1. J

    S320cdi overheating

    I have a 2002 s320cdi, which I've owned for 11 years from new - lovely car. Today it let me down for the very first time - the temperature gauge went up near the red, and the heater blew cold air. I drove home very slowly. The fan belt is not broken, and the water header tank appears to be full...
  2. H

    Mercedes ML270 Overheating

    deleted. duplicate thread
  3. B

    W124 300TE 24 overheating

    What likely causes are there for my car to overheat? I'll tell the whole tale in case anything is a clue. I came off the motorway where the customary 80 degrees showed on the temp gauge and into a traffic jam, where it got hotter. This I expected, but then the needle kept rising into the red...
  4. J

    W202 overheating problem

    I have a Mercedes C180 W202 - Ive changed thermostat,bled any air traps,While driving the temp stays at 80c or just above.While stuck in traffic for 45 mins to 1 hour Temp rises to the max of 120c,when i continue to drive it just hovers between 120c and 80c. Touching the radiator one side is...
  5. S

    E320 overheating

    My e320 is overheating. I have had the water pump replaced and a new thermostat but to no avail, any suggestions?
  6. B

    W203 Overheating

    Hey All Recently bought an 04 C180 Kompressor which is overheating in traffic because the fan isnt kicking in. I changed a small sensor on the top of the engine in a water pipe which i think was called a coolant temp sensor and thought that had fixed it until i had steam pouring out of my...
  7. C

    Sprinter overheating safety device??

    Hi, can anyone tell me if a 2007 sprinter has a safety device that won't allow the engine to start if its at to high a temperature ?
  8. S

    NTG 2 Getting Hot and Overheating

    Hi everyone, my first posting I hope you can help. My NTG2 in my 2006 R class seems to overheat the Navigation DVD, resulting in the message 'Please insert DVD' - great when you are in the middle of France :). The display screen and DVD feel very warm. When off for a period of time and back...
  9. G

    Whats classed as overheating?

    my temp gauge usually sits at 80-85 (ml270) sometimes uphill nearly 90, today on M1 20 miles at 65-70 suddenly stuck in traffic nearly got to 95. also after driving at normal temp if I switch of,and restart after 30 seconds its climbed a few degrees although its not been running! normal or...
  10. G

    Overheating 250TD (1998) estate

    My car appears to run perfectly until I hit traffic or encounter a very long climb then the temperture starts to rise quickly getting to red on the dial which means I pull over and wait until the engine is cool before proceeding. This car has 190 k on the clock and generally runs well. If in...
  11. J

    w123 230ce overheating fan problem?

    Hi there, A big hello to everyone on this forum. Ive got a 230ce 1985 w123, lovely beast but has been giving me some overheating problems since I bought it. On the motorway she's fine, stays at around 80 degrees or under. However as soon as I'm in traffic she lets me down! almost hit...
  12. chubbs111


    took the grandkids to the safari park today car was fine going and coming back but while we were in the park the temp went up to 100+ it normally sits at 80+ can anyone tell me how to check the fan please car is a 97 c200
  13. Debb0161

    Engine running warm ??

    Hello and help ! I recently sold my bmw 530d 2006 and bought a c220cdi 4dr 2008 i am finding the engine temp running just over the halfway mark prob approx 90 c or so ( not really sure ) and the temperature on the internal heater is very very warm my eyeballs are bubbling in the heat ...
  14. E

    W124 Coolant foaming and overheating, with video

    Hi, My Mercedes has recently started to loose coolant. Upon inspection it was loosing it from the hose in the expansion tank. The car has not overheated at all and the low coolant light comes on. I then noticed that the coolant was foaming. As seen in the video please watch. Mercedes W124...
  15. Arthur Daley

    W126 Temp Gauge - Overheating

    I have had a problem recently whereby when the car has been driven for around 20 mins the temp gauge goes up towards the red and gets pretty damn close. At this point I usually blast the heater on hot and it falls back pretty quickly. To try and solve the problem I recently flushed the cooling...
  16. U

    W123 fan clutch? overheating

    1985 230 TE This car runs at a steady 80C when driving. However, when stationary, the temperature increases and can go up to 120C. I don't think there's anything wrong with the thermostat, radiator, etc. Can it be my fan is turning too slow when the engine is idling? I have counted it at 88...
  17. C

    Overheating? Thermostat? W124 300E '89

    Firstly, apologies for the grammar etc, im writing this using the iphone! Car drives perfectly, but when driving on the motorway the temp reads around the 60 mark and then today I'd been driving about town for approx 25 mins (temp at 75-80), when I got out the car to talk to my mechanic about...
  18. Snarf

    W124 e200 rhd overheating

    GoodDay all, I was hoping someone can help me with an overheating problem when in traffic with my 1994 W124 E200. The car is only doing 57,000+km...(Yes it has hardly been driven from new)...so allll my problems are fom lack of use. MB recently replaced the entire a/c system at a funominal cost...
  19. C

    W202 2.5td overheating

    Last night as I parked up on my drive I noticed a bubbling noise, and the temp gauge was approaching 100 deg. Much warmer than usual! I popped the bonnet and the cap was relieving pressure and spewing some water out of the pipe. So today I investigated, I thought initially the thermostat may...
  20. M

    C180 (W203, 2002) Overheating Problems

    Hi All, New to this forum. I've been having overheating problems of late. I think it has to do with both the water pump and thermostat. I've called around a few mechanics and they have all diagnosed over the phone from my given explanation, as a blown head gasket. :mad: Well...
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