buying a w211 E280 cdi sport i have its vin number and was wondering if there was a site i could enter it and see what the car has as standard and extras thanks the car looks in good nick although it needs a detailing and wheel refurb (laquer peel) i did notice that the...
  8. John Jones Jr

    How to verify an optional part -LSD.

    Hope somebody can shed a bit of light on my question. Seemingly, there was an option of an LSD diff for the W202 & W210's, specifically for the non AMG versions. The part number I have is R1243513008, which is said to be an 3.27 Diff with LSD and it is directly interchangeable with some BMW's...
  9. TeamGreen

    Optional Interior Lighting Package Question

    Hi All, Appreciate if someone could confirm this for me: Underneath the rear view mirror the map reading lights double up as ambient lighting when you have the optional lighting pack right? But do they both work in this way or just the drivers side one? In mine only the drivers one works in...
  10. Dieselman

    Optional accessories and value?

    Recently I've been looking for a replacement car and have seen a few in various optional guises. I saw a CLS 350cdi in completely basic spec, not even heated seats and no fold down back seat, which is a very rare (but desirable to me) option. On Tuesday i saw a C-coupe with nice spec. The...
  11. J

    confused by optional extras

    hi guys, ex-bmw owner looking to get on the action with the E-Class Carbiolet. fancy to sport trim over the SE and been trying to figure out what comes as standard and which options I need (if I can even get them) but their naming convention is as confusing as bmw's. would appreciate if someone...
  12. S

    C63 AMG Coupe, 125 Edition, Dimond White with Optional Extras

    Hi all I have had my C63 AMG Coupe Edition 125 from brand new since the beginning of March 2012 and absolutely love it. The car is in showroom condition and very well looked after. The car comes with many optional extras including: > Diamond White Paint Colour > Matt Black Multi Spoke Wheels >...
  13. F

    Any c63 owners with the optional AMG Performance suspension?

    I have searched endlessly for info on the specs for this optional suspension but can find not much at all. The AMG site is useless, the only comment is 'stiffer dampening' I cannot find out anything about whether its different shocks, springs, changes in ride height etc. If its just stiffer then...
  14. haggis2768

    where to find optional equipment codes

    am sure i found a link here to decipher the optional equipment codes?? cant seem to find it now:dk:!
  15. R

    Retrofitting W124 Optional Extras

    Hi all, I was hoping for some advice on increasing the spec of my fairly basic E220 W124. Basically, I'm looking for some cheap/easy quick wins, things I'm considering are; electric aerial, remote central locking and cruise control (although I've looked into this and it seems prohibitively...
  16. trapperjohn

    G Wagen with F11 AMG number plate (optional)

  17. M

    C63 AMG Optional Extras

    I'm looking at adverts for the C63 AMG and trying to work out what's standard and whats optional. Take this for example : 2009 MERCEDES-BENZ C63 AMG 6208 cc Listed in the spec is : Electric Windows,Central Door Locking,Airbag,Alarm,Immobiliser,Power Steering,Heated Seats,ABS,Climate...
  18. D

    S211 Optional extras

    Does anyone know how much the following extras were when purchasing the car new? Keyless Go Airmatic Distronic Integrated Rear Booster Seats Cooled (Ventilated) Seats TV Module on the COMAND System Rear TV Entertainment Pack Designo Paint Thanks :D
  19. 8

    BMW optional extras

    Just a thought, but do BMW owners when buying the car and selecting optional extras, disregard indicators and plump for the fog lights instead?
  20. D

    optional equipment ?

    what option have you paid extra for and never use . I had the dynamic handling pack and could not tell any differents when I used it . Also have the gear shift paddles on the steering wheel prob only used 2/3 times .
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