1. T

    Mercedes Owner At Last

    Hi All After many years of owning Jap imports I have finally got my self two Mercedes an A Class 160 and A Ml350 and I no nothing about either,however I bought them from my brother in law who ows hs own garage so help will be at hand(I hope) so may need you guys to help Thanks For Letting Me...
  2. B

    new E63 owner from London

    Please welcome our new family van. She's being delivered on Thursday. 2015 E63, under 10k on the clock. There will be more pics as soon as I get the car! This is my other runaround and training vehicle, not quite as luxurious as the benz but I love it nonetheless...
  3. Dan63

    New C63 owner

    Evening chaps, had my car for about a month now and decided it was time to sign up.. Always had an itch for a c63 amg and decided i wanted one for christmas! Spent a while searching for one and finally MB Bristol sourced me the right one in time :bannana: 63 plate 14k miles. Think i...
  4. N

    New Owner

    Hi all, I had previously joined about 3 weeks ago but could not post or reply to anyone, I did email the Moderator but didn't hear back. Anyway new profile done 3 weeks into ownership of my C63 AMG and I'm blown away !! What a car, just been to AmD tuning in Lakeside for a secondary cat...
  5. D

    New owner ML270

    Hi guys, great forum. Not long had an ML270. Looking to do a few bits to it, mostly preventative maintenance. Loving it so far. :D
  6. J

    New c63 owner

    Hi. I've ordered my C63 coupe and is arriving one March 1st. The extras I've picked are POLAR white Night package Carbon trim PREMIUM package 19 twin spoke alloys Just wanted to see how your c63 coupe was spec'd. I wanted diamond shute but none it would have been a factory order and I...
  7. R

    New joiner and new owner

    First Merc of my own! A very nice W204 320 estate 2008 AMG wheels. Alas, some funk has already occurred: 1. Boot lock jammed - replaced by dealer I bought car from - wasn't able to open the boot with the blade. 2. Car won't start - turned out to be the key! Apparently in the week before I...
  8. S

    New owner and member

    Hi I'm new here so be gentle. I got myself a 2001 clk 2.3 kompressor couple weeks ago
  9. D

    New CLS Owner Southampton

    After looking at quite a few I picked up my new car yesterday, its condition was head and shoulders above the others I looked at. Lovely spec, only lacking xenon lights to be perfect! I will be selling the private plate so if anyone interested in this ageless private plate let me know. If...
  10. M

    New owner from Southampton

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to the rest of you. Big thankyou for letting me join. Proud new owner of an Iridium Silver W204 C230 Sport estate on a 09 plate. Anyone else from Southampton on here?
  11. R

    New SL500 R230 Owner

    Hi all Proud new owner of sl500 r230, coming from a modified Honda prelude vtec I sold recently, had for 10 years great car, but needed a change. completely different beast, but liking so far.. so over xmas Ive developed a problem with the central locking, boot is wet so I assumed...
  12. K

    New S Class Owner

    Hi I've just become a proud owner of a S-class w221 and am well chuffed with it. I used to have an E-class which had a sweet drive but this is a different league :cool: It's got a few niggling bits but I'm well happy with it.
  13. A

    New member and new MB owner to be

    Hi everyone Thought I would share my intro, I have had my new car on order since middle of August waiting for delivery November 15 now 22nd December keeps getting delayed it must be Santa doing his deliveries before my new toy:thumb: Ordered c350e brilliant blue 360 camera night package...
  14. ndonaghy

    New C32 AMG owner - hi!

    Hello folks, I acquired a new-to-me C32 AMG (May 2002) Estate in Tektite Grey, with 107k miles on her. She is essentially stock and running very sweetly. The only things I've changed since purchase a month (and 1,000 miles) ago were to bin the Bose amp, speakers and Becker headunit and...
  15. F

    Hopefully soon to be AMG owner

    Hi all Exisitng car - C350e, now looking to find a fun weekend car and hopefully will be an owner of an SLK 55 soon.. Fizz
  16. F

    Finally joined the club... C63 owner

    Long time lurker... Finally managed to get my hands on my dream car a few months ago... It's a facelift C63 with performance pack plus. It an absolute dream to drive and I had it on a track today with my mate who also has one! Incredible! Not sure i'll do anything too it yet...
  17. Wacko74

    New ML Owner

    Hi guys and gals Just thought I would say hello Always had VW's in the past Last one was a Touareg Altitude but I couldn't get on with the seats X5s come with nowt in them unless it's spec'd from new and as it had to be German the logical answer was the ML Picked a 2009 black one with...
  18. S

    New member and B Class owner

    Hi Took delivery of a 2013 B Class a month ago and found this site to keep up to date with any info and news about Mercedes, thanks for any help I might get through the club and looking forward to hopefully many happy miles in the car. Tony
  19. C

    new owner of stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM

    hi i am the new owner of stolen SLK32AMG Reg D6MSM. is it possible for anyone to point me in the direction of the last owner please all the best.
  20. P

    New W205 owner

    Hi guys. I've just ordered my first Merc, a new C250d Saloon AMG Line with Premium Plus package. Should be picking it up in a few weeks, and I can't wait! I'm not sure whether it's the done thing to post details about deals on here, but it came to £401 pcm over 4 years on PCP with £1k down...
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